We Love How Fitting and Supportive ThirdLove Nursing Bras Are

thirdlove nursing bra review

We Love How Fitting and Supportive ThirdLove Nursing Bras Are

This is an in-depth ThirdLove nursing bra review. Find out what to expect of this nursing bra.

When expectant, finding a fitting nursing bra can be difficult since you are not sure what size you will end up being when the milk comes in. Moreover, regular nursing bras typically don’t offer enough support. And for those with some sort of support, their removable cups tend not to stay in place.

Majority of new moms end up settling for nursing sports bras as they are quite comfortable.

When your baby is born, going to a store to get fitted may not be one of your priorities. As a result, you are likely to spend a couple of months trying different nursing bras. But you can save your time by getting the

Classic Wireless Nursing Bra
ThirdLove 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra

How Do Nursing Bras Work?

Before we start this ThirdLove nursing bra review, let’s look at how nursing bras work.

Majority of nursing bras have clasps at the top where the cup connects to the shoulder strap that is usually undone when you want to pump or nurse your baby. The clasp is usually undone by lifting it up and down, and then pulling the cup down.

You can easily undo the clasp with one hand. And if you are wearing a nursing bra with a loose-fitting top, you can nurse easily and discreetly in public. When you wear a nursing bra with a nursing top, the only part of your skin that is exposed is the area that the baby needs to latch on. If you are wearing a loose-fitting shirt, you can position your baby under it to ensure no part of your skin is exposed.

ThirdLove Nursing Bras Review

ThirdLove offers three different nursing bras:

Front-Closure Nursing Bra
24/7 Front-Closure Nursing Bra


Classic Wireless Nursing Bra
24/7 Classic Wireless Nursing Bra
Classic Nursing Bra (has an underwire)
24/7 Classic Nursing Bra

In this review, we’ll look at the 24/7 Classic Wireless Nursing Bra.

This bra comes in both twilight and taupe colors, has gold-toned nursing clasps, and textured detailing on the straps. Having these pretty details gives the nursing bra nice touch.

The bra cups are padded with light memory foam, which give it some shape. You will struggle to find nursing bras with padded cups. The bra is comfortable and does not show under a T-shirt.

Finding a nursing bra with underwire can be quite difficult. This is because of unproven theories of the underwires causing clogged ducts or mastitis. If you don’t want a nursing bra with an underwire, ThirdLove also has a wireless nursing bra, (the 24/7 Classic Wireless Nursing Bra).


When nursing, your bra size is bound to change multiple times. Therefore, you may not be sure of what size to order.

However, this should not really be a problem as we have an online bra calculator that you can use to know your exact bra size. For even a more accurate fit, you can use ThirdLove sizing quiz. Simply follow the suggestions offered and you will find a fitting bra.

With ThirdLove nursing bras, you will not have to worry about the back riding up. In fact, the sizing quiz will help you find a fitting regular bra.

In case the bra you order does not fit you properly, ThirdLove Fit Experts are available via email, live chat or text to help you figure out a better fit. However, this has to be done within 60 days of you receiving your order.

What Are the Cons?

You may find the clasps of the 24/7 Classic Nursing bra a little bit trickier to undo with one hand.  With most maternity bras, you can use your thumb to quickly pop off the clasp. However, with this ThirdLove nursing bra, sometimes the clasp gets stuck and it takes some time for it to pop.  You may have to hold the strap with one hand and use the other hand to undo the clasp.

While opening the clasp with one hand is certainly doable, it doesn’t happen as quickly as with most nursing bras. However, over time, the clasp becomes easier to undo.

ThirdLove Nursing Bra Review: Our Verdict

ThirdLove Nursing Bra Review: Our Verdict

Available on ThirdLove

We love ThirdLove nursing bras. The three nursing bras are well made and fit well, especially when you use ThirdLove’s online quiz and follow their suggesting sizing. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the bra not fitting.

Moreover, should the bra not fit you properly, you have up to 60 days to return it. The company pays for the return shipping.

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