Moms & Tweens Love these Cute and Modest Bras

best bras for tween

Moms & Tweens Love these Cute and Modest Bras

Is your teen asking for a new bra? If so, you want to give her something that is both cute and modest. With the breast buds still small, support may not really be a big thing to look for in a bra. Here are the best bras for tweens that are both cute and modest.

At the end of the day, you feel quite a relief when you remove your bra. However, for tweens, their breasts are usually small. Therefore, the discomfort of wearing a bra may not really apply to them.

If you are looking to buy your tween her next bra, this article if for you. The bras in our list are cute, modets and comfortable. Wearing these bras is the closest your tween will get to going braless.

When your girl becomes a tween, she may no longer need the training bras she was wearing from ages 12 and below. This means it’s time to shop for new bras.

Best Bras for Tweens

We’ve previously covered the best bra brands for tweens. In this article, we look at individual bras by different brands. Here are some of the bras for tweens that offer ultimate support, regardless of breast size. The bras don’t gap, stretch out, or even dig into the skin.

  • #1.  24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra

247 Classic T-shirt Bra

Want a cute nude bra for teenagers? Get the Classic T-shirt Bra by ThirdLove.

ThirdLove offers an extensive collection of bras for different bra sizes. The company also has half-cup size bras, for tweens and women who fall in between cup sizes. What’s more, you can even get some comfortable panties to match your bra.

The Classic t-shirt bra is lightly lined and shows the breasts off as they are underneath clothes.

Available on ThirdLove

  • #2.  The Busty Stripe Mesh Bralette

The Busty Stripe Mesh Bralette

Flirty bralettes are usually perfect for dealing with sweating underboob during the summer. To deal with the sweat, get the WearLively bralette.

This bralettes for teenagers is not only lightweight but also breathable. Therefore, your tween will stay fresh throughout the day. The bralette has a light lining that makes it super comfortable and looks great under a tank top.

Available on WearLively

  • #3.  Everyday Favourite Coverage Bra

Everyday Favourite Coverage Bra

The GAP Everyday Coverage Bra has a light padding and is lightweight. When wearing it, you will barely feel it on.

The bra for tweens has underwire for breast support and comes in different prints and colours. The bra cup sizes range from32A up to 38DD.

This is not only a classic everyday bra but also long-lasting. You can wear it up to six months without replacing. Six months is the recommended lifespan of any bra.

Available on Gap

  • #4.  Goddess Kayla Side Support Bra

Goddess Kayla Side Support Bra

Most of the bra’s support comes from the band rather than the straps. The Goddess Kayla Side Support Bra offers full coverage for the breasts and is ideal teens with large breasts. The bra has a thicker waistband for additional breast support.

This bra for tweens goes up to size N. Therefore, you are sure it will fit your tween, regardless of her cup size.  .

Available on BareNecessities

  • #5.  Siren T-shirt Bra

Siren T-shirt Bra

Some of the small cup lingerie brands tend to forget that not all tweens want push-up bras. If you are among tweens not keen lifting the breasts, get the Siren t-shirt bra. This bra has no padding but doesn’t compromise on lift and support. Besides, it is quite soft and feels great against the skin.

Apart from looking great, the bra is super comfortable.

Available on Amazon

  • #6.  Pima Cotton Wireless Bra

Pima Cotton Wireless Bra

For teenagers who want support for their breasts but hate bras with underwires, Pima Cotton Wireless Bra is a great option handy. The bra comfortably offers both shape and support without any poking wires digging into your skin.

Available on ThirdLove

  • #7.  Gym Racerback Sports Bra

Gym Racerback Sports Bra

The Gym Racerback Sports Bra is comfortable. When wearing it, you will almost think that you are braless. However, the bra’s fit is more of a bralette than the feel of a sports bra.

Available on Victoria’s Secret

  • #8.  Happy Lace Padded Racerback Bralette

Happy Lace Padded Racerback Bralette

If your tween is a little bustier, get her the Happy Lace Bralette. This bralette can be worn as a crop top and from customers’ reviews, it is comfortable and lifts the breasts well.

The bra has lace detailing that makes it quite flattering!

Available on AE

  • #9.  Tulip Lace Bra

Tulip Lace Bra

Curvy Couture caters to plus size tweens with more prominent breasts. The brand’s bras cover more cup sizes, ranging from C to H. Their bras are also quite supportive.

The Tulip Lace Bra’s detailing makes the bra look exquisite. Your tween will almost want to forgo wearing her shirt!

Available on BareNecessities

  • #10.  Bristol Six Nippies Non-Adhesive

Bristol Six Nippies Non-Adhesive

Bristol Nippies comes in handy on those days when your tween doesn’t feel like wearing a bra. Unlike their brand counterparts, this non-adhesive offers full breast coverage. You only need to stick them on the breasts and peel them off if you want to use them again.

The nippies are available in different colours to suit different skin shades.

Available on BareNecessities

  • #11.   Feathers Contour Bra

Feathers Contour Bra

The Natori Feathers Contour Bra is super comfortable and looks seamless underneath clothes. The cups are subtly contoured without any push-up effect. This is the best bra for tweens that want little support without necessarily going braless.

Available on Natori

  • #12.  Mesh T-shirt Bra

Mesh T-shirt Bra

The SAVAGE X FENTY bra collection by Rihanna is sexy and equally diverse. The Mesh t-shirt bra, for instance, has foam cups for additional lift and comes in sizes 38DD to 44DD. The bra offers ultimate support for tweens with large breasts.

Available on Amazon

Which is the Best Bra for Tween?

Any of the bras above will be great for a tween. You definitely want to get a couple of these bras to find out which one will be suitable for your tween.

The above bras are from the best teenage bra brands on the market.


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