Roza Ewolet Ecru Soft Cup Bra

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  1. Estrella Coreana (verified owner)

    Love love love this bra! I’ve literally tried about 20 different bra designs it seems and this is finally the winner. Super soft material, which makes it very comfortable against your skin. Fits great too! Highly recommend!

  2. Fallon Carrington (verified owner)

    The back size fits as expected, but the cup size comes up small. I like that you can clip the straps together at the back because this places the straps closer to the neck which places the weight of the breasts more on the muscular part of the shoulders, making it more comfortable than traditional bra straps. It seems well made and a good quality product.

  3. Diana Rose (verified owner)

    I found the bra true to my usual size in other brands and fit well. I measure 37 with a G cup based on US sizing of a 7 in difference,and usually edge up to 38 for a good fit. I went down to the 36 in this, still at G, and the band was good, and the cups only *just* fit. I wouldn’t start by going up in your measured size here before just trying that first. I like the fit of this – the cups are rounded and filled out smoothly for me, the bra doesn’t stretch in the under cups where I want support, but the straps have some give which I prefer for comfort and movement. The wires lay flat and pretty. It held my side boob in nicely. This is my first bra in this brand, and I expect eventually I’ll own several more.

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