Is a T-Shirt Bra Good for Heavy Bust?

Is a T-Shirt Bra Good for Heavy Bust?

Question: Is a t-shirt bra good for heavy bust? Read on to find out.

A t-shirt bra is an important wardrobe staple. It features a silky-smooth cup design that remains virtually invisible underneath clothing. However, finding a comfortable and supportive bra for women with heavy breasts is usually an uphill task.

As we all know, heavy busts require a significant amount of support. Fortunately, they come in different designs and shapes but their smoothness is what sets them apart from other regular bras.

Leading Lady Plus Size T-Shirt Bra
Leading Lady T-Shirt Bra


T-shirt bras are quite simple, practical, versatile and the most comfortable choice that you can wear under any outfit ideal for everyday wear. But, is a t-shirt bra good for heavy bust? The answer to this question is a resounding yes since they cater to all breast sizes. They have slight padding that ensures the nipples are fully covered even under the thinnest of fabrics and form-fitting tops for modesty.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for t-shirt bras for heavy breasts is getting the right fit and size. Bras for heavy busts are similar to those that cater to small breasts but usually have some key differences.

In this case, a t-shirt bra with a larger cup and wider straps would be ideal for ultimate support and eliminating pressure points on the shoulders and back. Thin straps tend to dig into the shoulders causing discomfort.

When it comes to the fabric, heavy busted women prefer cotton t-shirt bras owing to their breathability and comfortability. The material feels soft against the skin and is equally breathable to keep you dry and cool when the temperature runs high. T-shirt bras are every woman’s favorite and correctly so!

We recommend Goddess and Elomi bra brands for women with heavy busts. These brands have an extensive collection of bras wide full cups, wide straps and side support which is exactly what they need in a t-shirt bra!

Best T-Shirt Bras for Heavy Busts

Here are two of the best t-shirt bras for heavy busts:

  • Elomi Charley Spacer T-shirt Bra

Elomi Charley Spacer T-shirt Bra


This beautiful t-shirt bra comes in different sizes up to a HH cup. It has lightly padded full cups with excellent coverage and sturdy underwire for support. The spacer fabric is breathable and conforms to your curves without additional bulk. It features adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure for custom fit.

  • Skarlett Blue Goddess T-shirt Bra

Skarlett Blue Goddess T-shirt Bra


The Skarlett Blue Goddess T-shirt Bra features stretch foam underwire cups for support and soft stretchy lace back. It has adjustable straps and hook and eye closure that allows you customize fit. It’s lightweight, breathable, super comfortable and supportive ideal for everyday wear.

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