How to Increase Breast Size in 7 Days at Home

How to Increase Breast Size in 7 Days at Home

As much as we exercise self-love and body positivity, we sometimes wish certain parts of our body could look different.

For women, the breasts are such a concerning feature because of the big role they play in appearance. Almost every woman is self-conscious about her breasts. Some of us wish our breasts were more prominent, while others want the exact opposite.

The internet has set insane beauty standards, even on breasts, to make it look like we should have the perfect pair of full breasts. However, breast size is determined by different factors, such as genes, weight, and pregnancy. Therefore, it is impossible to have the “perfect” breast standard that we see in the media or on pictures of Instagram models.

How to Increase Breast Size

There are many ways to increase the size of breasts. Surgical procedures are the most common, although they are incredibly costly, draining, and time-consuming. Furthermore, not everyone can afford the expensive procedures.

However, surgical procedures are not the only practical option for enlarging breast size. There are several fast alternatives that you can use to increase breast size fast.

Breast increasing procedures are such a personal and private activity, and some of us want to achieve results quickly and in the comfort of our homes. In this guide, we’ll look at how to increase breast size in 7 days at home.

How to Increase Breast Size in 7 Days at Home

Breast enhancement is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the world today. Uneven breasts, personal desires, weight loss, and confidence issues are among the many reasons women opt for breast enhancement procedures.

Here are some options of increasing breast size fast within a week.

i) Use Breast Enhancement Creams

Breasts can be enhanced by the application of breast enhancement creams such as the Total Curve Gel.  This cream is concentrated with 3% Volufiline, which is a breast enlargement and shaping component.

The breast enhancement steroids in Volufiline triggers lipogenesis, causing the breast cells to increase in number and size. Consequently, there is an increase in adipose tissue size and firmness, making the breasts bigger and firmer.

Breast Enhancement Creams


Total Curve gel should be gently applied twice a day, for effective results. Gently apply on the breast, concentrating more on the areas that are less dense, such as the under, side, or top.

Total Curve Gel is an excellent option for breast enhancement purely in the comfort of your home.

ii) Yoga asanas

Traditional yoga poses stretch the breast muscles, and in turn, increase the size of the glandular breast tissue.  In addition, yoga significantly strengthens the breast muscles to give the breasts a firmer and perkier posture.

Yoga asanas are not only suitable for breast enlargement but also lifting of saggy breasts. To get bigger breasts, try the Ustrasana or camel pose:

  1. On a yoga mat, kneel with your thighs horizontal to the floor. The knees and the feet should be hip or butt distance apart
  2. Place your hands on the back pocket of your hips
  3. Press your hands down and lift your shoulders away from your ears and face upwards
  4. Slowly bend backward as if you are reaching for your feet
  5. With one hand at a time, reach for your heels, and press your hips forward
  6. Struggle to keep a straight hip-knee line
  7. Bend your head backward as you squeeze the shoulders together
  8. Press the chest forward and stay in that position for five minutes
  9. Rest, and then repeat the procedure three or four times
  10. Do the camel pose twice a day for maximum results

iii) Breast Suction by using vacuum cupping therapy

The vacuum therapy machine is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that offers different treatment parameters, including breast enhancement. The device generates suction through a machine, gives pressure to the adipose tissue, and causes the tissues to expand. The breast muscles are also contracted and strengthened to provide the breasts with a bigger, fuller, and firmer appearance.


This machine comes with a variety of cups in different sizes. For example, if you are a breast size B, you can use an enhancement cup of size C to achieve their desired size.

In addition, if you have uneven breasts, the vacuum therapy machine is an effective treatment equipment. The suction cups can be used to even out the breasts and get a desirable appearance.

You can buy the vacuum therapy machine from Amazon, which comes with a user manual, and use it in the comfort of your own home.

iv) Taking breast enhancement pills like Bust Maxx

Bust Maxx is a mixture of estrogenic herbal ingredients and natural plant extracts that increase breast size. The fenugreek extract, which is the main ingredient, contains phytoestrogens to increase estrogen levels in the body. The estrogen hormone found in the breast tissue stimulates duct growth and breast development.


BustMaxx increases estrogen levels, leading to enlargement of the breasts.

For the best results, take BustMaxx capsule twice a day.

v)  Intense bodyweight chest exercises

Engaging in chest workouts consistently can help to improve your posture and increase the size of the breasts. However, many women disregard chest workouts from the misguided belief that chest exercises will make them muscular.

Chest exercises do not have a dramatic result. However, they can improve the breast size by one cup size. The exercises strengthen the pectoral muscles, lift the breasts, and give them a fuller and perkier look. The workouts should be done in sets and repeated in two or three rounds for maximum results.

Some chest workouts that can help to increase breast size in 7 days include push-ups, arm circles, tricep dips, and shoulder tap planks. Apart from the overall health benefits of body chest exercises, they are also a great way to enhance breasts and make them fuller and perkier.

vi) Gentle breast massages

In addition to improving blood circulation, breast massages compress the supportive fatty tissues of the breasts.

Blood circulation is essential in the growth of body organs, including the breasts. Circulation of blood in the breasts allows equal distribution of nutrients necessary for growth. Breast massages activate hormonal secretion that stimulates the growth of breast tissues. Furthermore, frequent massaging of the breasts intensifies toning the breast to give them a rounder shape.

Tips to consider when self-massaging:

  • The pressure put on massaging should be gentle
  • Massage lightly with your fingertips
  • Knead the breasts with your fists
  • Massage in a circular motion
  • Use the index and middle finger to massage the lower area of the breast.

A breast massage is a practical choice if you are looking for an effective breast enlargement method that does not require vigorous activity.

v) Add weight

Adding weight is another way to surge the size of breasts. Breasts are primarily fat tissues. Increasing the amount of body fat eventually increases the fat tissues in the breast.


There are many ways to gain weight, such as increasing the quantity of food you eat, regular snacking, increasing the consumption levels of carbohydrates and fatty foods, among many others. However, body metabolism is not the same for everyone, and some women gain weight faster than others.

vii)  Take vitamin supplements

Consuming vitamin supplements is another way to grow the breast size. Natural vitamins such as vitamin A, E, and C are vital nutrients required for breast health and growth. Consumption of breast growth supplements increases the levels of vitamins in the body. High levels of vitamins in the body trigger breast enlargement.


As astonishing as it may be, breasts can enlarge in a week. You don’t have to go through the trouble of paying for a costly surgery procedure to enhance your breasts.

Some women want to achieve quick results because they lack the patience of long-term solutions. There are short-term solutions available for breast enhancement. However, these solutions do not dramatically change the breast sizes, but they give a small but significant change that a woman would desire.

If you were wondering how to increase breast size in 7 days, following the above methods will help you see great results.

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