These Are the Only Spacer Bras That Work for Plus Size

best spacer bra for plus size

These Are the Only Spacer Bras That Work for Plus Size

Need an alternative to T-shirt bras? You should check out spacer bras. Read our guide to find out the best spacer bra for plus size. These are the bras our team has tried and recommends.

Do you remember the first T-shirt bra you bought? For me, it was the Elomi Smoothing Foam Underwire Bra. This was not the most perfect bra I had in my collection but I loved how it gave me a smooth rounded look under the shirts.

That look was amazing.

But I also sweated a lot, thanks to all the foam padding!

Today, I’ve found an alternative to T-shirt bras. I’m talking about spacer bras.

Prima Donna Satin Full Cup T-Shirt Bra (016-01337) Freya Muse Underwire Plunge Spacer T-Shirt Bra (AA1901) Elomi Amelia Band Less Underwire Spacer Molded Bra (EL8740)
Underwire: Yes Underwire: Yes Underwire: Yes
Support: 4.5/5 Support: 3/5 Support: 2/5
Comfort: 4/5 Comfort: 3/5 Comfort: 4/5
Aesthetics: 3.5/5 Aesthetics: 4/5 Aesthetics: 3/5
Breathability: 4/5 Breathability: 4/5 Breathability: 4/5
Fit: Small in the cup Fit: Small in the cup Fit: Small in the cup
Overall : 4/5 Overall : 3.5/5 Overall : 3.25/5
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What is a Spacer Bra?

A spacer bra looks like a T-shirt bra. However, this bra has two layers of foam fabric that make it more breathable. Therefore, you won’t sweat a lot when wearing the bra.

How Does a Spacer Bra Work?

The spacer bra is all about the fabric. The bra is made with a special foam that has air pockets, which can travel up the cup to keep your breasts cool.

You will enjoy wearing this bra, especially in the hot summer months since your melons won’t be sweating.

Benefits of a Spacer Bra

There are other benefits of wearing a spacer bra. First off, while the material may seem lightweight, it is very well made. The bra is supportive like its counterpart; the T-shirt bra.

A spacer bra is made of lightweight fabric and has less padding. Therefore, it is perfect for women with large breasts. If you’ve put on a T-shirt bra, you probably love the way it feels. However, you may notice that it actually adds some bulk to your melons.

Spacer bras are not padded but provide the benefits of a T-shirt bra. Think of them as T-shirt bras without the padding.

How to Choose the Best Plus Size Spacer Bra

There are a number of things you should consider when looking for a spacer bra for big breasts. These include:

  • The shape and depth of the cup
  • How smooth the bra is

If you are like me who’s not full on top (FOT), finding a good spacer bra comes with a number of challenges. Generally, the bra does not provide a lot of support. When wearing the bra, the major issue I’ve experienced is that the melons tend to end up appearing flat on top.

Some bras also leave some space between the top of the cup and the natural curve of my melons. As a result, a weird visible ridge may end up forming under the shirt, depending on the material.

To solve this problem, you should stick to bras with sturdy underwires that offer a lot of support for your underbust.

Best Spacer Bras for Plus Size

  • Freya Muse Underwire Plunge Spacer T-Shirt Bra (AA1901)

Freya Muse Underwire Plunge Spacer T-Shirt Bra (AA1901)

Available on Amazon

This bra has two things that make it one of the best spacer bras on the market. First off, it is made by Freya, one of the best bra brands on the market. Secondly, it features a minimalist design.

I love bras that are versatile, and the Muse does not disappoint. The bra has a built-in hook that makes it an excellent racerback bra. For women with large breasts, lift is important. While bras with narrow-set straps are good, racerbacks are even better.

Apart from being versatile, the Muse bra has some plunge. Therefore, you can wear it with different necklines.


The bra has a supportive underwire that is not too high at the center or sides. Even if you have a high stomach, you will feel comfortable in this bra. Moreover, I love that the bra does not dig into the breasts.


best plus size spacer bra freyabcross

The Muse has a comfortable band that is true to size. I don’t like that the bra only has two or three hooks (DD+ bras have three hooks). However, the band doesn’t ride up and the support is good.

Cup and Gore

I don’t like the gore of the Muse bra. However, most T-shirt bras are lacking when it comes to the gore. When looking for T-shirt bras, I usually want a bra that has its gore sticking out. Moreover, no weird lines should show under my shirt when I’m wearing the bra.

The gore of the Muse bra does not exactly tack. However, the good thing is that there is less than an inch of space between it and my sternum.

From my observations, the gore problem happens because the molded cups don’t have the level of depth that would be suitable for my melons. As a result, my breasts tend to get pushed out to the side a little bit. While I experienced this problem with the Muse bra, the side bob was not as pronounced as it was with other bras.

Apart from the above problem, the Muse bra keeps its promise. The bra is nice and the inner layer will keep your breasts cool.

I also like the design of the cup. The design makes the bra look shimmery but without coming out over-embellished.


best plus size spacer bra freyab

The bra does not have thick straps. The bra is the standard Freya caliber you may be familiar with from the brand. Of course, the bra has a J-hook.


The bra offers good support. If you have fuller breasts, you won’t have a problem with this bra. When wearing it, my breasts end up rounding decently.

Coming to support, I love the support from the bottom. However, at the top, things are a little wanting. I wouldn’t want to wear this bra if I was to break into an impromptu run. Moreover, the cup is not full on top as I would have loved.

Overall Shape

Wearing the bra will give your bobs a nice rounded shape, just like T-shirt bras do. Moreover, there is not much of a gap between the top of the cup and the breasts.

Best For

For the summer, definitely! The Muse bra is versatile and can be worn with different necklines. To keep things even funkier, you can purchase the bra with matching panties. These come in two different cuts!

