Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders

Here Are 10 Bras that Do Not Slip, Even On Sloping Shoulders

Do you have sloping shoulders? If so, when looking for bras, you want those that have comfortable straps that will align with your shoulders. Read on to find out the best bras for sloping shoulders.

Many women have sloping shoulders. The shoulders may be a result of different things, including body shape, weight increase, and so on.

Sloping shoulders affect your physique and make the breasts look like they are sagging. To avoid this look, you’ll need to find the appropriate bra.

The best bra to wear with sloping shoulders is one whose straps are supportive yet don’t dig into the shoulders. We’ve found the best bras that are recommended for women with sloping shoulders.

Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders

The best bra to choose is one with a fitting cup, supportive back and adjustable straps. Here are the top recommendations:

  • #1.  Hanes T-Shirt Front Closure Underwire Bra

Hanes T-shirt Soft Front Closure Ultimate Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

The Hanes T-shirt Bra is one of the most comfortable bras for sloping shoulders, thanks to its four-way band stretch.  The bra has full coverage cups and its straps are not too wide apart to fall off easily.

The Hanes bra is made of breathable fabric that ensures you are comfortable when wearing it. Its underwire is not tight, which is important to ensure you maintain the correct posture. When wearing the bra, you will always maintain an upright posture.

The straps of the Hanes T-shirt bra do not dig into the shoulders nor fall off. The straps have hooks that you can use to adjust them for the right fit. This bra can be easily converted into a racerback.

However, the Hanes T-shirt bra is broad and feels quite bulky.


  • The bra is firm and has breathable padding
  • The straps are convertible and adjustable


  • It has heavy fabric around the bust area.
  • #2.  Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra

Hanes Women's Comfort Evolution Bra – Ideal seamless bra for ultimate comfort

Available on Amazon

Also on our list of the best bras for sloping shoulders is the Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra. The bra is comfortable for all day wear and helps you to maintain the correct posture. Therefore, you can be sure of not experiencing any back pain.

The bra’s cups do not exert pressure on your bust. There, you won’t have to worry about sweating when wearing it.

The bra is made of a lightweight, quick-dry fabric that is breathable and durable. The seamless and wire-free bra comes with a hook and eye closure and has stretchy straps that not dig into your shoulders.


  • The straps are tight but will not dig into your shoulders
  • It has seamless and unlined cups


  • It does not have adjustable straps
  • Is not the best bra against nippage
  • #3.  Warner’s Women’s No Side Effect

Warner's Women's No Side Effect

Available on Amazon

The Warner No Side Effect is an underwire bra that offers excellent support. The bra offers good coverage and does not squish or pinch the breasts. Moreover, its underwire contour does not show on your clothes.

The panels of the Warner bra are soft, smooth and seamless for comfort. The bra feels great thanks to the elastic-free back and sides. You won’t experience any back pains when wearing this bra.

The Warner No Side Effects has unique flexible foam cups and tight adjustable straps. You can effortlessly adjust the bra for a proper fit.

When new, the bra’s fabric is rough. However, the fabric softens after a few washes.


  • The bra fits well
  • Eliminates side bulges


  • The back strap can be rough to the skin
  • #4.  Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty

Available on Amazon

The Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty is the best bra for full figured women with sloping shoulders. The broad straps, back support, and the fuller cups makes it the best bra for sloping shoulders. The bra has a hook-and-eye closure and a narrow U-shaped backside.

The comfortable bra offers excellent support for uneven breasts from the center and sides. The bra does not slip, even for plus size women. Its broad and tight straps do not easily slip easily from your shoulders. The straps have an adjustable honeycomb to ensure a proper fit.

The bra is a good minimizer and will also work well for full figured women.

You should take good care of the bra to increase its durability. Make sure the bra is completely dry before storing it in a bra storage box.


  • It’s a comfortable bra that can be worn all day
  • The underwires will not poke the girls
  • #5.  Bali Women’s Comfortable Revolution

Bali Women's Comfortable Revolution

Available on Amazon

The Bali Women’s Comfortable Revolution is one of the best bras with a front closure. Thanks to the front closure design, you don’t have to bend to adjust the straps. The bra’s straps stay in place all the time and provide excellent back support.

The bra supports the breasts from all sides, for your comfort, and its back is longer compared to that of other underwire bras. Moreover, the bra is made from soft and breathable fabric. These features make it one of the best bras for sloping shoulders.

The adjustable straps soft, stretchy and do not slip. The bra has a U-shape back for coverage.

However, after washing the bra several times, the fabric and underwire support may feel worn out.


  • True fitting to size
  • Best back and front coverage
  • Offers excellent support to the sisters


  • Not recommended for all-day wear
  • #6.  Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Bra

Hanes Women's Convertible Seamless Bra

Available on Amazon

The Hanes Women’s Seamless Bra is supportive and comfortable for sloping shoulders. The bra ensures you remain in good posture, which is important in preventing back pain resulting from wearing a bra for too long.

The bra is made of breathable fabric, has convertible straps and features a 4-way stretch design. The straps are thick and padded and can be easily mix-matched across the back. You can also convert the adjustable straps from back to front, or have them overlapping in a crisscrossing way.

The bra has clips that are sturdy and durable and doesn’t have a wire or padding. Therefore, it is very light.

You can either hand wash or machine wash this bra.


