best t shirt bras for large breasts

Best T-Shirt Bras for Large Breasts (That Minimize Gaping)

Looking for the best T shirt bra for large breasts? Check the options that make it on our list of the best T shirt bra for large bust.

One of the additions to a perfect bra collection is a t-shirt bra. They have smooth cups which virtually aren’t visible under light and fitting clothing. Due to the bra’s molded cup design, they are able to create a perfectly round smoothness, which is often the most sought out shape for women today. However, we all know that these types of bras are not the ideal choice for those with pendulous breasts. Having the above in mid, the list below is set out to help you find 3 of the finest t-shirt styled bras meant for breasts which are no longer completely self-supporting.

Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire BraBali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire BraFantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra
FitSmall in cupSmall in cupBig in cup
Gapping?NoNoA little

Why are T-shirt Bras So Popular?

T-shirt bras have been found to be very versatile. This is because they are designed to be seamless making it possible for you to wear them under any type of clothing. They are a comfortable and practical choice that you can put on under casual wear, work clothes and (if they have the right cut) formal wear.

Why You May Not Want to Wear a T-shirt Bra

Although most women do own t-shirt bras and have been buying them in the past, they don’t put them on that often.

Why is this?

If your breasts have begun sagging, you’ll discover that these bras will not provide you with the optimum level of support you require. Especially if your breasts are hanging lower and your nipples are pointing downward. You’ll find that most of the girth and weight lies at the bottom half part of your breasts.

When you wear a bra with molded cups (especially those with the standard t-shirt cut) and your breasts are a bit saggy, your breasts will often fill out the bottom part of the bra cup achieving a great level of rounding, but at the top you’ll be left with this;


Since your breasts aren’t really full at the top, you won’t achieve the embellished rounded shape which is meant to be formed while wearing a t-shirt bra. You’ll instead be left with a flat appearance, lots of gapping and the lines at the top of the bra will end up being visible through your t-shirt. You’ll end up not getting the seamless look you want and your breast tissue at the top will be completely flat and uncontrolled. No one would like to have a bra line that is visible through a t-shirt.

T-Shirt bra


I Have Perky Breasts. Will a T-shirt Bra Not Work for Me?

The answer to this question is no. There are various different shapes of breasts. There are also several different levels of ptosis or sag. There are women that have begun experiencing some level of sagging but still have volume at the top and can pull off wearing a t-shirt bra better than most people can.

People have different preference when it comes to looking for the perfect bra. For most, no matter what kind of bra they want, the most paramount feature is support. With support as the main feature, I bet you will forego wearing a bra that provides smoothness instead of a pointy silhouette which normally gives better support.

It’s one’s personal choice when it comes to the level of support and how your breasts to appear while wearing a bra. The best way to begin is by knowing the type of bra style that offers plenty of support. All you need to do is too look at the features a particular bra has, then work your way backward from there.

T-shirt bras

How to Get Maximum Support from A Style That Isn’t Ideal

We’re all aware that when it comes to support, the seaming found in cut and sew bras is what creates the cut found at the top. If you decide to do away with this element, make sure you compensate using the following;

  • Bras that have fuller coverage. Such bras will help in reducing the gapping appearance at the top.
  • Bras designed with a good, supportive band. About 80 to 90 % of heavy lifting in a bra is performed by the band, so ensure you don’t compromise on this feature.
  • Bras with wide straps which fit well and ideally contain some level of center lift or center pull.

By combining the three features, you’re sure of buying a bra that will provide you with both shaping and support.

Best T-shirt Bras for Pendulous Breasts

Having what we have discussed so far in mind, this article has come up with a list of the top 3 best T-shirt bras for women with breasts that aren’t very full, but wouldn’t mind owning a t-shirt bra of their own.

All the bras discussed in this article will offer you with high coverage. The Freya Deco line of bras is also recommended alongside these bras. The Deco Vibe as well as the Spacer Bra from the Freya Deco line, have been reviewed because they are the best choices for someone looking for t-shirt bras containing a ‘traditional’ shaping capability that is suitable for lower necklines.

Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra

anita best t-shirt bra

Fit: Runs small along the cups

When compared to the other two bra styles discussed, the Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra lies on the pricier range. However, the bra is very supportive and comfortable choice that comes with additional airy feel. It also has a very inclusive size range that goes all the way to an I-cup.


The best aspect about this bra is that it was specifically designed for women with big breasts. It has very wide straps and is padded on the shoulders making the bra very wearable as it feels super comfortable for the person wearing it.

It has a super comfortable underwire that you may end up not feeling it. The underwire does not go very high under the arms, and you may notice that it doesn’t sit on your chest perfectly as the Fantasie does.

The bra isn’t designed with padded cups, which makes it a great choice for someone who doesn’t want additional bulk on their chest. However, the bra is double-lined which means that most people can wear it without worrying if their headlights are showing.

Also, a section of the strap of the bra’s back is set a little narrower and is adjustable, providing you with some level of center pull. You’ll love this bra if you have narrow shoulders because the straps will not keep falling off over your shoulders.

bali best t-shirt-bra b

The band is double layered at the back and feels very sturdy. Though the straps aren’t wide, they’ll still feel extremely sturdy. All sizes are designed with a respectable three-hook closure.

