9 Best Bras to Wear After Mastectomy

Which are the best bras to wear after mastectomy? Read our guide to find out.

There are lots of bra alternatives dedicated to the requirements of individuals with breast cancer, whether you’ve undergone reconstructive surgery, a lumpectomy (a treatment to remove a lump), a mastectomy (the removal of one or both breasts, partially or entirely), or have sensitivity to radiation or chemotherapy.

However, the fact is that looking for new bras that will fit your unique or changing form might be daunting. To make things easier, I have put up this list of the best bras to wear after Mastectomy patients and survivors based on reviews from customers who are also suffering from breast cancer.

If opening your intimates drawer and slipping on your favorite style is no longer a viable option for you during your breast cancer journey—due to surgery, a lack of support, irritating fabrics, chafing cuts, a change in breast shape, or weight fluctuations—you can still find intimate apparel that is perfect for you. Still, you should first and foremost consult with your physician.

Depending on your operation or therapy, they may recommend a specific style for maximum comfort and recovery. However, you should do your homework and think about adjustability, pockets for breast forms, and features like front closures that make it simpler to slide them on and off. Not to mention, choosing the appropriate fabric is crucial—go for high cotton or buttery materials that are soft and cool on your skin, as well as breathable in case you get hot flashes.

You might want to switch to a wireless bra option at the onset of diagnosis or during treatment while the area recovers since under-wires can be uncomfortable.

Because under-wires can be unpleasant at the time of diagnosis or during treatment, you may wish to switch to a wireless bra alternative while the region heals.

Most lumpectomy patients will not permanently lose volume or require a new cup size, but they may seek a non-underwire, highly supportive bra soon after surgery.

Some doctors advise patients to avoid under-wire bras since it might irritate the breast tissue and create sensitivity, so it’s important to know what your doctor recommends.

After breast surgery, some people suffer swelling, so choose bras with hooks rather than single-construction designs so you may start with the loosest setting and progressively tighten them as the swelling reduces. Bras with hook-and-eye front closure, on the other hand, are much better since they are supportive and do not dig. Furthermore, because they fasten at the front, they’re simple to put on even if you’re in discomfort or have reduced movement following surgery or radiation.

The nerves may take up to a year to heal, and the spot may take up to a year to recover from surgery, while your skin will take up to a year to become less sensitive to radiation or chemo. Because of weight fluctuations and other changes caused by your therapy, the type of bra you need, as well as the size, may change. Brands understand that women want to feel as normal as possible, so they’ve worked hard to design bras that look as beautiful as they think—from lacy bralettes to fashionable sports bras to neutral, daily options. Here are the nine best bras to wear after Mastectomy for all body types that will see you through your breast cancer journey.

9 Best Bras to Wear After Mastectomy

1. Warner’s Easy Does Bra It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra

Warner's Easy Does Bra It No Bulge Wire-Free Bra


With over 13,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this top-rated bra demonstrates that a good undergarment doesn’t have to be expensive.

This wireless best bra after Mastectomy is composed of a soft, breathable fabric that is pleasant and non-irritating to post-surgery incisions and radiation-sensitive skin. For further support, it includes a broad elastic band at the bottom and additional side panels.

In the Amazon review section, those who have had mastectomies and reconstructive operations praise this bra.

This is the best bra after Mastectomy for you if you continue to have numbness, minor swelling, and overall discomfort in your armpit region after 3 1/2 months of wearing your expander or almost every one of your bras is uncomfortable to wear. This is the bra that doesn’t cause armpits to bind. It doesn’t have the standard ‘trim’ or seams that other bras do, so it just glides over your skin without pushing into it. You can get them in different colors because this may be the only bra you wear after your surgery.

2. Amoena Esther Front-Close Postsurgical Bra


Amoena, a company specializing in the best bras after mastectomy and swimming suits, provides a variety of thoughtful goods for anyone with breast cancer surgery.