  • The bra is lightweight and super soft
  • Made of breathable fabric


  • The thin material makes the nipple to show through.
  • #7.  Maidenform Women’s One Fab Fit

Maidenform Women's One Fab Fit -Best T-Back Bra for Sloping Shoulders

Available on Amazon

The Maidenform Woman’s One Form Bit bra is a comfortable and gorgeous lace t-back bra. You will never want to take the bra off once you wear it. The sporty and sexy bra has unique nylon and lace at the backside and its cups are padded to cover and support the breasts.

The bra has thick, padded straps that are comfortable. The straps are supportive and do not slip away from the shoulders.  This sleek bra does not pinch or irritate the skin.

The Maiden Women’s One Fab Fit T-Back Bra is one of the bras you need for different occasions. This is one of the best bras for sloping shoulders.


  • It is effortless and comfortable to wear
  • The bra is soft and looks good
  • #8.  Olga Women’s Luxury

Olga Women's Luxury

Available on Amazon

The Olga Luxury Lift Underwire Bra is made of soft, stretchy material and has adjustable straps. The underbust offers excellent support and shapes the breasts well to make you look beautiful.

If you have sloping shoulders, this bra offers excellent lift.

This bra is not machine washable. When handwashing, use a strong detergent and be careful to ensure the underwire does not poke out.


  • The straps remain in  shape even with continuous use
  • It lifts the breasts well


  • The underwire is weak and can break when washing
  • #9.  Wacoal Women’s Front Close

Wacoal Women's Front Close

Available on Amazon

The Wacoal Front Close Bra can help to end the problem of sloping shoulders. The fabric is made from a blend of spandex and nylon, is breathable, stylish and comfortable. The bra’s cups are meshed and provide enough support and coverage to the breasts.

The back support and the straps sit at the level of your body. The support is excellent even when you are moving a lot. When wearing a tight top, the bra’s underwire does not show underneath.

You can adjust the straps at the back and low center.


  • The racerback prevents the straps from slipping
  • The padding offers excellent lift and support


  • Does not fit true to sie. Get a bigger cup size to prevent the underwire from poking.
  • #10.   Lily of France Women’s Value

Lily of France Women's Value – Best Push-Up Bra for Fancy Wear

Available on Amazon

The Lily of France is a push up bra with wide straps that help you to maintain good posture if you have sloping shoulders.

The bra has a U-shape design at the back and the straps can be converted into slip, crisscross, and regular design. Its fabric does not irritate the skin.

The bra has seamless cups and, therefore, can be worn with plain T-shirts.  The cups are lightly padded to lift tthe breasts. This is the best bra for women with narrow sloping shoulders.

The straps of the Lily of France bra can only be removed at the back. Therefore, it is not easy to make the bra strapless. However, you can hook each of the straps to opposite ends.


  • The padding provides good lift
  • The straps do not slip off the shoulders


  • Not the best bra for everyday wear
  • The lace can irritate the skin

How to Choose the Best Bra for Sloping Shoulders

Does your bra slip off from the shoulders often? If so, you may be wondering what the problem could be. Many women with sloping shoulders experience this problem.

If you have sloping shoulders, wearing the right bra can prevent the straps from slipping off.

Before buying a bra, check the fit of the cups and the straps. The straps connect the back and front parts of the bra. Keep the following in mind when looking for best bra for sloping shoulders:

Wide-Set Straps Slip Off

Avoid bras with a large U-shape space at the back. If the straps are set wide apart, they are likely to slip off the shoulders.

While buying a bra, ensure that the straps are not at the endpoints of the collarbone. Otherwise, any stretch or bending will make the straps to slip off the shoulders.

Go for bra fitting or measure your cup size online before buying a bra. You want to have the correct bra size that will fit well.

Strap Position on the Shoulders

The best position for the straps on the shoulders is the center back. When wearing a bra, the distance between the neck and the strap should be less than two inches. This range is recommended for women with sloping shoulders.

When in the appropriate position, the straps will not move. Moreover, they will not be digging into your shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do straps slide off the shoulders all the time?

There are several reasons why bra straps may slide off your shoulders:

  • Non-adjustable straps. If the straps are loose, they may slip. If you cannot adjust the straps, they will keep falling off the shoulders. To solve this, get adjustable straps.
  • Bigger cups: If you have sagging breasts, there may be space at the top of the cup. The space can make the straps to slip off the shoulders easily.
  • Full back bra: If your bra has a broad back, the straps will be loose due to the space that is left. To prevent slippage, get a bra that is tight and close-set.

 Which are the Best Bras for Sloping Shoulders?

There are several types of bras that are are recommended for women with sloping shoulders. These include Leotard back bras, convertible bras, and racerback bras.

Racerback Bras

Racerback bras are comfortable and provide the best support. The racerback cuddles the back, thus leaving no space for straps to slip off from the shoulders.

Leotard Back Bras

Leotard back bras are supportive and stylish. The bras prevent slippage without compromising your style with broad, bulky straps.

Convertible Bras

Convertible bras are a great option if you want crisscrossed straps. The straps remain to tighter on the shoulders and the back. The bra is stylish.

From all the above bra choices, the Hanes Ultimate Underwire Bra is the best option. The bra is comfortable, fits well, and prevents the straps from falling off sloping shoulders.

The bra comes in different color options and has adjustable straps. You can wear it all day long and won’t experience any back pain.


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