Discover 5 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Orthopedic Bra!

Orthopedic Bra

Discover 5 Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Orthopedic Bra!

Failure to Follow These Tips Could Lead to Frustration and Discomfort Later on …

Buying a great-fitting bra is one of the most difficult shopping experiences that women face.

Unfortunately, many women end up purchasing a bra that they think fits well only to get home and discover after they wear it for a few hours that it doesn’t fit well at all.

Instead of feeling gentle support, they feel tightness and discomfort … or too loose of a fit and not enough support.

To make matters even more difficult there are a wide variety of bras available on the market today – including ones that support the back and shoulders, ones that provide more support for the breasts, ones that promote better posture and much more.

Here are five tips you can use when you go shopping for your next bra.

Tip #1 – Look for support first

When you get down to it the purpose of a bra is to support your breasts so that you don’t develop back pain. That’s why it is a big mistake to get a bra that does not offer good support. Experts say that the key to support is the bra’s band – it needs to be wide and flexible and offer “stretchy support.” You should also look for bras that are expressly made to offer posture support. With these bras you eliminate back pain and slouching and instead enjoy good posture and a boost in self-confidence.

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Tip #2 – Adjustable straps

A key to getting a bra with a good fit is to find one with adjustable straps that will allow you to custom fit the bra to your body shape. Bras that don’t offer easily adjustable straps or whose straps don’t adjust very much can “dig” or “slip” and cause you varying levels of discomfort.

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Tip #3 – Easy closure

Another area that women often overlook is how easy a bra is to fasten closed. If you constantly struggle to open or close the bra you are most likely not going to choose to wear that bra very often. Look for easy closures that make a bra convenient to wear. For example, front closures can be easier than back closures.

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Tip #4 – Avoid underwires

Many women find that underwire in the lining of a bra cup can be uncomfortable with prolonged wear. The good news is bras today can be very supportive without underwire thanks to advances in padding, cup material and bands. It’s reached the point where there is no real reason to get underwire unless you prefer it. There are now bras that offer incredible bust support and great shape — without a wire.

Tip #5 – Know your body type & have a discerning eye

The fifth tip when it comes to buying a great-fitting bra involves you being realistic when you are in the store. You need to understand your body type – for instance, if you have a top-heavy apple shape you will most likely need to look for full coverage bras instead of “demi-cups.”  You also need to have a discerning eye when you try the bra on.

Look for signs of a poor fit, which can include gaps, spillage and digging into the skin

How to Find the Best Orthopedic Bra

With so many different types of bras available today, searching through all of the offerings and identifying the best one for you can be frustrating. To help save you time, we have identified an orthopedic bra that meets all of the qualifications listed above.

That bra is Ortorex – and it is specifically designed to improve posture, while keeping your bust secure and comfortable. This bra relieves shoulder stress, shapes your back and gives your breasts a naturally, rounded shape. And here is the best news of all:

The company has agreed to offer all Brabbly readers a 20% discount off the bra’s regular price. (Use Code: 20BRA)

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That’s right, act now and you can get one of the very best orthopedic bras on the market today at 20% off its regular price. But you must hurry, this is a limited time offer that will expire soon.

To get the orthopedic bra that provides unmatched comfort and support – at a special discounted price – act now before it is too late.

Simply click the link below and enter code 20BRA at checkout.

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