how often should you replace your bra

How Often Should You Replace Your Bra?

Honestly, some of us have bras as old as five years! Don’t fret, we are not judging, only here to help. Bras are considered as important items in a woman’s wardrobe since they are typically worn every day.

Unfortunately, for many, they are an afterthought. The old bra might hold up just fine but you’re probably wearing it past the expiration date. So, how often should you replace your bras?

Read on.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bra?

It’s always advisable to replace your bras after about six months or utmost, a year. However, this depends on how often you wear the bras or how many you have on rotation. For instance, you might need to replace your bra sooner if you wear it regularly. This is why you need at least three bras in your lingerie collection so that you can keep rotating them and avoid overwearing one. Ideally, a bra a day for the entire week.

Putting your bras on rotation also helps increase their lifespan. Here’s how to know you need to replace your bras:

Some wear and tear signs are quite obvious such as loose threads. Also, how the bra feels and fits are dead giveaways. It’s time to throw away the bra if the band feels too loose even on a tighter hook and the straps overly stretched out. Most importantly, you can’t hold onto the bra if it doesn’t support your breasts or isn’t comfortable enough. By now, we know how a bra should fit.

Taking good care of your bras will equally extend their lifespan and this includes hand washing and proper storage. Hand washing might not be a convenient alternative but will be worth your time and effort in the long run.

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