sexy nursing bras for the hot mama

Sexy Nursing Bras for the Hot Mama

When you are pregnant, you will definitely experience some changes in your body. For example, as you anticipate your newborn getting into the world, you will have to deal with some not-so-super-fun issues such as achy breasts.

However, expecting a baby is an achievement and you should get a bra that makes you feel and look good. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the sexiest maternity or nursing bras on the market. These bras are supportive and comfortable, both during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

11 Sexy Nursing Bras


#1.  Gratlin Underwire Nursing Bra (Push Up Glam)

Gratlin Womens Cotton Lace Trim Underwire Non Padded Maternity Nursing Bra

This push up bra will allow you to “flaunt ‘em while you got ‘em”. The underwire bra has adjustable straps that make it comfortable and will bring your breasts to the front.

The bra is available in different colors, including royal pink and hot pink, and comes in sizes 34B to 42D.

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#2.  Curve Muse Nursing Bra (Wide Range of Sizes)

Curve Muse Plus Size Nursing Underwire Bra

Women with large busts can find it challenging to find the perfect bra for everyday wear. If you are pregnant or nursing, the challenge is even more compounded.

However, the Curve Muse nursing bra is here to rescue you. The bra comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 34C to 48DDD and all sizes in between. This bra is made from a blend of cotton and spandex, and can expand in all directions. The bra offers excellent support but does not provide an impression that you are wearing anything.

You’ll love the extra-wide straps that ensure the bra stays up and relieves pressure from your back. The inner garment is available in pink, white, and black.

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#3.  Hot Milk Soft Nursing Bra (Show-Off Bra)

Hot Milk Womens Soft Bra

The Hot Milk is a full-cup bra that offers maximum support and gives your breasts great shape. Its cups are lined with cotton and, therefore, are comfortable on the breasts. The bra can be worn during pregnancy or nursing, and a silky microfiber makes its fancy exterior.

The sexy nursing bra comes in a beautiful navy with a lacy trim and has a unique bow detail. The bra looks nice and has six rows of hood and eye for adjustment purposes. You can purchase the bra with a matching bikini-cut bottom.

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#4.  Cake Lingerie Maternity Nursing Bra

Cake Lingerie Cotton Lace Maternity Nursing Dark Chocolate Flexi Wire Wire Bra

For expectant mums looking for a bra that is sturdy and offers plenty of support, the Cake Lingerie Maternity bra will be perfect. This is a sexy full-coverage bra that looks pretty in its floral pattern and lace trim.

The bra has 6 hook-and-eyes that allow you to easily adjust its size for an easy fit. The fold-down cups are also discreet and make breastfeeding easy.

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#5.  Freya Rosie Soft Cup Nursing Bra

Freya Womens Rosie Soft Cup Nursing Bra

The Freya Rosie has a black lace overlay and comes in a striking fuchsia color. The bra has a soft elastic band that is stitched below the line to support the breasts and make them shapely without the need for an underwire.

The cups have been made using Feran ice technology to keep moisture away from the body. You can easily open and close the drop cups with an easy-to-use clip.

This bra also has matching shorts.

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#6.  La Leche League Wireless Nursing Bra

Wireless Nursing Bra with Snap Front Closure Breastfeeding Bra by La Leche League

La Leche is the top brand that makes the best bras for breastfeeding. The La Leche League wireless bra has drop cups that can be easily unhooked and folded down with one hand when you want to breastfeed the baby.

The bra is wirefree and made from comfy fabric. It also has a snap closure hidden under it so that you can adjust its size as the weight of your breast changes. The bra has beautiful satin trim and is available in orchid color.

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#7.  Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra (Sexy Siren)

Le Mystere Womens Sexy Mama Nursing Bra

This sexy bra may not look like anything, but don’t be fooled; it is a proven performer. The bra has a lightly lined lace that expands and contracts as your breasts get full of milk and when you empty them.

When it’s nursing time, the bra cups fold nearly in half against your body, ensuring the baby is not blocked on the way. The bra comes with a five-row hook-and-eye closure for support.

This bra is available in nude or black.

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#8.  Hanky Panky Bralette (Comfy Bralette)

Hanky Panky Womens Bralette

This is a plunge-neckline lace bralette that is specially designed for moms with small busts. The bralette is pretty and has no pokey wires. Therefore, you can be sure it is comfortable.

The Hanky Panky comes in different colors and its all-over lace will impress when slightly peeking from under a low-cut top. When your newborn finally arrives, you can get a nursing version of the bralette.

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#9.  Madeline Maternity Bra (Sweetheart Bra)

Heidi Klum Intimates Womens Soft

This bra is made by Heidi Klum’s Intimate’s line, features feminine detailing and offers ample support. The Madeline Maternity Bra comes in three colors and has a sweet bow in the center. The three-piece lace wireless bra is comfortable and fits moms-to-be and nursing moms well, thanks to its cotton Lycra lining.

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#10. Panache Women’s Floris Balconette Bra – (Feminine and Flirty)

Panache Womens Floris Balconnette Bra

You don’t have to wear dark, dramatic colors to look sexy in nursing bras as this balconette bra shows. The sexy nursing bra is paired with a geometric lace trim that looks pretty.

The nursing bra is available in 30D to 38K and has adequate support for moms in the third trimester. You can also purchase matching bottoms.

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