What Happens When You Don’t Wear a Bra for a Month?

What Happens When You Don’t Wear a Bra for a Month?

Thinking of ditching the bra for some time? Before you do so, read on to find out the consequences of not wearing a bra for a month.

Women have a love/hate relationship with their bras.

A perfect bra will offer ultimate support without compromising comfort. However, there are days when the underwire will cut into your skin and leave red impressions.

According to research, wearing a bra is not as important physically, psychologically and anatomically as it doesn’t support breast health in a major way. This is especially when it comes to keeping them healthy and young.

Some bras are also not comfortable because of their fabric. Choosing not to wear a bra is more of a personal choice. However, you’ll notice changes over time when you ditch them.

Consequences of Not Wearing a Bra for a Month

Here are things that happen when you don’t wear a bra for a month:

#1.  Going Braless Promotes Skin Health

Most women wear bras for more than eight hours a day. This is a long time to deal with an uncomfortable one. You won’t have to deal with red impressions on the skin due to tight straps or digging underwire when you choose to go braless.

Going braless reduces the risk of germs and bacteria build up on the skin from the bra’s fabric when the temperatures run high. Not wearing a bra for a month will also relieve pressure on the breast tissues.

#2.  Relaxation

Not wearing a bra facilitates relaxation. This is why most women can’t wait to get off a bra as soon as they get home after a long day.

Scientifically, breasts adapt naturally without a padded fabric and are also free to get that natural growth and lift when they are not constrained in a bra.

#3.  Prevents Breast Sagging

Contrary to popular belief, going braless helps prevent breast sagging. When the muscle tissues are free and not constricted, your breasts will look rounder and perkier, thus slowing down the sagging process.

A recent study shows that women who don’t wear bras have fuller breasts compared to those that do. This, therefore, means that going braless helps promote breast growth.

#4.  Improved Blood Flow and Circulation

Blood flow around the chest area tends to improve without the constricting bra underwires and fabric stabbing the skin. It also helps firm the skin.

Remember, tighter bras increase the risk of the skin experiencing pressure and trauma. This, ultimately, affects blood circulation.

#5.  Reduces Pain

You definitely will experience lesser pain on the chest area where the bra usually sits when you choose to go braless. However, this entirely depends on the bra type and fit.

When you wear a bra, it induces pressure on the neck, back muscles and ribcage. This can cause pain, especially when coupled with bad postures. However, going braless will fix this issue.

On the other hand, women with larger breasts stand to benefit from bras as they help lessen this pain.

Do You Need to Wear a Bra to Bed?

Not going to bed with a bra is good for your health. However, not wearing a bra to bed is something you should try as it can help improve the quality of your sleep. The skin feels free and less restricted when you are not wearing a bra.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Not wearing a bra comes with a number of benefits as mentioned above. However, if you can’t go braless, here are some good hygiene practices to consider:

  • Wash your bras regularly at least after three wears to extend their lifespan and remove any oil and dirt that can cause bacterial infection
  • Wear a bra that fits well for ultimate comfort and breast support
  • Keep your bras on rotation to avoid over wearing one

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