How to Measure Bra Size with Measuring Tape

how to measure bra size with measuring tape

How to Measure Bra Size with Measuring Tape

Do you know how to measure bra size with measuring tape? Read this guide for accurate instructions.

If you are large-busted, wearing the wrong bra or an ill-fitting one can ruin your entire outfit or even worse, your day! The backaches and breast pain associated with bigger breasts are nothing to write home about. The only solution is investing in a bra of the rights size, style and fit.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Different bra manufacturers use different sizing charts. This explains the differences in various bra sizing charts. For instance, if you look at UK bra sizes, a G cup bra size translates to an I cup in US bra size chart.

Also, the band size of some bras tend to shrink after several washes, depending on the quality of the materials.

To avoid bra sizing problems, you should get your breast measurements correctly. Follow the instructions below to ensure you find a perfectly fitting bra that provides ultimate support without sacrificing comfort.

How to Measure Bra Size with Measuring Tape

Measuring your bra size can be slightly uncomfortable. However, knowing your measurements by heart will make your bra shopping experience much easier and fun. Online shoppers to stand to benefit even more.

You only need a measuring tape to measure your bra size and save yourself the bra-shopping misery. Besides, knowing how to measure bra size with measuring tape makes adjusting to different breast size changes from pregnancy, aging, hormonal fluctuations and weight gain/lose less strenuous.

2 Pack Measuring Tape


Bra sizing is not a guessing game! Follow the simple tips below on how to measure bra size with measuring tape:

  • 1. Determine the band size

You can do this while wearing a non-padded bra or braless.

Place the measuring tape around the torso right under the breasts where the band usually sits. Ensure its snug and level. Check the measurement. It should be a whole number. If it’s not, round it off downwards.

Measure Your Underbust
Measure Your Underbust

If you get an even number, increase it by four inches. If the measurement is an odd number, increase it by five inches. The outcome is the band size. For instance, measuring 33 inches means your band size is 38. We’ve increased the number by five inches since it’s an odd number. If we got 32 inch measurements, the band size would have been 36 since we’d increase it by four inches as it’s an even number.

  • 2. Measure your bust

Measure your bust by wrapping the tape measure loosely on the fullest part of your breasts – nipple level. Just like the band measurement, round down the figure to a whole number.

measure your bust
Measure Your Bust

Here is a video showing how to correctly measure the underband and overbust:

  • 3. Calculate the cup size

The cup size is the difference between the band size and bust measurement. In this case, take the results from step 1 and subtract from the measurement in step 2.

Check the breast cup size chart or use the one below for reference:

Band Minus Bust Difference US Cup Size UK Cup Size Euro Cup Size
Less Than 1″ AA AA AA
1″ A A A
2″ B B B
3″ C C C
4″ D D D
5″ DD or E DD E
6″ DDD or F E F
7″ G F G
8″ H FF H
9″ I G I
10″ J GG J
11″ K H K
12″ L HH L
13″ M J M
14″ N JJ N

Your correct bra size should be the band size with the cup size. For example, bust size 37 inches – band size 34 inches = 3 inches. This is a 34C.

  • 4. Sizing Up and Down

If you go up a band size, you’ll need to go down a cup size and vice versa. If you find a 34C has a bigger cup, go for a 36B. Use the sizing chart to ensure you are doing it correctly. Remember, the bra size can change depending on the brand or bra type. You might have to try several times to get a perfect fit.

Ensuring You are Wearing the Right Bra Size

  • Lean forward, wear the bra then hook it. Doing so helps to ensure the breasts are entirely in the bra cups.
  • Adjust the bra’s band. The front and back should be on the same level.
  • Ensure the bra fits correctly. It should neither be too loose nor too tight. The right band size allows you to comfortably slip a finger underneath.
  • Fix straps slipping off the shoulders. Shorten them and tighten the bra’s band.
  • Wear a form-fitting top over your bra. You probably are not wearing the right bra size if the cups tend to pucker and the breasts bulge.
  • Stand sideways in front of a mirror. The breasts should be positioned midway between the elbows and shoulders. If this is not the case, you’ll need a better-fitting and supportive bra.
  • Go for a bra with a perfect fit on the loosest hook. Since the bra’s fabric stretches overtime, you can always tighten it by moving to the next hook.

There you go. That is how to measure bra size with measuring tape.


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