Are Sticky Bras Bad for You?

Are Sticky Bras Bad for You?

Are sticky bras bad for you? Can they cause illnesses when you wear them? Read on to find out the truths and myths about sticky, or adhesive, bras.

Sticky bras are among the best bra option for wearing under backless dresses with plunging necklines. However, are they safe? Do they have any side effects and how best can you wear them?

Sticky bras, also known as adhesive bras, are usually made of silicone adhesives cups that hold the breasts in place. You can wear these bras from occasionally with your backless dresses. However, the bras are not ideal for everyday wear.

Backless Strapless U-Plunge Bra
One of the best sticky bras on the market; the ESS STRAPLESS U-PLUNGE BRA


Are Sticky Bras Bad for You?

If you wear sticky bras everyday, you are likely to experience some issues. Here are some of the most common side effects of wearing sticky bras:

  • Can cause skin irritation

Some sticky bras are made of low-quality materials that may irritate the skin. The material can also cause an allergic reaction if it comes in contact with your skin regularly.

  • Breathability problems

Silicone is less breathable. Therefore, when it’s in contact with the skin for a long time, it can cause breast discomfort. Poor breathability also results in irritation.

  • Bacterial growth

The outer part of a sticky bra is prone to sweat and dust, which can be a breeding round for bacteria. If you don’t clean the bra properly and continue to wear it, the material can start stinking.

It’s advisable to clean the bra as soon as you take it off to remove all the grime and dirt that could have accumulated during the day. Moreover, cleaning the bra helps to maintain its stickiness.

How to Use Sticky Bras Safely

These tips will help you to avoid any side effects associated with wearing sticky bras:

  • Don’t wear your sticky bra for more than 8 hours

Wearing a sticky bra for more than 8 hours can cause rashes and irritation. This is because the bra is usually glued to the skin around the breasts.

  • Wear the right size

Just like regular bras, you need to wear the right sticky bra size to stay comfortable and get enough breast support. The bra shouldn’t fit too loose or tight.

Here are some sticky bras that we recommend, based on your breast size:

i) Best sticky bras for small breasts

ii) Best sticky bras for large breasts

  • Don’t apply any cream or lotion

Ensure your hands and the area around your chest is completely dry and clean before wearing the adhesive bra. Moisture is the number one enemy of sticky bras. Don’t apply any lotion, perfume or moisturizer before wearing the bra. Applying any of these things would make it difficult for the bra to stick on the breasts.

Additionally, clean your skin to remove any perspiration and dirt before wearing the bra. Use a paper towel to wipe clean your skin.

  • Ensure the sticky bra is clean

It’s important that you wash the bra as soon as you take it off to prevent it from losing adhesiveness. Use warm water and mild soap, ideally baby shampoo, to get rid of any dirt, oil, sweaty odor and grime.

Always hand wash your sticky bras to maintain quality.

  • Ensure there are no leakages

Your sticky bra shouldn’t have any leakages. Be sure not to wear a worn-out sticky bra. Silicone leakages pose significant health risks. Therefore, discard any leaking sticky bras immediately.

To be safe, you can avoid leakage by replacing the sticky bras regularly.

  • Wear sticky bras with extensions

Some sticky bras can be paired with extensions for additional breast support. These bras are ideal for women with larger breasts. Besides, the side extensions also make the bra more comfortable while keeping it in place all day long.

Below is a good example of extensions that you can use:

Lady Up 3 Pieces Women's Low Back Bra Converter for Party Backless Dresses



Generally, sticky bras are not bad for your health. However, you should not wear them everyday.

With proper care, sticky bras are quite safe to wear.

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