These Moisture-Wicking Sports Bras Are PERFECT for Everyday Wear!

These Moisture-Wicking Sports Bras Are PERFECT for Everyday Wear!

When the summer sets in, you’ll probably want to dorn a breathable bra. You want a bra that will help to prevent swear. But which is the best moisture wicking sports bra on the market? Read on.

In most of North America, the seasons are normally like this: very cold weather for 6 months, mild cold weather for 3 months, and if it’s one of those lucky years, there will be 3 months of moderate to genuine heat.

During the warm season, people often walk around showing as much skin as they can for the longest time possible. Therefore, you are bound to see a lot of strappy sandals and flip flops, the simple summer dresses and skirts, and different skimpy tops.

I bet your body will appreciate the fashion and your skin will have the perfect glow as your hair takes a break from being brittle.

This is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

However, you’ll begin having less fun when the body starts sweating a lot towards the end of May or in early June. This tends to happen everywhere on the body.

If you’re a full-figured, plus size woman, you’ll have to begin applying anti-chafing creams to help reduce the sweating between your legs, especially on days you’d like to wear a dress. You will also have to coat your underbust using some type of cream or powder to help soak up any extra pools of sweat.

best moisture wicking sports bra

Summer is characterized by a lot of moisture and heat. If you’re full-figured, you will need to fight these two things.

Both moisture and heat create a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to skin infections or irritations around your breasts. We’ve previously written about under-boob rash, how you can prevent it, and how to manage the symptoms. Read the article on underboob rash here.

One of ways of preventing underboob rash is by wearing a spacer bra. This is a bra made from specially formulated aerated materials that help the skin breathe better.

Spacer bras are a good choice for ensuring proper air circulation. However, there is another bra that you should add to your summer collection: a moisture-wicking bra.

Moisture-wicking bras are made of lightweight material that will easily absorb sweat from the body. As a result, you will stay cool when wearing them.  The bras usually dry quickly.

You can use topical creams and powders to manage underboob rash. Apart from these, you can wear moisture-wicking bras to prevent the condition.

Read on for the best moisture-wicking bras for full-figured and plus size women that you should wear during the summer.

Best Moisture Wicking Sports Bra

When you hear the words ‘moisture-wicking’, you may think of sports bras. After all, no matter what time of the year it is, wearing a sports bra normally means that you’re going to get your sweat on. Of course, you wouldn’t like sweat to cling onto your skin while working out.

Fortunately, bra manufacturers have started designing everyday bras that can keep your skin dry when it’s hot.

Below are two moisture-wicking sports bras as well as everyday bras you should check out.

  • 1. Lilyette By Bali Women’s Super-Cool Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Lilyette By Bali Women’s Super-Cool Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

Fit: Allows sizing up in the cup


The Lilyette bra has super comfortable straps designed from a soft, flexible fabric. The straps are wide enough to be comfortable and supportive. They don’t dig into the shoulders.

The straps are positioned to sit well in your inner shoulder and don’t fall on the sides.

The band of the Lilyette bra comes up very high around the underarm area. While this is good when it comes to cooling, it isn’t great in terms of side support. You may have to go a size up in order to prevent your breasts from popping out.


The Lilyette bra has unlined cups, which most women will find dandy and fine. If you have big breasts and small nipples, you might not really get headlight issues.


Lilyette by bali super cool comfort back

This bra has a pretty wide underwire. Therefore, it is not recommended for people whose breasts are full at the top, have narrow torsos/chests or are very narrow rooted. With such body shapes, the breasts will not fill out the cup properly. This will make feel as if the underwire is digging you on the sides.

If your breasts are fuller at the bottom and typically go to wherever a bra wants them to, then this bra would be perfect for you.

Does it Wick?

The Lilyette bra is made from a trademarked material know as Coolform. The material comprises mostly of nylon, with a little elastane that makes it stretchy.

Overall, this bra has a great feel, is airy and light. Moreover, it has unlined cups. This is a perfect day time bra.

You may experience some moisture during the afternoon. However, you should not worry because it will dry off quickly. Moreover, you will feel comfortable wearing this bra.


If you’re looking for a minimizer bra, this Lilyette bra is not what you want.

Still, the bra is very comfortable and suitable for button-down clothing. When wearing it, you won’t have to worry about gapping.

The drawback of the Lilyette bra is that while it offers support, it doesn’t offer any lift.

  • 2. Olga Women’s Play It Cool Underwire Contour Bra

Olga Women’s Play It Cool Underwire Contour Bra

Available on Amazon

Fit: True To Size


The front half part of the straps of the Olga Women’s Bra are cushioned. At the back are the standard adjustable straps. The material used at the front is plush and has a nice feel to the touch. These straps are certainly studier that those of the Lilyette Super Cool.

The front padded part is a little short and doesn’t get up high enough to reach the back of your shoulder. Instead, the strap sits at the top of your shoulder to allow both the adjustable part and the padded part to sit at the apex of your shoulder.


The front part of the Olga Women’s Play bra doesn’t have much of a band. On the other hand, a strip of horizontal fabric (which doesn’t feel quite sturdy) is used to hold the cups together. The construction of the front part makes it a perfect pick for women with high stomachs.

The back band consists of three hooks. Although this bra isn’t meant to be similarly wide to the Lilyette Super Cool, it sits quite comfortably on the back. When looking at smoothing, the bra isn’t as seamless at the back like the Lilyette, but still performs well.


The Olga Play It Cool Underwire Contour Bra has two-tone coloring on the cups. The cups look good and are shaped well. They have a perfect natural shape that’s not oblong.

However, the bra’s lining adds some bulk to it.


Olga back

The bra’s underwire fits nicely around the bottom of the breasts and sits well against the chest wall. The underwire also doesn’t go up very high along the sides.

Although everything will fit well and the cups have enough depth at the bottom for support, the center gore still does not tack and will gap for almost a centimeter from the chest.

Does It Wick?

The Olga bra has its unique version of Coolform know as Chill FX. This fabric lines the cups and keeps moisture from the skin.

While the lining does a great job of preventing the breasts from feeling sweaty or sticky when wearing the bra, the cups are a little bit too thick. Therefore, the bra may not feel particularly cool.


The Olga Play It Cool is a great option as an everyday bra. The bra also has a wire-free version which is perfect for people who don’t like underwires.

  • 3. Playtex Women’s Secret Breathable Cool Shaping Underwire

Playtex Women’s Secret Breathable Cool Shaping Underwire

Available on Amazon

The Playtex Underwire bra is a good moisture-wicking bra that offers decent value for money. Sadly, this bra’s cup sizes only go up to a DD.

The Playtex brand also produces bras with their own unique fabric known as the Nilit Breeze. However, the Playtex underwire bra is the only bra made of cotton.

  • 4. Merino Wool Moisture Wicking Bra

The Merino Wool is the best moisture wicking bra for plus size women. Unfortunately, the bra comes in limited cup sizes.

While the bra is somewhat expensive, it gets the job done. The bra has amazing moisture-wicking features not found in cotton moisture wicking bras.

Merino Wool Moisture Wicking Bra

Available on Amazon

The Merino Wool Bra contains antimicrobial properties that make it odor-resistant. You can wear the bra under a shirt for days without having to wash it. The bra also absorbs moisture well and keeps the skin dry.

Merino brand manufactures sports bras using this very material.

However, the cup size of this bra is limited for people with larger breasts.

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