We Love How These T Shirt Bras for Large Breasts Minimize Gaping

best t shirt bras for large breasts

We Love How These T Shirt Bras for Large Breasts Minimize Gaping

Looking for the best T shirt bra for large breasts and one that minimizes gaping?  Our team has tested the options below and can confidently include them on our list of the best T shirt bras for large bust.

Your bra collection won’t really be complete if you don’t have a T-shirt bra.

T-shirt bras have smooth cups and stay invisible under both light and fitting clothing. The bras have a molded cup design, which help to create perfectly round and smooth breasts. If you are well-endowed, you definitely want the girls looking round and sexy.

However, T-shirt bras are generally not ideal for women with pendulous breasts. This is because they offer poor support to the breasts, leaving them sagging.

Still, if you prefer a T-shirt bra, there are a couple of options on the market that will work just fine. The most important thing you want to look for in a bra is support and comfort.

Therefore, you’ll want to check T-shirt bras that have underwires.

Below are the best T-shirt bras for large breasts that are comfortable and offer adequate support to the girls.

Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra Bali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-Shirt Bra
Fit Small in cup Small in cup Big in cup
Gapping? No No A little
Coverage High High High
Lift Medium-High Medium High

Best T Shirt Bra for Large Breasts (Pendulous Breasts)

From our interviews with hundreds of women and research online, we’ve found the best T shirt bras for women with pendulous breasts.

The three T bras below provide good coverage.

We’ve also included Freya Deco bras in this review. We recommend the Deco Vibe and the Spacer Bra for anyone looking for t-shirt bras with ‘traditional’ shaping capability that are suitable for lower necklines.

#1. Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra

Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra

Fit: Runs small along the cups

The Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra is a supportive and comfortable bra that offers an airy feel. The bra goes all the way to an I-cup.


  • The Anita bra is specifically designed for women with big breasts. The bra has wide straps and is padded on the shoulders, making it super comfortable.
  • The bra also has a comfortable underwire that does not go very high under the arms.
  • The Anita T shirt bra for large breasts does not have padded cups. Therefore, it does not add bulk on the chest. Moreover, the bra is double-lined to prevent your nipples from showing.
  • A section of the strap on the bra’s back is set a little narrower to provide some level of center pull. The strap is also adjustable.
  • This is a great bra for women with narrow shoulders because the straps do not keep falling off the shoulders.

bali best t-shirt-bra b

  • The Anita Women’s Twin Firm Underwire Bra has a sturdy double-layered band at the back. The straps have a three-hook closure.
  • The bra is reinforced with light side boning. When the side boning is combined with the sling’s inner lining, the outer part of the cup comes together to offer support and prevent the breasts from pointing out.


  • The Anita Women’s Underwire Bra isn’t completely seamless. The detailing on the edge of the band and cups tend to work against its functionality.
  • Also, the straps are not fully adjustable. Therefore, if you are shorter or want a snug fit you may have to alter the bra.
  • Although the bra offers good support, it doesn’t provide a lot of lift.

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#2. Bali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra

Bali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra

Fit: Runs small in the cups

The Bali Women’s Live It Up Seamless Underwire Bra is one of the most comfortable seamless bras available on the market. The bra is available in a wide range of colors and at affordable prices.


  • The Live It Up Bra has an underwire encased in thick fabric. Therefore, the underwire doesn’t rub against the skin. This makes it a great everyday bra.
  • The underwire, together with the fabric slings on the sides and bottom of the cup, provide great encasing and shaping for bottom-heavy breasts.
  • Most of the side structure of the breasts comes from the cups since the underwire doesn’t come very high under the arms. This makes the bra ideal for women with shorter torsos.
  • The cups are stretchy and molded. This makes them shape the breasts nicely than thin, seamless bras do.

fantasie t-shirt bra

  • While the cups are not padded, they are thick enough to prevent your nipples from showing
  • However, the shoulder straps are padded for comfort.  The straps pull the breasts to the center and provide some extra lift.
  • The band is perfectly wide and feature two to three hooks, depending on the band and cup size.


