Comfort Choice Bras Reviews

comfort choice bras reviews

Comfort Choice Bras Reviews

I won’t hold it against you if you haven’t heard of Comfort Choice. This is one of those brands like Delimira that is not well known on the market.

I got interested by Comfort Choice bras because they are designed for both full figure and plus size women. The bras come at affordable prices, are well-made, and are comfortable.

Best Comfort Choice Bras

From my research, the best Comfort Choice bras on the market are:

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Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Longline Lace Bra Easy Enhancer Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Front-Hook Seamless Leisure Bra Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Posture Support Soft Cup Allover Lace Bra Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra
Underwire: None Underwire: None Cup: unlined Underwire: None
Style: Longline Bra Style: Minimizer Style: Minimizer Style: Molded, T-shirt bra
Best attribute: Very supportive Best attribute: Comfort Best attribute: Supportive Back Best attribute: Comfort
Hook: Front Hook: Front Hook: Front Hook: Back

Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra

This is the most comfortable Comfort Choice bra in this list. Coming in various cool colors, the bra would be suitable for wearing around the house when you prefer to be braless but the situation demands that you cover the melons. For example, you can wear this bra when you want to lounge around when your extended family is visiting.


I love the padded, wide straps of this Comfort Choice bra. The bras are semi-adjustable, which means that can fit different shapes and types of bodies. Moreover, the bra has a U-Shape center that help to create some uplift, which is something I usually want when wearing wirefree bras.

On thing that makes the Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Seamless Wireless Leisure Bra different from the others in this list is that it has the traditional back eye and hook closure.

Another feature of this full-coverage bra is the double-layered cups. The cups are quite sturdy and will cover your breasts modestly.


The bra has a comfortable and invisible seamless cup under clothing. However, the cup does not offer much separation or shaping.

Apart from this, the bra does not have support or side coverage.

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Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Posture Support Soft Cup Allover Lace Bra

We’ve previously covered this bra in the posture support bra article. Therefore, I’ll just give a quick summary.


This Comfort Choice bra comes in various fun colors. While color is not one of the major factors to consider when looking for a bra, as a woman with big breasts, I did not come across colorful plus size lingerie (until Freya came into the picture).

Coming to other features, the Comfort Choice posture support bra offers excellent support. The bra has sturdy straps and a reinforced crisscrossed back.

This is the best bra for side support on this list. The bra does not come up quite high and holds things in place well enough.

This bra also has more than one row of hooks at the front, which makes it adjustable. The seams do not show much and, therefore, you can wear the bra under heavier-weighted materials.


I love the way the Comfort Choice bra supports the breasts. However, it does not give them great shape. If you prefer bras that separate the bobs, then this bra may not be what you want. However, I think you can overlook this shortcoming given how affordable the bra is plus its reinforced back!

The lace makes the bra look pretty. However, when the bra is still new, the lace may be a bit scratchy. Therefore, you may want to think twice about wearing the bra if you have sensitive skin. Still, most people will do just fine with the bra after a few washes.

Finally, the bra straps do not adjust as much as I would have wanted through the hooks at the front. This can be an inconvenience if you are shorter or longer than average.

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Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Wireless Front-Hook Seamless Leisure Bra

One thing I can assure you about this Comfort Choice bra is that it’s really comfortable. The has front hooks and is wirefree. These two features make it a great option for women who don’t like underwires or cannot wear bras with underwires for some reason. The front closure also means that the is great for women with mobility issues.

The Comfort Choice wireless bra provides a decent amount of coverage, especially on the front.

While the bra offers decent coverage, it is still comfortable. You can wear the bra around the house when you doing everyday tasks, lounging or sleeping. If you have self-supporting bobs, you can even go outside with the bra.

Like is the case with most Comfort Choice bra, the straps are sturdy, non-slip, and comfortable. You will not have to worry about them slipping.


I found the elastic around the bottom of the bra to run a little tight. If you prefer a looser bra, I suggest you size up in band. However, I prefer sticking to my size as bras usually loosen and relax after a couple of wears and washing.

This bra is super comfortable and, therefore, excellent for lounging. As a result, do not expect a lot in terms of separating or shaping the melons. Moreover, the bra does not provide a lot of lift.

Finally, for some people, the thin, breathable material used to make the bra may be an issue since it does not do a lot to conceal the breasts.

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Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Suze Wireless Longline Lace Bra Easy Enhancer

This plus size wireless longline bra by Comfort Choice is quite a mouthful to name. From its name, you can know what the bra is designed for.


This bra is both a longline and wirefree bra. The combination of these two features make it unique on the market and a great option for women with sensitive breasts. The bra length provides some support and makes up for the lack of an underwire support.

The bra is wirefree but has some boning for structure in the bodice. The boning is quite lightweight, comfortable, and does the job of making the bra look nice.

The cups of this Choice Comfort bra feature a single seam that runs horizontally along the center, helping to shape and lift the breasts.

I love the supportive back of the bra that helps to keep your back in good posture. The support is similar to that offered by some of the posture bras I’ve written about before.

Another thing that I appreciate is the sets of hooks available on the bra. While this Comfort Choice bra is front-closing, you can use the hooks to adjust its sizing over time as your weight fluctuates or it ages. I usually stay away from front closure bras because they don’t have adjustable hooks. I’m happy that this bra has the hooks.



Most bras have seams that help to shape and lift your breast. However, the seams also make the bras more visible, even if you have worn a layer of clothing on top of it. The Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Longline Lace Bra is no exception to this fact. When wearing it, the seams are quite obvious.

Another thing that I noticed is that if the bodice does not fit you well, it can end up riding you. If you have a short torso, I recommend you stay away from this bra as it may be too long for you.

I love bras with close-set straps, and this bra has them for support. However, the close-set bras also mean wearing the bra with a wide-neck shirt will not be possible.

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Honorable Mention: Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size the Reversible Bra (2 Bras in 1)Last on this list, as an honorable mention, is the Women’s Plus Size Reversible Bra. I love this concept, which gives the bra two color options in one. Apart from this, the bra has two slightly different styles,

One side of the bra is smooth while the other separates and encapsulates the breasts. The bra is double-lined since it’s reversible. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your nipples showing in it.

I also love how comfortable the cushioned strap is. The strap is thick and sits comfortably on your shoulders without digging.


To make the bra reversible, Comfort Choice has to do away with the traditional hook and eye closure. Instead, the bra is fastened with a swimsuit-like hook, which is not very adjustable. However, to give it props, the hook is quite easy to manipulate.

I included this bra as an honorable mention because the cups do not provide as much lift as I would have wanted. Therefore, wearing the bra can be tricky if you do not have full breasts.

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