New Moms: This is What You Should Look for When Buying a Bra After Breastfeeding

buying a bra after breastfeeding

New Moms: This is What You Should Look for When Buying a Bra After Breastfeeding

After delivery, your breasts are likely to be sagging. Therefore, you need a comfortable and supportive bra to keep the sisters in place. Read on to find out what to look for when buying a bra after breastfeeding.

Your body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy. And, for the most part, these are expected. For instance, the melons will get bigger. However, it’s not just the breasts; your whole body will continue changing after the baby is born.

As a result, shopping for bras after giving birth can be a bit tricky. You want a post-pregnancy bra with all the support and features that will ensure you are comfortable.

What to Look for When Buying a Bra After Breastfeeding

Here is what you need to know before you head out on your shopping expedition:

Look for Bras with Adjustable Sizes

Many women assume that their breast size will decrease after pregnancy. The truth, however, is that they may continue to grow! This is especially true if you will be breastfeeding your baby.

During the nursing period, the shapes and sizes of your melons may change quite a bit. It isn’t unusual for the breasts to get bigger or smaller, depending on how much you are breastfeeding.

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It can be tricky to stock up on bras that will fit all of these changes. Therefore, you need bras that are adjustable both in the front as well as the back. This should help to tide you over for a while.

But before you go on a shopping spree for adjustable bras, don’t invest in too many bras of the same size at one time. Instead, keep track of how your breasts are changing and buy the bras accordingly. This is important to ensure that you are comfortable and properly supported throughout this period.

Pay Attention to the Bra Fabric

It isn’t unusual for breasts to become sore and nipples to be quite sensitive after delivery. Therefore, pay attention to the kind of fabric that the bras are made from. Your best options are soft, breathable, and natural fabrics like cotton. Here are some cotton bras that we recommend.

Depending on your breasts, soft lace and mesh fabrics may work as they keep you cool and can adjust to the breast sizes. Some women, however, may find them uncomfortable. Consider your situation and find something that will be perfect for you.

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The material should be high-quality and durable. With leaks, sweating, and even spit-up during the nursing period, your bras may be headed to the washing machine more often than usual. As such, they will need to withstand this additional cleaning.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Underwire

There has been some concern regarding the use of underwire bras while breastfeeding. Some people felt that wearing bras with underwire during the nursing period could increase the risk of mastitis. However, there doesn’t appear to be too much evidence of this.

We covered this issue in our previous article, ‘Can You Wear Underwire Bras When Breastfeeding?’

At the end of the day, whether or not to wear an underwire bra comes down to your preference. Do you feel underwire bras offer you more support? If so, wear them!

However, in case you do develop symptoms of mastitis, you can ditch these bras for a while. Should the symptoms subside, the bra could have been the cause. If not, you can go back to your underwire.

When shopping for bras with underwire, pay attention to the fit. Ill-fitting underwear can be incredibly uncomfortable and may create breastfeeding issues. Therefore, double and triple check that the fit is right.

Nursing Bras vs. Pumping Bras – Know the Difference

If you are breastfeeding, look for bras that offer you easy access to your breasts. We recommend you go for nursing bras.

However, pumping bras have become just as popular.

So, what is the difference between nursing bras and pumping bras? And what do you need to know about selecting either one?

Nursing Bras

Well, a nursing bra is designed with flaps. The flaps allow you to breastfeed without having to remove the whole bra. Nursing bras come in different styles. These bras are handy when you are breastfeeding your baby in private or in public.

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Pumping Bras

Pumping bras hold the breast pump in place, allowing you to pump without needing to continuously grasp the device. The bras look quite different from nursing bras. Pumping tend to have small openings or slits that the breast shields can be fitted into.

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When selecting a pumping bra, pay attention to the make, model, and features of your breast pump. As Little One Mag, a product review site explains, the breast pumps and breasts shields can vary quite a bit. For instance, some breast shields can be larger in some models than with others. This is why you want to be sure that the pumping bra you want to buy is compatible with your breast pump.

Experiment to find the Right Design

All the above information can make it sound like you have to be stuck with a dowdy bra that is just functional. However, this isn’t the case. There are plenty of bras for your post-baby body that are both cute as well as efficient.

Nevertheless, it can take some trial and error to find the right one for you. For example, if the shape and size of your breasts have changed quite a bit, you will need to experiment with the cup shape and size until you find one that is comfortable.

Furthermore, if you have gained weight on your back or under your arms, then you will need to pay attention to different band and strap thicknesses. Due to this, you may take some time before fining your perfect bra.

Don’t be discouraged, though. You are sure to find a bra that is perfect for you – it just requires a little bit more effort.

As you can see, buying a bra after breastfeeding or once you have had a baby can be quite a daunting task. In fact, you may need to wear various types of bras until your body has settled into a more permanent state. The key, though, when looking for a bra is to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied. As long as this is true, you will have made the right decision for you.

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