  • The bra’s sizing is a bit limited. The biggest cup size available is a DDD.
  • While the Bali Women’s Seamless Bra offers support, it doesn’t offer a lot of lift
  • The bra also doesn’t do much to separate the breasts.
  • Since the bra offers full coverage, it isn’t suitable for clothing with low necklines.

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#3. Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra

Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra

Fit: Runs Cups in Large Sizes

The Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Moulded Full Cup provides incredible support and comfort. The T-shirt bra is more traditionally molded and feel extremely lush against the skin.

If your breasts gap, the Fantasie Moulded Full Cup is for you.


  • The bra offers great lift and support, and lifts the breasts. The underwire is a bit more of a pronounced U-shape and feels more like the Freya Deco’s higher coverage version.
  • The bra offers great forward projection due to the shape of the cups. This helps to shape the breasts.
  • Fantasie Women’s T-shirt Bra has great cup definition. Moreover, the tacks work for most people.
  • The cups fit the breasts well. With help for the underwire, the breasts are well-encased. Moreover, there is no weird rippling that is often found in t-shirt bras.
  • However, the bra leaves some level of gapping, although not very pronounced.


  • The cups of the bra are quite projected, making it easy for  breasts to naturally fall in this shape. However, a small space is left between the widest part (nipple area) and where your breasts sit in the cups. This isn’t a deal-breaker but it’s not an ideal feature either.
  • The bra has only 2 hooks in all sizes. Therefore, if you’re of a bigger cup size, you may not get enough support.
  • The bra has slightly wider straps, which provide less center lift.
  • While the bra does not have a lot of padding,  it still gives additional bulk.

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#4. Other T Shirt Bra Alternatives

The most important features to look for in a t-shirt bra are a rounded shape on the bust and is seamless. There are other bra styles with a reasonable quantity of overlap.

Here are some T shirt bra alternatives we recommend:

All the bra styles mentioned above work perfectly when worn under a t-shirt. You can see some of the bras in the video below:

Why are T-shirt Bras So Popular?

We love T-shirt bras because they are versatile. The bras are seamless and, therefore, can be worn under any type of clothing.

The bras are also comfortable and practical, and can be worn under casual wear, work clothes, and (if they have the right cut) formal wear.

Why You May Not Want to Wear a T-shirt Bra

Many women own T-shirt bras but don’t wear them often.


T-shirt bras do not provide adequate support to heavy, sagging breasts. This is especially the case for breasts  that hang lower to the extent that the nipples point downwards.

Most of the girth and weight lies at the bottom half of the breasts. Therefore, there isn’t any benefit of wearing a bra that cannot lift the weight up by supporting the girls properly.

To support sagging breasts, you can wear a molded cup bra, especially those with the standard t-shirt cut. In this bra, the sisters will fill the bottom part of the cup and attain a rounded shape. However, there will be gaping at the top as illustrated below:


Since the breasts aren’t really full at the top, you won’t achieve the rounded shape that a t-shirt bra is meant to provide. Instead, the breasts will look flat, there will be lots of gapping and the lines at the top of the bra will be visible through your t-shirt.

No one wants their bra line to be visible through a t-shirt.

T-Shirt bra

Are T Shirt Bras Good for Perky Breasts?

No, they are not.

Breasts come in different shapes. On the same note, there are different levels of ptosis or sag.

Some women start experiencing some level of sagging while still having volume at the top. These women can wear a t-shirt bra better than most people.

To find the best bra for large breasts, the most important thing to consider is support. Other factors such as smoothness and brand are secondary.

You have to decide on the level of support and how you want the breasts to appear while wearing a bra. Regardless of the types of bras that you go for, choose those that offer plenty of support.

After confirming the bra’s support, you can look at other factors.

T-shirt bras

How to Get Maximum Support from a Bra

Cut and sew bras provide support through their seaming. If you’d like other types of bras that will support the girls, go for the following:

  • Fuller coverage bras. These bras reduce the gapping appearance at the top.
  • Bras with supportive bands. The band performs about 80 to 90 percent of the heavy lifting in a bra. Therefore, don’t compromise on this feature.
  • Wide strap bras. The wide straps prevent shoulder pains and provide some level of centre lift or centre pull.

Bras that have the three features above are good for both shaping and support.


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