For example, if you’re struggling with discomfort or restricted mobility, this bra’s wireless design, a compressive fit, adjustable straps, and front hook-and-eye fastening provide comfort, support, and simple on-and-off. The soft inner lining won’t bother incisions or post-radiation sensitive skin, and the seamless, molded cups feature places for breast forms if you want to utilize them.

Not to mention, the sports bra-style design is ideal for low-impact activities (such as walking, golfing, and so on), and the breathable mesh back and wings provide additional airflow to keep you cool and dry if you break a light sweat or have hot flushes.

After a four-week search following surgery, one reviewer discovered this wireless style: “Every bra I bought was painful and inconvenient. I couldn’t believe how comfy this bra was when I first put it on! Since my operation, my skin has felt raw, and anything that comes into contact with it produces agony. “This bra was the solution.”She wrote.

3. Royce Georgia Molded Comfort Bra


Believe it or not, post-surgery bras don’t have to be ugly.  This is one of the best bras to wear after mastectomy. The bra is just as gorgeous as your previous bras, with a touch of lace and tiny bows on the straps. It has soft and smooth molded cups to preserve your shape and breast form pockets for those who have had a mastectomy due to back hooks and a flexible back that won’t hurt or pinch your skin. It comes in two color options for you to choose from: beige or black.

With the lace design, this bra is incredibly feminine, and it’s also quite comfortable. It holds the prosthesis in place (unlike other bras that allow it to slip out the side!).

4. Soma Embraceable Wireless Plunge Lace Trim Bra

Soma Embraceable Wireless Plunge Lace Trim Bra


If you are wondering whether you can be able to get away with bralette styles if you’ve always been a less-is-more kind of bra wearer, and the answer is yes. This wireless, full-coverage alternative is composed of a soft, unlined fabric that is latex and wire-free, making it the best bra after Mastectomy.

The lace trim is similar to that of your favorite bralette (but without the itching!) The built-in leotard back and broad bottom elastic band provide all of the necessary support.

If you cannot wear an underwire bra after Mastectomy or still believe that you will not find a bra that is both comfortable and supportive, then no matter what cup size you are, this is your best bra after Mastectomy.

5. Athleta Empower Bra (A-C)


The Athleta Empower Bra A-C is ideal for anybody undergoing breast cancer treatment and one of the best bras after Mastectomy. It is constructed of a very soft, cool-to-the-touch polyester-lycra mix that won’t irritate the skin after surgery or throughout therapy.

The compressive fit isn’t too tight (more like a hug), the zip fronts make it simple to put on and take off if you’re in pain or have limited movement, and the mesh back and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable and relaxed all day.

This supportive technique will be especially beneficial to active women attempting to resume some elements of their daily routine.

If, after undergoing Mastectomy, you have less flexibility in both your arms, then this sports bra will be the simplest for you to put on. You will not be able to find a sports bra that you can comfortably put on without assistance.  You are going to love how this bra’s zipper with an additional piece of cloth at the end is a little protection to keep your already delicate skin from being irritated.

6. AnaOno Pocketed Front Closure Bra

AnaOno Pocketed Front Closure Bra


AnaOno is an intimate brand that embraces all boob forms and develops the best bra after Mastectomy for breast cancer patients and survivors.

This recovery bra is made of buttery-soft modal fabric (which feels even better than cotton!). It has pleasant compression, front hook openings, and a broad back bridge for additional support.

The smooth, irritation-free design is ideal for people undergoing radiation therapy because it won’t irritate delicate skin, incisions or create pain afterward. It’s worth mentioning that the bra features compartments that can hold expanders, prostheses, or breast forms, but it also fits well without them.

The AnaOno Pocketed Front Closure Bra is perfect for older women who cannot find a comfortable bra to wear after a unilateral mastectomy. This bra is so soft, has a front closure, and is so comfy and supportive that you won’t believe how beautiful you look wearing it.

