Does the Lifting and Firming Gel Work?

Total Curve Review: Does the Lifting and Firming Gel Work?

Our reader, Amanda from Jacksonville, FL sent us this review of the breast enhancement product known as Total Curve. In this Total Curve review, you’ll find out what the product is all about, it’s ingredients, whether it works and other things you should expect.

Just like most of you, I got wind of the Total Curve daily program while doing a research on natural therapy options for breast enhancement. It contains natural lift cream and growth supplements for the breasts which is what drew me to the program in the first place.

Besides, the products contain some rich ingredients and are equally affordable.

Breast Enhancement Creams


Here’s a review on the Total Curve breast enhancement program after using the products for a while now. I hope it helps anyone looking to purchase them.

But first, let’s look at the basics of Total Curve.

About Total Curve

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Program deals with two different products – breast growth supplements and lift cream. The system is owned by the famous Leading Edge Marketing Inc. The supplement contains different natural ingredients that typically help enhance the size of your breasts without compromising their firmness.

The serum features Volufiline among other six different natural ingredients. Volufiline is a clinically proven proprietary blend ideal for increasing the size of the breasts in three months or less by about 8.4% on the maximum.

After How Long Will the Results Be Noticeable?

Most women have seen results after 28 and 56 days of the clinical trial with an increase of up to 8.4% and 6.4% respectively in their breast sizes after using Volufiline. However, seeing as am not in the medical field, I cannot guarantee or give a standardized figure. Remember, the results were achieved from using Volufiline only.

Total Curve breast enhancement program incorporates other natural ingredients with the same benefits. We’ll talk about them on here later. Moving on, we all have different body types which means that results will also vary from one person to the other. However, the outcomes are typically duplicatable on following the Total Curve therapy as advised.

Using Total Curve

A bottle of daily enhancement supplements contains 60 capsules. As per the instructions you are only allowed to take two capsules a day for better results. This plan is quite convenient as you can take one capsule in the morning and the other in the evening. A bottle is enough to last you an entire month when used correctly without skipping any days or overdosing.

Apply the breast enhancement firming and lifting gel two times in a day. You can do it in the morning and evening as well. When using the gel, ensure the layer should be thin enough so that it easily gets absorbed into the skin.

Are Total Curve Results Permanent?

Honestly, I am not sure how permanent the results are since I didn’t stop using the supplements and cream completely. Arguably, I could have. However, am looking to keep my newly acquired breast size perky and firm. After achieving my desired breast size, I started using the cream and supplements in moderation. First off, I started with taking half the dose – a pill a day and applying the cream only once. Then I proceeded to taking the pill once or twice a week. I would do the same for the cream too.

I can confidently report that the results were still the same as when I used to take the Total Curve Breast Enhancement consistently. I did some research and the Total Curve results can be permanent under these conditions:

  • If you don’t experience any significant weight loss. Your breast will reduce in size when you lose weight.
  • You’ll need to take maintenance doses to keep the results since our bodies tend to change owing to different factors including age, hormones and lifestyle.

I can vouch for this based on the little experience I have with Total Curve.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Pills

Total curve breast enhancement pills contain natural ingredients including plants and herbs with phytoestrogen that acts like estrogen.

Estrogen is essential in development of some secondary characteristics in women like wider hips, bigger breasts among others. Most importantly, it naturally regulates menses. Since am doing an in-depth review, let’s look into the details.

Total Curve Ingredients

Here’s a highlight of some of the natural ingredients in the Total Curve supplements and their use in enhancing the size of the breasts:

1)      Buckwheat Flowers / Leaves


Buckwheat flowers/leaves are rich in Rutin contents – a pigment of a plant with robust antioxidant properties. Rutin will help your body produce collagen ideal for breast enhancement and equally great for the skin.

Save for making the body produce high levels of collagen, Rutin enhances Vitamin C action as well. Consequently, making the capillaries stronger and improving blood circulation.

