Best No Bounce Sports Bras That Won’t Break the Bank

No Bounce Sports Bras That Won't Break the Bank

Best No Bounce Sports Bras That Won’t Break the Bank

Which are the best no bounce sports bras that won’t break the bank? Read on for our top recommendations.

Plus size women find it intimidating to start a new workout routine.

When you go to the gym, some machines look like you need special qualifications to operate them. You move around and see fit-looking people doing workouts effortlessly. And there you are, trying to figure out how to get started with your workouts.

Since you are not really fit, you continue moving around trying to figure out which workouts won’t push you beyond your comfort zone for a start. Perhaps you can push your boundaries after you getting acquainted with the place; but not today. The last thing you want is hopping on the treadmill and attracting everyone’s attention.

If this story describes you, then you need a  no bounce sports bra. This bra will keep the sisters together when you are engaged in low- or high-impact workout routines.

Let’s look at different types of sports bras that prevent the breasts from bouncing.

Best No Bounce Sports Bra (Table)

The Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra SYROKAN Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra
Underwire: No Underwire: No Underwire: No
Reduces Bounce: Excellent Reduces Bounce: Good Reduces Bounce: Fair
Uniboob: A little Uniboob: A little Uniboob: Yes
Compression: Medium Compression: High Compression: Medium-High
Fit: Down in cup/up in band Fit: Runs large in cup Fit: Consider going down a size
Overall: 4.5/5 Overall: 4.3/5 Overall: 4.1/5
Check Price Check Price Check Price

Sports bras, especially for plus size women, can be a bit pricey. In this post, we’ll review the top affordable no bounce sports bras for high impact exercises.

How Do No Bounce Bras Work?

High-impact bras can achieve remarkable results through compression. The bras make the breasts lie flat on the chest to prevent bouncing.

No bounce is made possible by the solid construction and snug fit of the bra. The sports bras predominantly feature a high neckline, which also keeps the breasts from bouncing.

Materials Used to Make No Bounce Sports Bras

You’ll have trouble trying to find natural materials such as cotton in the sphere of no bounce sports bras. The bras in this class are all made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. In addition, the bras are generally incorporated with elastane or other stretchy material with stretch characteristics.

Since no bounce bras are specifically designed for sports or other vigorous activities, they have breathable material that wicks moisture from the body.

Do All No Bounce Sports Bras Have Underwires?


Some of the bras no underwires.

All the bras we have reviewed in this article don’t have an underwire but do a great job of keeping the sisters from bouncing.

No Bounce Sports Bra Reviews

#1. Enell: Best No Bounce Sports Bra

Enell: Best No Bounce Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

When talking about no bounce sports bras, the gold standard is the Enell High Impact Sports Bra. This is the perfect bra for women triathletes. The bra has a high percentage of nylon and very little Lycra.

The bra features a breathtaking design; it has a high neckline that keeps everything in place. It also has wide straps for maximum support and distributing weight equally on your chest. The wide straps also prevent the bra from digging on your shoulders.

The Enell Sports Bra has a front closure with hooks. Therefore, you can comfortably wear it without the hassle of pushing it over the head. Moreover, you won’t have to fiddle with clasping hooks behind your back.

In contrast with the band and the conventional strap, the bra has a full back. There are also elastic reinforcing straps under the fabric that provide additional motion control and support to the back.

Enell also makes custom sports bras at an additional cost. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The only thing that may prevent you from buying this bra is its cost. You can get a couple of the bras for your workout. However, we’d recommend just one or two. Buying a dozen of these bras can be quite expensive.

If you want a no bounce sports bra for every workout day, you’ll do fine with the inexpensive alternatives that follow.

#2. Glamorise Women’s Double Layer Custom Control Sports Bras

Glamorise Women’s Double Layer Custom Control Sports Bras

Available on Amazon

There is a good reason why this Glamorise bra is on this list of the best no bounce sports bras. The bra is available from size B to H, and band sizes 32 up to 46.

How Well Does this Bra Work?

In the ratio of 1 to Enell, the Glamorise bra reduces bounce at about 4.  If you are a D cup and above, it is difficult to find a bra that reduces bounce 100%. However, this bra comes close.

The bra allows you to customize the level of support that you want for your workout sessions. This is made possible by a second panel that is at the front part of the bra, and four additional adjustable hooks on the front straps.

Since the bra is adjustable, it can fit comfortably for both high-impact and low-impact workouts, such as Zumba. The adjustability makes the bra come close to custom bras.

