This is How You Can Make a Bra Band Bigger

This is How You Can Make a Bra Band Bigger

It’s a good time to review bra sewing pattern adjustments with the new Marlborough size range release. You shouldn’t be able to slip more than two fingers under the bra’s band for an ideal fit.

How to Make a Bra Band Bigger

Here’s how to make a bra band bigger:

  1. Sister size

Even if you know your exact bra size, you can still comfortably fit into a different size. You’ll notice that these bras almost have a similar fit. Sister sizing means that the cup volume is the same but different band sizes.

You need to go through the bra sizing system to know how it works. For instance, 42DDD, 40G, 38H, 36I, and 34J use wire size 50, and all have a similar cup volume and are, therefore, sister sizes. However, the difference in the above sizes lies in the band. If you need more breast support, it’s not recommended to wear a sister size with a bigger band size. It’s quite fortunate that increasing a band size a tad too easy.

  1. Use a bra extender

For women who wear A cup but want a bigger band size, try cup size AA. While the only solution to a band that keeps digging into the skin is wearing the right bra size, you can try using a back extender. The accessory is perfect as it tends to make the bra band larger regardless of size.

bra extender


Bra band extenders are an ideal solution for women who find it difficult getting their right bra size or those who have gained weight hence a slight change in their bra sizes.

Inches to add to your bra band

You can choose how many band sizes you want to add depending on your size and bra style.

How Do You Add to The Bra Band?

Adding to the bra band is quite easy, as you only need to increase the span. If you want to make adjustments, find a flat area on the band, use the spread, and slash technique to make the increment. To get your new enlarged band pattern piece, smooth the lines.

The spread and slash technique typically means that you won’t have to mess with the seam on the sides. Here are instructions on how to go about it:

  • Identify the flattest point of the bra’s band pattern piece and draw a parallel line to the side of the seam
  • Cut along the drawn line then spread the bra’s band apart by the amount you need
  • Finally, smooth out the bra’s band lines

Like other different pattern adjustments, it’s advisable to make a toile, also known as muslin, before making the final garment. Besides, it’s always easier to reduce a larger band than adding to a too-small band.

How to Know If Your Band Size Is Small

The bra’s band front and back should be parallel to the floor and level when you look at yourself in the mirror sideways. A too-tight band tends to dig into the skin, is super uncomfortable, and it’s too small if the back is slightly lower except for strapless bras.


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