Overall, the Muse bra can be a good alternative to the good ‘ol T-shirt bras.

  • Prima Donna Satin Full Cup T-Shirt Bra (016-01337)

Prima Donna Satin Full Cup T-Shirt Bra (016-01337)

Available on Amazon

This Prima Donna may not be a Deauville but I wouldn’t mind having it in my closet. The bra is comfortable and the full cup option is excellent if you have large melons.

Cup and Gore

Like I indicated in my Freya sports bra review, T-shirt bras usually don’t tack for me. This Prima Donna bra is not an exception.

The cups do not have the depth I usually love. However, my melons were not pushed out more to the sides like was the case with the Freya bra. Since the cups are not super deep, I would recommend going one size up, if possible.

The distance from the center of the bra to between my chest is about the same as is left by the Freya. One surprising thing is that this bra’s gore does not come up too high despite it being a full-cup option. I found the bra wearable even though I have to deal with the non-tacking issue.

I love the cups of the Prima Donna bra. They provide excellent underboob support and have a great feel. I think the comfort is because the bra has an underwire and a fabric sling reinforcement.


I have nothing but good things to say about Prima Donna underwires. The underwires are coated with a layer of rubber and, as a result, are very comfortable under the arm. Moreover, they do not come up high.


This bra is well-made and can be worn all day long. While the bra is not the most supportive, the full coverage eliminates most of my worries.


This Prima Donna spacer bra has two to three rows of hooks, depending on the size. The bra still comes out supportive and its sides are well-reinforced.

best plus size spacer bra prima


The bra’s straps are a little bit wider than those of the Freya Muse. Therefore, as expected, it is more comfortable.

The straps are also adjustable. Therefore, the bra can be worn by women of different heights.

Overall Shape

The spacer bra is made from lightweight materials and has a nice rounded shape. I love how it fits; I did not have any gapping between the top of my breast and top of the bra.

Best For

You can wear this bra all summer long.

I found it difficult to buy this bra; not because of the online store or anything, but its design. I usually buy expensive bras and don’t mind spending extra to get those with a colorful feminine look. However, with this Prima Donna, you pay more for a bra that is just vanilla plain and simple.

However, I’ll pass the price issue because the bra is comfortable. You can wear it under various looks and for different occasions.

Prima Donna bras are usually quality constructions. Therefore, I can be sure that this bra will last for quite a long time.

  • Elomi Women’s Plus Size Amelia Bandless Underwire Spacer Molded Bra (EL8740)

Elomi Women’s Plus Size Amelia Bandless Underwire Spacer Molded Bra (EL8740)

Available on Amazon

Another mouthful spacer bra makes it on our list of the best spacer bras for full figure. The Amelia bra is not as eye-catching as the Freya but provides more support than the Prima Donna.

The bra is available in various cup sizes and can even be paired with a full panty set.


For the band, its construction and performance are something between the Prima Donna and the Freya. The band is wide and comfortable. I love that there is a U-shaped back and that the band tries to eliminate bulging.

This bra comes with two to three hooks, depending on size.

Cup and Gore

The gore of the Amelia bra got as close to my sternum more than the Prima Donna and Freya Muse. This was a nice surprise.

Coming to the cups, I love how nice and roomy they are. The cup still runs a little bit smaller than what I’m used to with my Elomi fit. According to Elomi, this spacer bra provides side support and eliminates spillage.

It’s true that the cups have everything and come up high. However, this does not mean it explicitly eliminates side spillage.


The straps of the Elomi bra are made of a nice, soft material just like the two other bras. Moreover, the straps are adjustable and set wide enough to prevent them from falling


The underwire and cup of this bra come up high on the side. However, the underwire is comfortable and does not dig.

Comfort /Support

Overall, the Elomi spacer bra is comfortable. In fact, it is the most comfortable spacer bra for plus size. The material is also good, considering that it’s lined with a pretty lace.

Coming to structure, the bra is comfortable. When wearing it, I did not feel like any of its parts were compensating for an underperforming part.

I was not particularly impressed with the support offered by the Elomi bra. The cups are full, which is good, but I feel they are way pushed off to the sides. Moreover, since this bra does not have a band in the front, it does not have the structural support I need for my type of melons. This problem could have been solved if the straps were set to be narrower.

Overall Shape

When wearing the bra, the melons get a smooth look that is not pointy. The weight is distributed to the sides, perhaps a little more than I prefer.

Best For

This would be the perfect bra for lounging or casual wear.

I had mixed results with this bra. If you have pretty full melons, especially on top, the bra would be perfect. It is comfortable and its priced affordably.

The bra is light and airy and if you love cute bras, the Ink/Purple option will satisfy you.

Is the Elomi the best plus size spacer bra? No. I would have loved it to have a little more band in the front.

  • Honorable Mention: Bali Women’s One Smooth U Ultra-Light Illusion – Neckline Underwire Bra


Honorable Mention: Bali Women’s One Smooth U Ultra-Light Illusion – Neckline Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

Coming to our list of honorable mentions, the Bali Women’s One Smooth U Ultra-Light Illusion – Neckline Underwire Bra is the first to go. The bra is available in different colors and offers great value for money. I also love that it has convertible crisscross straps. The only issue with this bra is that it comes in limited cup sizes.

  • Honorable Mention: Chantelle Merci Spacer T-Shirt bra

Honorable Mention: Chantelle Merci Spacer T-Shirt bra


Another honorable mention is the Chantelle Merci Spacer T-Shirt bra. In terms of style and price, I would rate it somewhere between the Prima Donna and the Freya Décor. This bra doesn’t fit me but is a great option for women with large cups but small band sizes. You can see reviews of the bra here.

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