What Can Be Improved


Depending on the level of control you might be looking for, the bra can create some lines from the second panel at the front.

Overall, this Glamorise bra is one of the best no bounce sports bra for large breasts.

Does it Pass the Bounce Test?

This bra is comfortable enough that I can hit sprints if the need arises. It offers maximum support, and you can do any high-impact or low-impact activity when wearing it.

Like I indicated in the review, visit the website and check out the guide on Glamorise fit. You should check the guide for each compression bra on the list because for this bra to work, it should fit snugly.

#3. Glamorise No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra

Glamorise No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra

Available on Amazon

There are two Glamorise bras on this list. It was challenging coming up with bras that reduce bounce to the level I wanted and that are affordable. So far, Glamorise has good contenders that fit the bill.

The Glamorise Women’s No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra is available from size C to G and band sizes 34 up to 50.

How Well Does the Bra Work?

When compared to the others on the list, this Glamorise bra excels at separating the breasts. Thanks to its underwire, you won’t have to contend with a uniboob. This bra is also extremely comfortable.

The bra has an all-inclusive band size that goes up to 50. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for plus size women that want to exercise or engage in other high-impact physical activities.

While the bra straps are not as broad as that of its counterpart, they are adjustable and relatively thick. The bra has an exquisite back construction, which helps to prevent the band from slipping. You know how annoying it is to have to pause to tighten the bra when you are halfway in your workout.

The bra’s high neckline keeps the breasts in place. The bra also reduces bounce to a manageable level. Finally, since the bra has a sheer length, which makes it feel like body armor, you can run in it comfortably.

What Can Be Improved

It would be nice seeing an improvement on the padding, or maybe a soft fabric being sewn on the bra shoulder straps. Since the bra lacks padding on the shoulder, it can end up being a bit uncomfortable for long-distance exercises.

Does it Pass The Bounce Test?

Not absolutely.

However, you would feel comfortable doing medium-impact exercises when wearing the bra. It can pass for elliptical work or some active chores.

As indicated in my review, the bra helps to reduce bounce. However, it does not  get rid of the bounce. Still, it’s an ideal option for any medium-impact activity.

#4. Syrokan Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra

Syrokan Women’s High Impact Full Coverage Wire Free Molded Cup Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

The  Syrokan high impact sports bra is one of the most affordable no bounce sports bras you can buy. While its band size isn’t inclusive like that of other bras on this list, it is a high-impact sports bra. This bra is available in sizes A to E and band sizes 32 up to 40.

How Does the Bra Work?

The Syrokan bra features a racerback with conventional hooks, something that is not common in most plus size sports bras. The bra also doesn’t dig into the shoulders, which is something women with large breasts will appreciate.

This bra comes up high and shows no cleavage. Therefore, even if you jump up and down, the breasts will still stay in place.

The bra has a pad at the front to prevent the nipples showing. This is a plus for this bra.

What Can Be Improved?

Theoretically, a racerback with hooks sounds like a good idea; you can adjust the tightness to create the support you need. When you wear the bra, everything is okay. However, how do you wear it in the first place when you have large breasts?

In place of the conventional hook and the eye closure, the bra has a plastic knob with a groove closure. The knobs make putting on the bra difficult if you have large breasts because you have to slide them to their respective grooves from the back.

Alternatively, you can fasten the bra at the front, twisting it around, then trying to wrap your arms in the armholes. Tragic!

Does It Pass the Bounce Test?


However, you can wear it for low- or medium-impact exercises. People with small chests will find it quite helpful for high-impact workouts. For those with large breasts, this bra could be ideal only when you choose to exercise at home, or when engaging in other activities that do not involve a lot of movement.

Plus size no bounce sports bras will give you a value for your money. The bras are available in various styles, sizes, and brands on the market. With these bras, you won’t have to wear two bras or combine two of them to achieve a high level of support and comfort while working out.

Protect Your No Bounce Sports Expensive Bra!

After you shell out money for that sports bra, take care of it well. Though the bras have no underwires, avoid putting them in a dryer as doing so will destroy their fibers.  Handwashing is the surest way of ensuring your bras last long.

Editor’s Recommendation

What You Should Buy
The quest to get an affordable no bounce bra goes on. The Glamorise Double Layer Sports bra is the best option on this list. It is innovatively designed and relatively cheap when you talk of plus size exercise bras on the market that offer high compression and are also comfortable.

However, the ultimate no bounce sports bra is the Enell High-Impact Sports Bra. The only issue with this bra is the high cost. If your budget allows, this would be the best sports bra to buy.

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