Luxury Bra Brands in India

Luxury Bra Brands in India

Women may not realize that bras are the most crucial undergarment in their collection. And breasts are an integral part of their body, and the majority of women wear the wrong bra size. If you wear the right size that fits perfectly well, it does not only enhance your appearance but also tends to elevate an entire persona.

A woman needs to look confident and comfortable in her skin. Instead of just investing in quality outfits, you can also go for high-quality bras. A woman can always accentuate your silhouette with an exquisite bra brand. Women have a variety to choose from with the current lingerie alternatives in the market.

Best Luxury Bra Brands in India

These are some the comfortable brands of bra you can invest in:

#1.  Zivame


Available on

The brand hit the market in 2011 and has served its customers perfectly well, outshining all the other lingerie brands. They do offer all-purpose innerwear with a beautiful design. You will love the bra’s fabric once you wear. The brand is available in various stores and even online.

Websites to purchase:,,,,,,,,, and

Available bra types: Strapless, Molded, Wired, Non-padded, Maternity, Push-Up, Sports, Low Coverage, Bralette, Camisole, Plunge, T-shirt, Balconette

Pattern: Self Design, Solid, Printed, Lace

Fabric: Polyamide, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon

#2.  Enamor


Available on Amazon

In collaboration with Barbara of Paris, the brand was launched in 2003. Up until now, the brand is still building a strong clientele relationship in India. They currently have a variety that would make a woman look appealing. You will get wired, padded, non-padded, and different designs from the Enamor wardrobe.

Websites to purchase:,,, Amazon. In,,,,,,,,,,

Available Bra Types: Wire-Free, Bandeau, Full Coverage, Half Coverage, Basic Support, Demi Cup, Full Coverage, Seamless, Underwired, T-shirt, Padded, Non-padded, Sports, Plunge, Push-up, Every day, Balconette, Convertible, Minimizer, Front Open

Pattern: Satin finish, Printed, Lace, Striped, Solid, Self

Fabric: Elastane, Viscose, Polyamide, Nylon, Spandex, Cotton, Polyester

#3.  Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets

Available on

When it comes to Pretty Secrets, you will discover a fashionable and exclusive bra collection designs. The brand is ideal for women who believe in elevating their style and don’t mind being vogue. Pretty Secrets is a must-have if you want to feel bold and young from inside. You should consider getting a bra from this brand.

Websites to Purchase:, Amazon. In,,,,,,,,

Available Bra Types: Every day, Bandeau, Balconette, Minimizer, Unlined, Convertible, Front-Zipped, T-shirt, Wire-Free, Plunge, Front Open, Push-Up, Sports, Demi Cup, Bralette, Underwired

Pattern: Self Design, Lace, Printed, Solid

Fabric: Polyamide, Polyester, Spandex, Blended, Cotton, Nylon, Elastane

#4.  Amante


Available on amantelingerie

When you talk of buying modish lingerie, Amante comes in handy as its products are tailored to suit the surroundings. The brand hit the market in 2007, and ever since it has been catering to women with perfectly fitting bras, and this helps in boosting their confidence. It has several outlets in major stores, and you can also find them on e-commerce websites.

Websites to Purchase:,,,,,, Amazon. In,,,

Available Bra Types: Halter, Basic, Balconette, Underwired, Minimizer, Full Coverage, Bralette, Demi Cups, Multi-Way, Push-Up, Plunge, Support, Padded, Non-Padded, Moved, Seamless, Strapless, Molded, Every Day

Pattern: Satin Finish, Printed, Color Block, Lace, Solid

Fabric: Microfiber, Polyamide, Nylon, Elastane, Net, Cotton, Silk, Synthetic

#5.  Clovia


Available on

For women who prefer to shop online, Clovia has some bras with high-quality fabric. The brand was established in recent years, and its customers look hotter! You will find bras to wear on special occasions, and you, therefore, need to pick a bra that suits your frame.

Websites to Purchase:,,,,,,,,,,,, Amazon. In

Available Bra Types: Full Coverage, Every Day, Demi Cup, Padded, Underwired, Bandeau, Non-Padded, Bralette, Maternity, Minimizer, Balconette, Molded, Basic, Sports, Plunge, Push-Up, Sheer, T-shirt, Strapless

Pattern: Solid, Printed, Self Design, Striped, Satin Finish, Lace

#6.  B’witch


Available on

The brand would suit a contemporary woman who loves to try new things with every choice. The lingerie bra line offers bras for different body types and breast shapes. You can explore the bra categories and go for one that makes your body features more prominent.

Websites to Purchase:,, Amazon. In,,

Available Bra Types: Basic, Molded, Underwired, Seamless, Demi Cup, Support, Teen, Full Coverage, Wire-Free, Every Day, Plunge, Minimizer, Push-Up, Non-Padded, T-shirt

Pattern: Lace, Printed, Solid

Fabric: Viscose, Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane, Rayon, Synthetic, Cotton

#7.  Inner Sense

Inner Sense

Available on

If you love organic products, you can use anti-bacterial, anti-microbial bras to help keep it clean without compromising on style. Inner Sense is an organic lingerie brand in India. Always keep the bra clean, fashionable, and closer to nature.

Where to Buy:,,,,,,,,,, Amazon. In

Available Bra Types: Full Coverage, Padded, Non-Padded, Minimizer, T-shirt, Every Day, Plunge, Push-Up, Maternity, Non-wired, Underwired, Balconette, Nursing

Pattern: Lace, Printed, Solid

Fabric: Lycra, Organic, Elastane, Nylon, Bamboo, Cotton

#8.  Triumph


Available on triumph

The brand is well known countrywide. You will find Triumph stores all over the world. Women can always rely on this brand since it has some quality and fashionable bra designs. It was incorporated in India since the early years of 2002, and its customers are still in love with their bras.

Where to Buy:,,,,,,

Available Bra Types: Beginners, Balconette, Every Day, T-shirt, Push-Up, Plunge, Demi Cup, Minimizer, Maternity, Underwired, Sports, Padded, Non-padded, Non-wired, Full Coverage

Pattern: Lace, Satin Finish, Printed, Solid

Fabric: Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon, Cotton, Elastane

#9.  Da Intimo

Da Intimo

Available on Amazon

Da Intimo offers all bra designs from lace bras to sports. You can shop for the bra brands online quite easily. The designer had women in this century in mind when coming up with different bra styles since it helps fashionably highlight the demeanors.

Where to Buy:,, Amazon. In,,,,,,,

Available Bra Types: Demi Cup, Sheer, Multiway, Support, Halter, Basic, Strapless, Sports, Push-up, T-shirt, Maternity, Every Day, Bralette, Plunge

Pattern: Printed, Self Design, Lace, Solid

Fabric: Elastane, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester

#10.   Jockey


Available on Amazon

Ever since this brand hit the market, it’s always known to satisfy the customers. The fabric of the lingerie is exquisite and helps enhance looks, especially the voguish one.  Jockey Bra brand designs are readily available in online stores and also in shops.

Where to Buy:, Amazon. In, Amazon. In,,,,,,,,

Available Bra Designs: Seamed Cup, Underwired, T-shirt, Balconette, Multiway, Beginners, Full Coverage, Sports, Padded, Push-Up, Plunge, Wire-Free, Molded, Cami, Basic

Pattern: Printed, Solid

Fabric: Cotton, Polyamide, Spandex, Elastane


All these bra brands have had a remarkable change when it comes to women in India. The bra features some premium quality, belief, and service and allows them to feel super comfortable in their skin. And this is quite commendable. Let your bra be your close companion by getting your bra from these brands!

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