how to make a bra strap bracelet

How to Make a Bra Strap Bracelet (TikTok Viral Trend): TUTORIAL

When it comes to teenage and millennial fashion, TikTok is the thing. People from all over the world are logging onto the app to find the latest fashion trends.

Some of the popular TikTok fashion trends that have gone viral over the past year include Zara hauls, Amazon gym leggings, DIY tie-dye, and that oh-so-famous strawberry dress.

Today, people are obsessed with making bra bracelets.

What, a bra bracelet?

Yes, we are talking about a bra bracelet.

Read on to find out how this works.

What Are TikTok’s Bra Bracelets?

Just as the name suggests, a bra bracelet is simply a bracelet made of bra straps.

And no, you won’t find the bra strap bracelet at any online store. Rather, you have to make it by yourself.

This DIY exercise is a great way for you to get hands-on in something that you or your boyfriend will be proud to wear.

How to Make a Bra Strap Bracelet?

To make a bra strap bracelet, you will need a bra strap. If you have a bra that you usually don’t wear, perhaps because it’s old or no longer fits you, then you can use the straps and make a cool bra strap bracelet.

When it comes to making a bra strap bracelet, you can either choose to keep it plain or add some charms or words/dates on them. For example, if you will be making a bra strap bracelet for your boyfriend, you may choose to sew the date when you first met on the straps.

Normal metal bracelets are so 2020. Now, bra strap bracelets are the thing.

And we have the guide on making one.

Read on.

Steps to Making a Bra Strap Bracelet

  1. Get a bra that you don’t use and cut the straps off the end of the cup
  2. Cut off the other end, making sure that the plastic or metal loop is still attached
  3. Thread the end of the cup through the metal loop to make a bracelet
  4. Next, thread the end through the second loop that would usually be used to adjust the strap size
  5. Measure on your wrist to get the right sizing
  6. Trim off the end

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial that we’ve made for you;

Give Your Bra Strap Bracelet to Your Boyfriend

After making your bra strap bracelet, you can wear it and show of your DIY creation. However, you may also want to jump into the TikTok trend where girls are giving bra strap bracelets to their boyfriends.

Giving your bra strap bracelet to your boyfriend is a great way to express your love. How cool is that.

But will your boyfriend be proud of the bra bracelet? There is only one way to find out.

Follow the tutorial above to make a bra strap bracelet, give it to your boyfriend, and let us know in the comment section below what he feels about it.


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