2)      Fennel Seed


Fennel is food. I thought you should know! It’s super low on calorie but comes with many health benefits. For instance, eating the right proportion daily will keep your heart and bones healthy, prevent cancer and help maintain your blood sugar level.

Fennel also contains phytoestrogen that helps balance out hormones in women. It additionally helps regulate the menstrual cycle. The flavonoids in fennel seeds are ideal for growth and recovery of breast tissues.

3)      Dong Quai Roots

Dong Quai Roots


People in South East Asia use Dong Quai roots as medicine. It has several medicinal properties with the most common one being blood purifier. The roots can also treat hypertension, infertility and allergic attacks. For women, it helps maintain healthy progesterone and estrogen levels which are very important in breast development.

4)      Damiana Leaves


Damiana leaves grow on a wild shrub mostly found in West Indies, Central America and Mexico. The stem and leaves are usually used in making medicine. It was an aphrodisiac back in the day. It has also been used as a remedy for stress, anxiety and depression.

Damiana leaves also play an important part in helping develop new breast tissues with a blend of other herbs containing phytoestrogen.

5)      Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle


Blessed thistle comes with many health benefits. In the past, monks made it to tonics and people used it to treat black plague. It’s currently used in tea as a remedy for fever, cancer, cough, cold, stomach problems and bacterial infections.

Blessed thistle is also used to balance hormones. What’s more, it helps nursing mothers in milk production.

6)      Hops


Hops plant produces flowers and that’s what is referred to as Hops. It’s used as a remedy for different conditions including insomnia, restlessness, tension and anxiety. As in other natural ingredients, hops also produces phytoestrogen. And has for the longest time been used to treat different health conditions associated with the female species precisely lactation and breast development.

7)      Watercress Shoots/ Leaves


Watercress falls in the cabbage category. Watercress leaves/shoots are not widely known like cabbages but is one of the oldest vegetable ideal for human consumption. It has a lot of health benefits in the body. It came first in the Powerhouse vegetables and fruits list according to the US Centers for Disease Control since it has a lot of nutrients and few calories. It equally helps prevent breast cancer while promoting breast health.

8)      Cohosh Root

Cohosh Root


Back in the day, the black cohosh root was known for treating any female health issues. American Indians used it first before being introduced to Europeans.

Black Cohosh Root can handle different symptoms associated with low estrogen levels, cramps, PMS and menopause perfectly well.

9)      Yam Root


Wild yam root can treat different menopausal symptoms. It contains a phytoestrogen element known as diosgenin that makes it a natural hormonal therapy. Research shows that it produces effective results in treating infertility, osteoporosis and painful menstruation. It’s equally important in enhancing the size of the breasts.

The Total Curve Breast Enhancement Lifting and Firming Cream

I talked of Volufiline earlier. But apart from Volufiline, what else is in the total curve cream? The cream features other different ingredients ideal for firming, lifting and enhancing both the shape and size of the breasts.

Save for making the breasts perkier, the cream has other natural ingredients that will help nourish your skin. Here’s a detailed review of each of the ingredients.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Serum Ingredients:

1)      Extracts of Aloe Vera

Extracts of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is the most popular treatment for sunburns since it contains some healing properties. It also relieves skin burns leaving you cool and fresh.  Apart from that, it comes with anti-aging benefits. Aloe Vera tends to penetrate into the skin quite fast, to nourish, regenerate the cells and heal damaged tissues.

2)      Volufiline


I have tested Volufiline a couple of times to ensure it delivers the best results just like other breast enhancement alternatives recommended in this article. Volufiline contains an active ingredient known as Sars sapogenin that makes it quite effective when it comes to enhancing the size of the breasts.

The main ingredient that spearheads lipogenesis or the entire process of interaction in the breast tissue and causes them to increase exponentially is Sars sapogenin. The breasts typically become fuller and larger with an increase in the fat cells around the chest area.