7. Cosabella Never Say Never Post-Surgical Front Closure Bralette


Inspired by Cosabella’s founder Valeria Campello, an 8-year breast cancer survivor, this best-after mastectomy bra makes anybody wearing it feel beautiful. “I thought it would make people feel at ease and lovely while undergoing treatment and afterwards,” Campello told Health.

It offers a supportive racerback shape for post-surgery use after a mastectomy and is designed in iconic, floral Never Say Never lace. The fabric is soft and elastic to suit fluctuating breast sizes and prostheses, the delicate-looking yet durable lace is soft and stretchy. The bra also includes front closures, breast form pockets, and a drainage opening, demonstrating that the Italian manufacturer has thought of everything.

8. TomBoyX Holdster Bra


Fran Dunaway, a two-time breast cancer survivor, and co-founder of TomboyX, a sustainable, size- and gender-inclusive apparel brand, confessed that she avoided stepping out in public following her Mastectomy because she didn’t feel comfortable in any bras.

She met with TomBoyX’s head of product, who created this one-of-a-kind garment based on her vision: a super-comfy, one-sided bra with straps below the incision lines that is simple to put on and take off.

This single-sided best bra after Mastectomy provides unilateral support while allowing the surgical side to breathe and heal, making it ideal for people recuperating from a unilateral mastectomy. It’s reversible, so it’ll fit you no matter which breast is removed, and it has smooth, flatlock seams that won’t irritate or chafe delicate skin. It also includes adjustable hooks on the side for a flexible fit (read: you won’t have to drag it over your head).

Even if someone does not wish to wear their prosthesis on certain days, this will support the opposite side. It’s intended to avoid any touch with recent breast surgery scars or breast radiation dermatitis.

This bra is unexpectedly soft and supportive, with a smooth, flexible fabric. It doesn’t bunch or rub, and it doesn’t feel unpleasant where you’re numb or itchy under your mastectomy side armpit so that you can wear it all day.

9. Leonisa Post-Surgical Wireless Bra with Front Closure

Leonisa Doctor-Recommended Post-Surgical Wireless Bra with Front Closure


Doctors recommend this top-rated best bra after Mastectomy for a reason. It includes soft cups that provide excellent coverage while preventing wounds from discomfort and infection. It is designed for individuals recovering after breast augmentation, reduction, lift, reconstruction, or mastectomy surgery. The criss-cross back straps enhance posture and reduce back discomfort following surgery, and the adjustable hook-and-eye front clasp makes it easy to put on—even with restricted movement. This bra offers a supportive fit, which ensures minimal movement during the healing process. It is available in various sizes, from 32B to 42DD.

After a mastectomy, it provides the ideal level of compression. It comes up high enough on the sides, front, and back to enhance maximum comfort.

Best Bras to Wear After Mastectomy Conclusion

Following a mastectomy, some women may choose to have their breasts rebuilt through surgery. Many women, however, find the idea of reconstructive surgery after breast cancer surgery to be terrifying.

If you or a loved one has recently decided against breast reconstruction surgery, a breast prosthesis may be a viable option for restoring your feminine figure. Mastectomy bras are created particularly for women who wear breast prostheses and are an excellent method to speed up your recovery.

Mastectomy bras are designed with pockets stitched into the cups to accommodate ladies who prefer to wear a breast prosthesis. The cups prevent the breast form from slipping or moving about and make it simple to clean and care for. During your recovery, mastectomy bras are great. They are available in several designs and colors, but most are seamless and wire-free, ensuring optimum comfort and protection during healing.

When deciding whether or not to buy and use a mastectomy bra, consult with your doctor, and if applicable, check with your insurance provider to see whether they give any reimbursements for post-mastectomy bras like these. Some, if not all, of the cost of a mastectomy bra and breast prosthesis, may be covered by your insurance plan.

If you’re in a dilemma about the best post-mastectomy bras, these nine best after mastectomy bras can assist restore body balance and symmetry while also preventing chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain.

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