Why Do I Have to Keep Pulling My Bra Down?

Why Do I Have to Keep Pulling My Bra Down?

Question: Why do I have to keep pulling my bra down? If you also have this question, this article has the answer.

Having to constantly pull down your bra is downright embarrassing and uncomfortable. You need to make adjustments to your bra if it keeps riding up. The only way to fix this problem is to get a well-fitting bra with the band riding fairly low on the back.

How do you know whether your bra fits well? The band should lie flat on your back and you should be able to slip too fingers underneath. Moreover, the breasts should rest fully in the cups

I Have to Keep Pulling My Bra Down. Why?

Here are some reasons why you may have to keep pulling your bra down. We’ve also provided remedies for the issues:

  • 1. Wearing the Wrong Type of Bra

When wearing your bra, lean over and pull the breast tissue, scooping the sides to ensure they are fully encapsulated. If the bra tends to ride up at the front with the underwire sitting on the breast tissue, this is a sign that you might be wearing the wrong bra style.

If the bra tends to ride up only when you are wearing a padded bra, your breasts might be too projected. This means that the breasts stick out further away from the chest wall.

Most bras with padded cups work well for women with shallow breasts. So, if you have projected breasts, you might want to stay away from padded bras.

  • 2. Band is Too Big

If your bra tends to ride up at the back, the band is too big and you need to go down a size. A perfectly fitting bra allows you to comfortably slip two fingers underneath, even on the tightest hook.

Sometimes, the band tends to run big due to lose of elasticity, which makes it to stretch out. If this is the case, try adjusting the band by moving to a tighter hook. If you have tightened it enough and the bra is still riding up, you are wearing the wrong size.

Most of the bra’s support should come from the band and if it doesn’t fit right, the straps will be forced to take on the weight of the breasts.

Try another bra in the same size, ensuring the cups contain the breasts perfectly well. There should be no spills from the top or sides. Moreover, the center gore should lie flat against the sternum.

If the breasts tend to spill out from the top and sides, they will pull down and forward on the bra straps, which in turn pulls the band up at the back. The bra’s band should fit snugly on the loosest hook, neither be too tight nor too loose.

Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

If there’s an overspill on the cups, go up a size or two and down a band size if it feels a bit loose. Remember, when you go up a cup size, you’ll need to go down a band size and vice versa. You can do this by checking your corresponding bra sister size.

wearing tight or loose bra

Check this guide on sisters sizes to learn more.

Alternatively, it could also mean that the cups are too small. You’ll realize you need a bigger cup size to fit the size of your breasts when you get professionally fitted.

The above are some reasons why you keep pulling your bra down.



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