3)      Bearberry Extract


Bearberry extract is great for the skin. It increases the rate of cell regeneration and features powerful antioxidants. It also helps prevent skin damage due to stress and sunburns among other factors thanks to the antioxidant’s abilities. It additionally contains arbutin that aids in skin toning and smoothing.

4)      Algae Extract


Aging causes some strain in moisture retention. That’s why you’ll find a number of body and facial moisturizers in stores ideal for women that fall in a particular age bracket. Algae extract is usually incorporated into the serum to help prevent dryness.

Algae is rich in minerals and vitamins that helps the skin retain moisture. It additionally helps in skin firming without causing irritation.

5)      Mango Butter


Mango butter is typically made from pressing and rendering the kennel seed that helps lock moisture in the skin. It’s mostly used in cosmetic products such as lotions and body creams. It typically softens and smoothens the skin to restore its elasticity and youthfulness.

6)      Vitamin C


A number of skincare products in the market contain Vitamin C. It helps lighten the skin naturally. Always go for Vitamin C serums as it helps brighten and tone the skin. It also helps in processing more collagen ideal a healthy skin.

Vitamin C also features antioxidant properties that help protect the skin from any damage as a result of pollution or stress.

7)      Caffeine


The Total Curve breast enhancement cream also contains caffeine. Coffee beans have anti-inflammatory properties that’s why a lot of people have started giving them attention. It’s also used in some body scrubs to counteract cellulite and tighten up the skin.  Like other ingredients on our list, caffeine also contains antioxidants that help in tightening the skin, maintaining youthfulness while battling other harmful effects caused by outside effects.

Total Curve Pills Side Effects

Any therapy program comes with its side effects and since this is an honest review, it’s only fair to highlight some of the shortcomings.  Being a fan shouldn’t get in the way of giving a clear picture of both the advantages and disadvantages of the cream and pills.

I have never experienced any side effects of the Total Curve pills on using them after meals. Not any that I can remember, not even stomach problems. None!

At first, I was a bit worried of the side effects of using these supplements because I’ve been dealing with allergies occasionally. Fortunately, I didn’t notice or deal with anything unusual and the same goes for the Total curve breast enhancement cream. Similarly, I didn’t experience or deal with any undesirable side effects.

Moreover, applying the breast enhancement cream felt quite relaxing especially since I had to massage it into the skin twice a day. We can all agree that breast massages are the best. I also did a research to find out how the Total Curve Breast Enhancement therapy worked for other clients and the results were amazing since no one had a different story to tell. No negative side effects whatsoever!

Seeing the amazing results and positive feedback from those who’ve used it, I can confidently recommend the Total Curve Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream to anyone who is looking to increase the size of their breasts.

However, proceed with caution since we all have different body types which means everyone gets different results. If still in doubt especially about the side effects, do some consultations ideally with your doctor.

I also noticed a significant improvement in my moods. I was always cranky during that time of the month dealing with painful cramps and migraines. However, after taking these supplements for a while, the PMS symptoms were gone. In my case, let’s just say this was the game changer. Increase in the size of my breast, youthfulness and firmness all check. Plus, the bonus of a smooth and pain-free menstruation cycle.

Total Curve Official Website

Don’t buy Total Curve breast enhancement supplements and cream from any third-party stores. Get these products from the company because even if they are legitimate, the storage might have been compromised. It also applies to the product’s freshness.

Some third-party stores only look to monetize the products as opposed to delivering quality for the consumers. Even so, there’s no guarantee on the expiration date of the product. Finally, buying the supplements and cream directly from the company comes with a money-back guarantee which is not the case with the third-party sites.

Bottom line, always place your orders through the Total Curve website for legit products. The quality and freshness of the products is never compromised when you get them direct from the company. Please share with us your experience after using the Breast enhancement supplements and cream. Happy Shopping!


Editor’s Note: This post is a series of reader posts that we welcome about your experience with various breast related products. Whether it’s a bra you’ve worn, an exercise you have been doing, or a breast enhancement program you have used, we’d like to hear from you.

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