Backless Dress with Big Bust

This is How You Should Wear a Backless Dress with Big Bust

Backless dresses are great for formal occasions and dinner dates. However, they can be challenging to wear if you have a big bust. Want to learn how to wear a backless dress with big bust? Read on.

Every woman has a unique body.

Each of us has her own qualities, which we may embrace or deny.

For instance, having big breasts can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Some people feel that having a big bust is a disadvantage. They consider big busts a challenge, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear when engaging in physical activities.

Some women think having a big bust means they will automatically have a difficult time when dressing up. Others wish they had smaller busts because of the challenges of finding fitting clothing.

Truth be told, there aren’t many outfits designed for women with big busts. For example, you won’t easily find a backless dress designed for plus size women.

A backless dress is an elegant outfit that women with large busts find challenging to wear since they are not designed for large cups. If you have a large bust and want to wear a backless dress, you need something supportive that will ensure the dress fits perfectly.

How to Wear a Backless Dress With Big Bust

Fortunately, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you should be able to wear a backless dress easily, even if you have a big bust. Your big bust also deserves to be fashionably dressed. Therefore, embrace it!

I bet you have seen many celebrities pulling off a backless dress without showing off their nipples and big busts. This is because of one secret: boob tape.

You can tape your boobs and confidently wear a backless dress. Here is a guide on how to tape your boobs.

If you prefer the instructions in video, we’ve got one below:

Things to Know When Wearing a Backless Dress With Big Bust

#1   Big busts, don’t care

First off, embrace your big bust.

Ignore what other people think or have to say. Instead, focus on what will make you more confident and comfortable while wearing that backless dress you’ve been storing in your wardrobe.

Don’t be defined by society’s mainstream idea of how to look great. Instead, accept and be comfortable with whatever shape you are. Accepting your body will make you confident in whatever you’re wearing.


image of plus size woman in backless dress

#2   Show off some bra

It’s not a crime to show some bra while you’re in that perfect backless dress. Some people, actually, find the look sexy.

If you don’t trust support offered by strapless bras for large breasts, consider wearing a regular bra. The bra will provide your big bust with the kind of protection and support you want.

Play around with the bras to find something that is both supportive and fashionable.

#3   Use sew-in cups

If you’d really like to wear a backless dress but are worried whether the bra will support your big bust, go for a different option, like sew-in cups.

Sew-in cups are very popular. We recommend the Double Scoop Sew In Cups.

Use sew-in cups


You can also take an old bra and put it in the backless dress you intend to wear.

#4   Be inspired by Kim Kardashian

Many women like trying trendy styles, like the Kim Kardashian style, where you put duct tape from your shoulders till the underboob to stop the breasts from moving or sliding under the dress. Don’t forget to cover your nipples with adhesive tape before doing so. This is important to prevent getting ripped off when trying to remove the duct tape.

#5   Use nipple covers

One of the trendiest undergarments in the fashion industry today are nipple covers. The overs are often used by celebrities and stylists who wear revealing and backless outfits despite having big breasts.

If you’d like to cover up those bothersome nipples, simply use nipple covers. They are great at hiding out pointy nipples.

Nipple Covers 4 Pairs Womens Reusable Adhesive Invisible Round Silicone Cover


#6   Choose a halter-type dress

If you’re shopping for a backless dress, go for one with a halter design. With this dress, you won’t have to wear a bra. Halter dresses are great for supporting big boobs and still offer the beautiful backless you were longing for.

#7   Invisible bra

Yes, there are invisible bras available in the market today. Invisible bras are made from see-through silicone, which provide the illusion that one is braless from afar.

#8   Built-in cups in dresses

Apart from sewing in your cups, you can also buy a dress with built-in cups to get a perfect fit as well as right posture. However, ensure that what you pick fits well and is suited for your boobs and body.

#9   Use adhesive bras

Instead of using nipple tapes, you can go for adhesive bras. These bras offer support, especially if you have a big chest. Here are the best adhesive bras for large breasts.

Wearing an adhesive bra is a great way to protect your breasts if you’d like to wear a backless dress. With these bras, you won’t have to deal with the burden that is often experienced when you have straps on your back.

#10  Wear multiway bras

Bra designs have evolved into more fashionable styles. In fact, there are dozens of bra styles available on the market.

Traditional bras can be visible at the back. This is the main reason why halter type bras were invented so that they can camouflage on the dress. Here is an example of a halter/multiway bra:

Wear multiway bras


Wearing such a bra can give the impression that it is part of the backless dress and still provide your breasts with full support.

#11   Try strapless bodysuits

Strapless bodysuits provide you with a stunning portrait and posture when wearing a backless dress.

When wearing a strapless bodysuit, you will avoid the hassle of ensuring that your bra is adjusted and placed well on the body. The bodysuit also allows you to stay fit as it works similar to a body shaper.

Strapless bodysuits are available for women with small, medium, and large breasts.


Having a big bust is not a curse. In fact, it may be an asset which is appreciated by other people. Second, you don’t have to keep worrying about your outfits because there are numerous ways for you to rock a backless dress despite having big or sagging breasts.

The above tips on how to wear a backless dress with a big bust will come handy when you want to go to that dinner date or wedding.


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