AA Cup Bras

These Are the Best AA Cup Bras You Can Buy!

Which are the best AA cup bras on the market? Read on to find out.

Many women with small breasts need an AA cup bra. Some already wear cup size AA while others might need to change to a new size. You might need to go up or down a size since some of the bra sizes are quite close.

How to Know If You Need Cup Size AA

Compared to their counterparts with more massive breasts, it’s easier for those with small breasts to go for wrong cup sizes. If you are currently wearing a bra between cup sizes A, B, or C, and it’s big, you might need an AA cup.

It’s easy to go wrong when it comes to bra sizes since they fall too close. Women with small breasts are many just like those with massive breasts. Currently, AA cup bras are quite common in the market, and that is a good sign. Usually, breasts come as small as they love, and this fact will never change.

However, it’s not only a matter of going up or down cup sizes but also checking on the band size.

  • It might look simple. But let’s check these few examples of what happens:
  • If you wear cup size 38A, and the cups are more prominent, but the band size is firm and fits perfectly well – you can try cup sizes 38AAA or 38AA.
  • If you wear cup size 36B and find the bra cups a bit bigger and the band size fits loosely – you need to try 34A or 34B
  • If the bra cups to your cup size 40C are quite big and the band size fits snugly – you might want to try a sister size, that is 42A or 42B

It is typically known as sister sizing. Your current bra size has a sister size that is usually alternate sizes whereby: the volume of the cup remains the same while the cup letter and band sizes change.

You can find instances where cup sizes 36AAA, 34AA, and 34A fits perfectly fine, and that is okay. Learn to choose an accurate bra size depending on the different bra styles and brands.

Best AA Cup Bra Brands

You won’t find many AA cup bras in the stores. However, if you get hold of any, it’s not usually the regular grown-up bra you want.

Dobreva Women’s Floral Lace Plunge Bra

Dobreva Women’s Floral Lace Plunge Bra

The Dobreva Women’s Floral Lace Plunge Bra is made from a combination of polyamide and spandex. It’s quite comfortable to wear and take off since it has a front closure ideal for those with limited dexterity. The foam cups are super soft and not only enhance the shape of the breasts but also helps lift them.

Additionally, the bra has an underwire offering maximum support and also helps shape the breasts. The bra’s fabric is breathable and feels soft against the skin while the lace detailing at the back adds a touch of femininity.

Available on Amazon

AA – C Teenage Bra Cups

Teenage girls can wear regular bras with actual cup sizes or go for bra tops. For your first bra, you could need an AA cup bra, while others might need slightly bigger cups such as A, B, and C. You can comfortably get your measurements using a tape.

Best Sports Bras for Smaller Breasts

Just like any other breast size, small breasts also need as much support from sports bras.

Strapless AA Cup Bras

Delimira and Dobreva are among the bra brands that produce AA bra cups. It would be great to have some of their strapless bra alternatives to your collection.

The Best 34AA Bras

#1.  ThirdLove Lace Contour Plunge Bra

ThirdLove Lace Contour Plunge Bra

ThirdLove carries about 78 different bra sizes from cup sizes A-I and 30-48 in band sizes. The Lace Contour Plunge Bra is made from a combination of spandex and nylon. It has a hugging fit to emphasize a natural cleavage. The foam cups have a mesh overlay to eliminate any gaping and removable pads for a push-up effect.

The Lace Contour Plunge Bra additionally features flexible wires for ultimate support and hook and eye closure at the back. The bra’s band is smooth and tagless.

Available on ThirdLove

#2.  Dobreva Women’s Wire-Free Bra

Dobreva Women’s Wire-Free Bra

Just like the name suggests, this Dobreva bra is wireless and lightly lined. It has a smooth, seamless look underneath clothes and remains virtually invisible. The bra’s moulded cups help enhance the shape of the breasts.

Available on Amazon

#3.  Pepper Comfy Wireless Bra

Pepper Comfy Wireless Bra

The Pepper Wireless bra is made with stretchy soft fabric, is wire-free and perfectly fits cup sizes AA, A, and B. It has a breast-hugging fit, lifts and scoops to create natural cleavage. The cups leave no gaps.

Available on WeArePepper

#4.  Wacoal Petite Embrace Lace Push-Up Bra

Wacoal Petite Embrace Lace Push-Up Bra

Wacoal Petite Push-Up Bra is quite smooth. It features an embroidered lace at the centre and on the wings which adds a feminine touch to the bra. It also comes with additional foam inserts for extra padding.

Available on Amazon

#5.  Delimira Strapless Bridal Bra

Delimira Strapless Bridal Bra

Delimira has a wide range of bras designed for women with more massive bras. However, two of their convertible strapless bra designs come in AA cup.

The Delimira Strapless Bridal Bra is available in black, white, and beige. The bra cups have a light lining and shape the breasts naturally. It features a breathable mesh wing that keeps you fresh throughout the day while the underwires offer ultimate support.

Available on Amazon

Best Bikinis for AA Cup Bras

You can get the best bikinis for small breasts from Voda Swim, Volcom, MaxCleavage, and SweatyRocks.

Adhesive Bra for Small Boobs

If you love backless, frontless, and strapless dresses and tops and you have small breasts, then adhesive bras are what you need.

NuBra Sticky Push-Up Bra

NuBra Sticky Push-Up Bra

Many women love NuBra since it offers both a sexy and supernatural feel when you wear it. You will even forget you are wearing a bra as it’s lightweight and remains virtually invisible underneath clothes. The NuBra Sicky Push-Up Bra will not only support your breasts but also cover and enhance their shape.

Available on Amazon


If you don’t feel comfortable in your current bra, then you need to check the bra size.

A bra with a proper fit should feel super comfortable that you wouldn’t feel the urge to touch and adjust it throughout the day. In addition to boosting your confidence, a well-fitting bra will make your clothes look better since you will feel better wearing them.


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