Why Does My Bra Ride Up In Front When I Lift My Arms?

Why Does My Bra Ride Up In Front When I Lift My Arms?

Question: My bra rides up in front when I lift my arms. Why is this so? Read this guide to find out why your bra rides up in front and what you can do about it.

Most women complain about having to pull down their bra band every time. If your bra rides up in front when you lift your arm, this is usually a sign that it does not fit well. You might need to change your bra size or style to fix this problem.

This article will help you if you’re dealing with a bra that tends to ride up, roll, or can’t stay in place throughout the day.

How to Prevent Bra from Riding Up in Front When You Lift Your Arms

Here are some ways of preventing the band from rolling up for ultimate breast support:

  • 1. Go down a band size

If the bra rides up the front when you lift your arms, you need a bra with a smaller band to fix the fit problem. The band should do the most in terms of support. It should provide at least 80% of it. You are not supposed to depend on the cups and straps for support. If the band doesn’t fit snugly, you’ll have to keep pulling your bra down all through the day.

Most women usually wear the wrong size, going down or up a size. What we mean is to get the sister size of the bra. As a result, their overall bra fit is affected. If you have to replace your bras after every one or two months of wearing, get those that fit well and are comfortable.

If you have to keep pulling your bra down, you can fix this problem is going down a band size. Getting a bra with a smaller band or a bigger cup size will help keep the band in place throughout the day.

Remember, the bra size is usually a guide and not necessarily a constant number. When shopping for bras, choose different bra styles and try them on to get the right fit. You can also get measured by a professional if you have trouble finding the right bra size.

You don’t have to settle for the wrong size, your breasts deserve better!

  • 2. Go for bras with band boning

The plastic boning in the bra’s band helps keep it in place. Moreover, it prevents it from rolling up. Finally, the boning stabilizes the band, providing sturdy support for women with large breasts. That’s why most D+ cup sizes usually have plastic boning.

Women with larger breasts should always go for strapless bras with plastic boning in the band for ultimate support. The boning also helps to avoid the embarrassment that comes with having to pull the bra down every time.

Elissa Low-Cut Bustier and Elissa Strapless Bra are two options that offer stability, support and shaping for all breast sizes. You will love the sturdy band and moulded cups.

Elia Low-Cut Bustier
Elia Low-Cut Bustier


The Elissa Low-Cut Bustier has microfiber fabrication and supportive fit. It nips the waist area while shaping and slimming the torso and tummy. When wearing the bustier, you will not need a shapewear.

  • 3. Get a different bra style

Wearing the right size is only part of the solution. If changing your bra size doesn’t fix the problem, consider getting a different style. If you have to keep pulling your bra down, you can as well opt for a bandless bra. Most bras with a band usually have an extra layer of fabric under the cups. An example in this case is the Charlotte Padded Bra.

Charlotte Padded Bra
Charlotte Padded Bra


However, in the case of a bandless bra such as the Tess T-shirt Bra, it the complete opposite. The bra features cups, wings and center panel with no fabric underneath or below the wire channel.

The bandless bra style works well for plus size and full-figured women. They are super comfortable as they don’t dig into the chest, back or sides. Besides, they are lightweight and have a perfect fit just like their counterparts with a band.

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