The bra is designed with side boning for reinforcement which is not very rigid. When you combine these with the sling’s inner lining, the outer part of the cup come together to offer you great support that will keep your breasts from pointing out.


The Anita Women’s Underwire Bra isn’t completely seamless. The detailing done on the edge of the band and cups really works against its functionality.

Also, the straps are not fully-adjustable, meaning if you’d like to obtain a more snug fit or are shorter, you may have to alter the bra.

Although the bra offers good support, it doesn’t provide better lift than the Fantasie.

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Bali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra

bali best t-shirt bra

Fit: Runs small in the cups

The Bali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra is probably the most comfortable seamless bra available in the market. The bra is available in a wide range of colors and can be found at a very affordable price. This aspect is what makes it the ideal choice as a great everyday bra. If you like the bra, you can buy several of them without straining your budget. It’s also a great wire-free option.


It has an underwire which is encased into thick fabric, meaning it won’t rub against your skin. When you put this feature together with the fact that the bra was designed with a high arc for tummies, makes it suitable to be worn for an entire day.

The underwire is aided by the fabric sings on the sides and the bottom of the cup which provide great encasing and shaping for bottom heavy breasts. Most of the structure at the side actually comes from the cups, which means that the underwire doesn’t have to come very high under the arms. This aspect makes it the ideal pick for women with shorter torsos.

The cups will provide you with the perfect balance between being stretchy and being molded, which in turn makes it possible for the bra to provide more shaping than how a thin material seamless one would, but with right amount of allowance required by the bra to conform to the shape of your breasts.

fantasie t-shirt bra

The cups are not padded but are thick enough so that your nipples aren’t visible.

However, there’s padding on the shoulder straps which makes them feel very comfortable allowing you to wear the bra all day long. The padded straps have more center pull, which will give extra uplift for women who need it.

The band is perfectly wide, featuring two to three hooks depending on the band and cup size.




The bra’s sizing is a bit limited, having a DDD as the biggest cup size.

While the Bali Women’s Seamless Bra offers support, it could definitely use some more help when it comes to lift.

It doesn’t so much in creating much for separation and center region isn’t designed in allows you to tack it properly.

Since the bra offers full coverage, it isn’t suitable for clothing with low necklines.

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Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra

fantasie t-shirt bra smoothing

Fit: Runs Cups in Large Sizes

This is another bra that provides incredible support and comfort, but with a T-shirt style that is more traditionally molded. Once you wear it, you will feel how well it is made and the fabric used to create the bra will feel extremely lush against your skin.

If your breast gap in this design and you are looking for a bra that has more coverage and is fuller, you can check out Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Moulded Full Cup. It has the very same shape as the Bali, but the cup sizes are of a wider range.


This is a bra style that offers great lift. The support created by the under-cup will definitely push your breasts your breasts higher than they usually lie. The underwire has a bit more of a pronounced U-shape than the one on the Bali. It feels more like the Freya Deco’s higher coverage version.

The bra will further offer you with some great forward projection as a result of the shape of the cups, which will help in shaping the appearance of your boobs.

Fantasie Women’s T-shirt Bra has great cup definition, and the tacks actually work for most people.

You’ll realize that the fit of this bra’s cups around your boobs falls amongst the best styles available in the market. With help for the underwire, your breasts will feel well encased and there will be no weird rippling that is often found in t-shirt bras.

However, there is some level of gapping, but since it is ranked higher than other t-shirt style bras, it is not very pronounced. This might be because the cups project will project more than what you are normally accustomed to.


The shapes of the cups on the bra are quite projected, making it suitable for breasts naturally fall in this shape. However, most people will discover that there is a little space between the widest part (nipple area) and where your breasts sit in the cups. This isn’t a deal breaker but it’s not an ideal feature.

The bra has only 2 hooks in all sizes, which means if you’re of a bigger cup size, you may not get enough support.

Compared to the Bali bra, the straps on this style are slightly wider providing you with less center lift.

Although this bra is designed with a lot less padding like the bras of this style normally do, it still gives additional bulk. With less projection and no padding, Fantasie Seamless Molded Balcony Bra is highly recommended.

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Other T-shirt Bra Alternatives

Considering that two of the main features of t-shirt bras are a rounded shape on the bust and being seamless, there are other bra styles with a reasonable quantity of overlap.

If you don’t mind having other options to look at, the following are highly recommended:

Look for spacer bras. Bras of this design a much breakable alternative that is designed using less bulky material on its cups.

Look for plunge bras. Bras of this design will allow you the opportunity to put on shirts with low cuts.

Look for push-up bras. Bras of this style compared to other molded options will aid in adding more lift and contains padding which enhances the bust.

There are smooth cup minimizer bras such as the Wacoal Women’s Visual Effects minimizer Bra can also do the job.

All the bra styles mentioned above will suit all your needs and will work perfectly when worn under a t-shirt.

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