87% of Women Say These 16 Brands are the Best Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret Bras

Alternatives to Victoria's Secret

87% of Women Say These 16 Brands are the Best Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret Bras

What are the best alternatives to Victoria Secret? We surveyed 9,878 readers asking for the alternatives they prefer and we have the answers. If you need lingerie from Victoria’s Secret competitors, this article is for you.

Since its founding in the 1970s, Victoria’s Secret has always been an end-all-be-all for lingerie, regular bras, and underwear. The brand appeals to most modern women, and carries different versatile lingeries in various sizes.

Victoria’s Secret offers high-quality undergarments, like designer lingerie, at affordable prices. What’s more, there are more than 1000 VS storefronts countrywide. You can visit the stores for professional bra fitting or buy undergarments that would suit your needs.

There are several reasons why many women love Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie. Over the years, the brand has become so well known that women can’t think of any other place to get undergarments apart from their stores.

However, while Victoria’s Secret is one of the top lingerie brands, there are other brands on the market that offer various sizes of high-quality lingerie at affordable prices.

Many women tend to ignore newer lingerie stores since they are not well established. However, the stores continue growing, purely online. Some of the online stores have become big Victoria’s Secret competitors.

If you love VS, then good for you. However, there are many competitors that offer similar lingerie at the same or even lower prices.

Here’s a list of best bra brands that are formidable alternatives to Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Top Lingerie Brand Alternatives to Victoria Secret

  • #1.  Panache Lingerie

Panache Lingerie

Available on Amazon

One of Victoria’s Secret drawback in lingerie is that it doesn’t cater to plus size women. VS only offers bra sizes up to cup 40DDD. However, you can get different bra styles from their inventory in small sizes.

VS panties also don’t fit full-figured women. The largest size they have is an XL, which can only fit waist size 34″ and hips 44.5″. The narrow panties and small bra sizes do not fit most curvy women who fall outside those measurements.

For plus-size lingerie, Panache reigns supreme. The brand produces lingerie for full-figured women and D plus underwear. Panache also has a plus size swimsuit line and an athletic collection for everyday wear. All the brand’s wear, especially bras, are supportive and comfortable.

Panache bras have larger cups and additional support that keep the breasts secure. The brand’s range of expansive bra sizes can extend up to 50P and the panties up to 6XL (US sizes). This is one of the top lingerie brands for plus size women.

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  • #2.  Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky

Available on Amazon

Victoria’s Secret has a few bold styles. However, the majority of its inventory comprises of regular bras and panties with some lace detailing adornment. Women who prefer sexy lingerie love the basic lacy adornment.

Hanky Panky is a prestigious lingerie brand that specializes in naughty sexy lingerie for your daring bedroom fantasies. The company’s lingerie collection features scandalous, modern styles as well as traditional lingerie pieces.

The garments include quality slips, baby dolls, cupless bras, chemises, teddies, and bodysuits with naughty finishes. The brand is known for its plus size styles and bridal lingerie collection.

Hanky Panky designs are never dull. The brand has an exciting and bold everyday underwear collection that will make you feel confident in your body. The bras and panties come in colorful bright patterns and designs that boost your confidence and make underwear wearing fun and enjoyable.

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  • #3.  Heidi Klum Intimates

Heidi Klum Intimates

Available on Amazon

Heidi Klum Intimates offers trendy, sexy, high-quality luxurious lingerie. The undergarments look classy but are quite affordable, compared to lingerie from other popular brands.

Heidi Klum Intimates has a wide range of lingerie. The brand’s collection includes contour bras, balconettes, maternity bras, and soft cup bras. The brand also offers sexy panties, sleepwear, and swimwear.

If you are looking for a luxurious, high-quality lingerie brand that would suit all your underwear needs, Heidi Klum Intimates has you covered.

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  • #4.  Mapale Lingerie

Mapale Lingerie

Available on Amazon

Mapale is known for modern, edgy lingerie designs. The brand has several sexy lingerie collections, and regularly releases updated new collections.

Maple’s collections feature a range of contemporary and classic designs of panty sets, bodysuits, bras, and baby dolls. The brand also offers other clothing styles like rave wear, clubwear, loungewear, sexy long gowns, and activewear.

One thing that makes Mapale Lingerie stand out from other mainstream brands in its expansive lingerie costume collection. The costumes have a lingerie appearance and will be a sexy collection to add wow to your bedroom.

You are sure of getting some options that would make you feel super comfortable and confident from the vast costume inventory by Mapale.

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  • #5.  Yummie by Heather Thomson

Yummie by Heather Thomson

Available on Amazon

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t offer shapewear pieces. For most women, shapewear, lingerie, and underwear are closely related. If you love shapewear, you need to get them from a brand that you trust. One of these brands is Yummie.

Yummie is one of the best shapewear brands that provide comfortable, active, and supportive shapewear. The shapewear smoothens, accentuates and slims the curves. Among the brand’s best shapewear styles are shaper shorts and slip shapewear.

Yummie also has some discreet shaping pieces, including tank tops, leggings, and tights. The pieces are stylish but still provide subtle shaping coverage.

Although Yummie specializes in high-quality shapewear, it also has a wide range of bras. The bras prioritize shaping, comfort, and support.  Among the bra styles available from the brand include halters, racerbacks, contours, wire-free, convertibles, and front closure bras.

