The HOFISH Nursing Bra is Cheap, But Does it Offer Enough Support?

hofish nursing bra reviews

The HOFISH Nursing Bra is Cheap, But Does it Offer Enough Support?

When you read HOFISH nursing bra reviews, there are a couple of things that stand out. First off, the bra is cheap. So, if you are on a budget, it’s an okay bra. But what about support? Read on to find out what to expect of this maternity bra.

HOFISH is one of the cheap nursing bras you will find on Amazon. However, if you bought cheap clothing items before, you know that you get what you pay for.

Choosing the right nursing bra is important, whether you have small or large breasts. The bra you buy should be both supportive and comfortable. From there, you can look at things like price.

The HOFISH nursing bra is one of the most affordable nursing bras on the market. The bra comes in a pack of three, which includes various accessories.

Overview of the HOFISH Women’s Nursing Bra

Overview of the HOFISH Women’s Nursing Bra


The Hofish nursing bra is made or 92% nylon and 8% spandex, which is 100% breathable. The bra is easy to size, has a hook-n-eye closure, and offers full coverage for additional support. The material is stretchable, and will easily adapt to the changing size of your breasts during the nursing period.

The Hofish bra comes with removable molded foam cups that can be dropped when you want to breastfeed. The bra has adjustable shoulder straps, can be easily undone with one hand, and is super supportive. Inside the pack, there are 3 free bra extenders .

Hofish Bra Sizing

Hofish nursing bras

The Hofish nursing bras are easy to size as they are available from Small to X-Large. Here is how the bra’s sizing chart looks like:

Small 32B-32DD, 34B-34C
Medium 34D-34DD, 36B-36D, 38B-38C
Large 38D-38DD, 40B-40D
X-Large 42B, 42C, 42D, 42DD

The size chart is straightforward.

Each pack comes with 3 free extenders )one for each of the 3 bras). However, if you need some more extenders, you can purchase them separately in our store. The extenders are useful if you have a smaller cup size but need to increase the length of your straps.

Hofish nursing bras

What We Love

Seamless: The Hofish nursing bra is seamless, which is important for comfort, especially over the first few weeks for a night.

  • Color Options: You can choose either one color or all colored options in each pack. If you like to switch it up, we recommend the all-color options pack.
  • Removable Cups. The cups are easy to remove.
  • Free Extenders: Since the bra comes with free extenders, the hassle of sizing without trying the bras first becomes a little bearable.

Hofish nursing bras

What We Don’t Like

  • Support: While the Hofish Nursing Bra scores well in terms of comfort and fit, it does not offer much support. Since it is seamless, even tying up the straps to get the correct support does not do much to help. If you have large breasts, you definitely don’t want this bra.
  • Cheap Fabric: The fabric is stretchable but is obviously cheap. The fabric is actually scratchy on the skin, and can leave you with sore nipples. I guess this is why the bra is cheap.
  • Stretchy in the Wrong Places: While the fabric is stretchy (8% comprises of spandex), it does not stretch in the right places. When you are nursing, the breast size increases. Therefore, I would expect the cup fabric to also stretch. With the Hofish, only the band material stretches but the cups remain the same size.
  • Hard Removable Cups. The removable cups are hard, lumpy, and don’t lay very flat. You can take out the cups to prevent discomfort. However, since the fabric is very thin, you will need to wear nursing pads to prevent the nipples from showing through your shirt.

Hofish Nursing Bra Reviews: Verdict

Hofish nursing bras

So, should you buy the Hofish nursing bra?

Well, the bra has its issues, the main one being lack of support. Therefore, if you have big breasts, this bra is a big NO. On the other hand, if you are small chested and are on a low budget, this bra could do.

If you need extra support, skip the Hofish nursing bra and get a quality bra that will fit like a glove. We recommend either the Bravado Seamless or the Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy. These two bras are pricier but the quality, comfort, and support are there.

Overall, the Hofish nursing bra is decent but is not our favorite nursing bra.

Hofish nursing bras iv

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