4 of the Best Wireless Bras for D Cup that Are Supportive and Comfortable

best wireless bra for d cup

4 of the Best Wireless Bras for D Cup that Are Supportive and Comfortable

D cups need supportive bras that will keep the girls in place and ensure they are comfortable. Most supportive bras have an underwire. However, what if you want a non-wired bra? Which is the best wireless bra for D cup? Check our top recommendations.

Do you remember the first time you started wearing bras for big melons? I surely remember those days. What stands out the most is how I struggled to transition from training bras with no underwire to big breast bras with underwire.

I hated underwires.

To me, they also led to an itchy and uncomfortable feeling.

However, as my breasts continued to grow, I had to accept the fact that underwire bras will be the only option for me. These are the only bras that offered the kind of support I was looking for.

It’s been a few moons ago since I grew large breasts. And my, oh how time flies. Today, when you search for the best wireless bras for big melons, you will get tons of results online.

Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Sensational Sleek Wire-Free Bra Olga Women’s Play It Cool Wirefree Contour Bra Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Wirefree Bra Bali Women’s Double-Support Cotton Wire-Free Bra
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Coverage: High Coverage: Medium Coverage: Medium Coverage: High
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I have to admit that both wired and wireless bras have changed significantly over the last few years. Perhaps the best thing is that underwire bras have become more comfortable as they are designed to address things such as the shape, height, and spacing of the breasts.

Wirefree bras are also being designed to be more supportive. The bras come in different designs and shapes, with a lot of attention being given to the structure of the bra underbust.

With the many brassieres for large breasts on the market, which are the best wirefree options? Here is a review of my top picks.

Best Wireless Bra for D Cup (Large Breasts)

  • 1. Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Bra

Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Sensational Sleek Wirefree Bra

Topping this list is the Playtex Sensational Wirefree Bra. The bra is lined with shiny satin trim along the edges and the adjustable strap. On the back, the bra has a wide band with 3 hook sizes. The band does a great job of smoothening the back.

You can adjust the bra straps at the back to get the bra to fit you properly. The front of the bra is a seamless continuation from the cup and allows the straps to be positioned closer to the center. This design allows the bra to provide more upward pull and support. As a result, your melons will be shaped well and sit at a nice height.

playtex wire free 18 hour best wireless bras back

The middle of the bra lacks a gore per se and, therefore, doesn’t tack, just like is the case with most wire-free bras. Therefore, your breast won’t be separated like they would with a wired bra.

However, the Playtex bra separates fairly well for a wireless bra and provides seamless support under tops. This makes it one of my favorite bras.

The bra is comfortable and you won’t have a problem wearing it all day long. Moreover, it is made of breathable materials, which makes it one of the best bras to wear during summer or in hot environments.

My only issue with this bra is that its cup runs somehow smaller. I would advise you to go a cup size up with this bra because, even though the top is well cut, the side coverage deserves some improvement.


  • 2. Olga Women’s Play it Cool Wirefree Contour Bra

Olga Women’s Play it Cool Wirefree Contour Bra

I love Olga bras because of their back smoothing capabilities. For large breasts, I would go with the Olga Women’s Play It Cool. This wirefree bra has a wide back band and will support you adequately, even if you have big melons.

At the back, the straps are sewn together to come out in a U-shape, providing an excellent pull to keep the melons up.

I love how brushed the material looks like. It makes the bra look a little bit fancy, even though it’s designed for everyday wear.

olg wirefree contour bra back

The cut of the bra at the front may be something you will want to consider. For me, I love how low cut it is because it means I can wear the bra with different tops.

However, the low cut also means the bra has less material for shaping your breasts and offers less coverage.

With that said, the Play It Cool bra offers a decent amount of separation even though it has no underwire.

If there was any recommendation I would make is in adjustability. The padded strap is short and, therefore, not very adjustable. If you are taller or shorter than average, think about this before buying the bra.

Overall, I give the bra high points of its comfort. Like the Playtex bra, the Play It Cool is made from breathable materials. Therefore, you can rock it during the warmer months.


  • 3. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Wirefree Bra

Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Wirefree Bra

Another option you have when looking for the best wireless bra for full figure is the Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Bra 71380. Available in different colors, the bra has impressive separation, given that it has no underwire. To achieve separation, the bra creates a shorter “gore” area, similar to how plunge bras do.

Another feature I should mention about the Vanity Fair bra is the back band. It is nice and thick. The brand provides adequate support without bulging your back. A U-shape, which helps to create some center pull, is formed at the back band by the straps.

I love the amount of lift that this bra design allows. I’m usually careful when picking wirefree bras because most of them do not offer adequate support for heavier melons. However, the Vanity Fair bra does an excellent job. In fact, I would dare say it does the best job at providing support!

Vanity Fair 71380 best wireless bras back

If you are fuller on the bottom (FOB), this bra is for you. However, if you are fuller on top (FOT) or completely full, you may feel that the pull gets your melons up too high.

I also noticed that the straps attach to the bra cups a little bit close to the outer edge. Therefore, the breasts may not be adequately supported on the front like the Olga. However, to make up for this shortcoming, the Vanity Fair bra has adjustable straps. Therefore, it will be easy to get the right fit. Apart from this, the straps are quite comfortable and wide. You won’t have to worry about them digging into your shoulders.


  • 4. Bali Women’s Double- Support Cotton Wirefree Bra

Bali Women’s Double- Support Cotton Wirefree Bra

The final brand to make it on our list of the best wireless bras for big breasts is Bali’s Women’s Support Wirefree Bra #3036.

To begin with this review, we’ll look at the band.

From the reviews of the other bras above, you already know the band is critical in plus size wirefree bras. With the Bali bra, the band is thick and has up to 5 words of hooks in some of the larger sizes. The thick band will smooth your back and prevent bulging.

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll be happy to know that the Bali bra is made from cotton. The soft fabric is also breathable. However, the bra stretches a little bit. Therefore, I’m not sure how it will perform or last when it ages.

I love the bra’s adjustable straps, which are connected to the cups by a ring. The ring sits at the front of the bra and is, therefore, not a nuisance at all. While the straps are not as wide as that of the Vanity Fair bra, they are comfortable and provide adequate support.

If you love full coverage bras, this bra should be part of your closet. The bra comes up pretty high on the chest. Its cups are seamless, which means no weird lines will be showing on the front of your breasts. The cups are also double-lined, which helps in providing support, separation and shape of the melons.

However, compared to the other three bras we’ve reviewed above, this Bali bra provides the least separation.

bali women double support wire free back

The bra offers a good amount of coverage for most people. Therefore, if modesty is your thing, you’ll want to check it out. Moreover, all the fabric at the front and the supportive back enables the bra to lift up your bras appropriately.

However, the high lift means the bra may not be suitable for wearing with high necklines.

The bra also provides a decent coverage on the side. The boning provides extra support and structure to compensate for the lack of an underwire.

Overall, this is a good bra for casual, everyday wear. The bra is comfortable. However, you wouldn’t want to wear it under a dress for your late night dinner date.


Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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