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  • #6.  iCollection Lingerie

iCollection Lingerie

Available on Amazon

The iCollection Lingerie has set itself apart from primary mass-produced bras by brands such as Victoria’s Secret with its famous collection of scandalous, ultra-sexy lingerie. The brand’s lingerie is made from high-quality fabrics like satin and silk. Moreover, its inventory boasts of an exquisite range of classic sizes and styles.

iCollection Lingerie wants to make you feel like a queen when wearing its lingerie, which includes baby dolls, open cup bras, and bodysuits. The lingerie is bound to attract your partner’s attention in the bedroom. The brand’s collections are gorgeous, sexy, and soft. Moreover, the undergarments come in a wide range of sizes, including for plus size women.

iCollection Lingerie also produces super comfortable but efficient steel-boned corset lingerie for shaping and slimming the midsection. You can wear the corset alone or underneath your outfits for that smooth, sexy look regardless of what you are wearing.

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  • #7.  Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie

Available on Amazon

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie provides a wide selection of exquisite lingerie. Most of the pieces from this brand feature a straightforward construction with intricate designs. Many of their panties, bras, and other lingerie pieces are completely transparent or semi-opaque. The design adds a unique allure and flair to them.

With a wide selection of lingerie, including matching panties and bras, loungewear, baby dolls, and bralettes, Addiction has everything you need. This is one of the top lingerie brands for women who like simple lingerie rather than flashy pieces.

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  • #8.  Parfait Lingerie

Parfait Lingerie

Available on Amazon

Many women with large breasts are usually put off by Victoria’s Secret because the brand only offers bras up to cup sizes DDD only. The brand also lacks a variety of sizes in its collection, which makes it unsuitable for most full-figured women. For plus size women whose sizes are not catered for by Victoria’s Secrets, Parfait is the go-to brand for them.

Parfait has a wide variety of lingerie pieces. Most of its bras go up to cup size G and band size goes to 40. The brand also offers baby dolls, panties, and other lingerie pieces that accommodate and flatter full-figured women.

Parfait focuses on creating supportive, perfectly-fitting lingerie pieces that are flattering and comfortable for women of different sizes.

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  • #9.  Le Mystere

Le Mystere

Available on Amazon

Le Mystere combines innovation and beauty in all its lingerie pieces. The brand offers several sexy lacy bras along with a wide range of sports bras, basic nude bras, strapless bras, and other convenient everyday pieces.

The undergarments from the brand are super comfortable and fit perfectly well. The pieces are made from high-quality fabric and flatter the body.

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  • #10.  Montelle Intimates

Montelle Intimates

Available on Amazon

Montelle Intimates has a wide selection of lovely lingerie pieces at affordable prices. When you wear Montelle Intimates collection, you will feel as though the underwear is from some expensive designer brand but at a lower price.

Montelle Intimates offers a wide variety of lingerie pieces. Their notable lingerie pieces are the colorful panties with an intricate design. The brand also carries inexpensive bridal lingerie.

See Montelle Intimates on Official Website | Amazon | HerRoom | Kohl’s

  • #11.  Timpa Lingerie

Timpa Lingerie

Available on Amazon

Women with small breasts find trouble getting well-fitting bras, just like their counterparts with large breasts. Timpa Lingerie prides in making flattering, comfortable, and cute lingerie pieces for women with a smaller frame.

Timpa also provides half-cup and demi bras with lacy sexy designs, together with other small size lingerie. The undergarments from the brand make women with small breasts feel confident, gorgeous, and sexy.

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  • #12.   OnGossamer


Available on Amazon

If you notice unflattering panty lines and bras showing through any of your outfits, you need lingerie from On Gossamer.

On Gossamer designs affordable panties and seamless bras. From basic nude thongs to lacy bras, all the brand’s pieces remain invisible even under tight clothes.

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  • #13.   Giapenta


Available on Amazon

You won’t have to sweat through your bras if you have Giapenta collection. The brand’s undergarments are made from unique TempPro Technology material, which helps them to regulate the body temperature properly. The fabric will keep you cool and dry throughout the day.

Giapenta also has delicate and simple designs with some sleek finish. Its selection includes bodysuits, bras, and panties.

See Giapenta Collection on Amazon

  • #14.  Dominique Intimates

Dominique Intimates

Available on Amazon

Dominique Intimates guarantees to fulfill all your wedding lingerie needs. The brand offers a variety of white embroidered satin bras, panties, and corsets for brides.

You can wear garments from this brand on wedding days as well as any other day.

Dominique Intimates is a luxury lingerie brand that also has lingerie not related to weddings, e.g., minimizers and strapless bras.

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  • #15. Cosabella Lingerie

Cosabella Lingerie

Available on Amazon

Cosabella Lingerie is an alternative to Victoria’s Secret brand that offers a wide variety of lingerie pieces.

Whether you are looking for baby dolls, lacy panties, nightgowns, or sports bras, the brand has a high-quality garment for you. Cosabella Lingerie collection is quite affordable compared to Victoria’s Secret.

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  • #16.   Commando


Available on Amazon

Commando is a one-stop-shop for all your practical and basic underwear needs. The brand boasts of a variety of essential pieces like panties, everyday bras, bralettes, leggings, tank tops, sports bras, and shapewear.

Whether you are looking for a seamless black thong or tummy-control leggings, you can get it from this brand. Additionally, Commando uses high-quality fabric for its pieces. You, therefore, are sure that its undergarments are comfortable, durable, and well-fitting.

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The above are the best brand alternatives to Victoria’s Secret undergarments.


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