Guide: What Are Half Size Bras?

half size bras

Guide: What Are Half Size Bras?

What are half size bras? Do they exist and when should you wear them? Read our guide to find out.

Half size bras are quite common in pop culture. The phenomenon is not new at Brabbly as it’s been tested several times. Over the years, Playtex introduced another collection with all inclusive sizes including half size bras.

image of half size bra

Half sizes were discontinued after being deemed irrelevant right after hitting the market. Here’s why this bra type is important:

We noticed some inconsistencies when reviewing half size bras in the market. Basically, there’s a difference of ½ an inch from one half size bra to another. Our assumption just like everybody else is that half sizes fall between whole sizes. We couldn’t be more wrong as the difference between two sizes was for the most part more than half an inch.

Let’s simply it further:

Bra sizing is a bit confusing and the half sizes makes it even more challenging. Generally, factories are granted a tolerance of about ¼ an inch off when sewing. I can’t speak for all women but most of us tend to size up, down, bloat and swell all through the month. Adding a couple of inches to accommodate this pattern can be quite helpful. However, the problem comes in when you add half an inch to the ¼ inch sewing allowance.

Half Size Bras Fit

Do these bras have a perfect fit especially when the manufacturers use materials with a forgiving fit? Most half size bras are made of supple fabric such as memory foam and four-way-stretch. These materials typically conform to your curves and warm the body. There’s some leeway which is barely detectable.

Most bra brands use high-quality, super comfortable and incredibly soft materials. Check out some of our recommendations below:

  • Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Memory Touch Push Up Bra

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Memory Touch Push Up Bra


  • Spanx Bra-llelujah Front Close T-shirt Bra

Spanx Bra-llelujah Front Close T-shirt Bra


  • Chantelle Modern Invisible T-shirt Plunge Bra

Chantelle Modern Invisible T-shirt Plunge Bra


The half sizes are not quite important. A supportive, well-constructed bra with a proper fit works perfectly well and are a great solution to the half size problem.

Find a Well-Fitting Bra

Change the bra style or size to find the correct fit. Many brands offer different bra sizes to suit different breasts shapes small and big alike with some specializing in hard-to-find and hard-to-fit sizes. Sometimes, a balconette or demi bra might not be your ideal choice depending on your body frame.

Here are some tips to consider when looking for the perfect fit:

If you don’t want to go up a cup size but need extra room:

  • Loosen or tighten the bra straps
  • Choose a different bra style. A demi, memory foam cups or plunge bra would be your best bet if you have shallow breasts
  • Try sister sizing – sizing up or down to get a perfect fit.

If the cups are big:

  • A plunge bra would be ideal. Regardless of your breast size, half sizes usually target women with petite frames. In this case, a plunge bra with a low center gore works well as it tends to relive the strain off your breastbone.

Bra fit is typically an art and science. However, our professional bra fitters will help you through the entire fitting process and choosing the right bra style to suit your breast shape and size.

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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