11 Year Olds Love these Training Bras for Good Reasons. We Agree!

11 Year Olds Love these Training Bras for Good Reasons. We Agree!

Looking for the best training bras for 11 year olds? We have you covered!

Most parents don’t know exactly when they should get a first bra for their daughter. The bra shopping experience is sometimes awkward and emotional for both parties. Some 11-year old’s will agree to get their first bra while some of their counterparts will hear none of it.

This article on training bras for 11 year olds will take you through the process of introducing  and buying bras for your child.

Let’s get started.

What Are Breast Buds?

Breast buds develop usually during the early stages of breast development. The buds develop faster as girls approach puberty. A tiny lump starts growing under the nipple to form the breast bud.

Some girls may feel soreness and tenderness when their breasts begin to bud, This is quite normal. Some might even become self-conscious, wondering if the breast bud is visible through their clothes. When these happen, it might be an appropriate time for parents to have the bra conversation with their daughters.

When breast buds start to grow, the areola and nipples get bigger and darker. After this, the breasts will start developing more as time goes by,  taking a pointy shape.

Teenage Bra Conversation

Girls with older siblings or friends who are already wearing bras might be eager to have bras of their own. However, some children can’t stand the bra talk or even touch one. Before having the bra talk, keep an open mind and handle the matter with some sensitivity. Remember, an 11-year old with developing breasts may be feeling awkward.

When the breast buds start growing, girls can start to hunching over, quit engaging in sporty activities, lose confidence, and even start comparing their bodies to their friends. With all the body changes, it’s important to allow your 11-year old to feel comfortable and confident.

You should have the bra talk and buy training bras for 11 year olds as soon as you notice the following:

  • Their breasts begin to develop
  • All her close friends are wearing bras
  • She wants to go shopping for bras
  • She has older siblings wearing bras
  • Showing slight discomfort and needs coverage
  • When it comes to sports, she needs extra support
  • If your girl is going for sleepovers or changing at school

A training bra may make her feel comfortable in social gatherings as she develops breasts. The standard age to start wearing training bras is 11 years. However, it differs from one girl to the other, as each experience is different and equally unique.

Shopping for Training Bras for the First Time

There are different bra types in the market in different designs which are not age-appropriate, especially for young girls. Some of the brands target the teen world, but 11-year olds don’t need sexy lace bras or push-up bras at this point in their life.

You can check online at the comfort of your home the different styles available in the market. It will probably relieve you of the stress that comes with bra shopping. You also need to consider where your girl will be wearing the bra. There is a wide selection of bra alternatives that are excellent for everyday wear and can also double up as sportswear.

Training bras are ideal for 11-year olds with developing breast buds since they can’t fit into a regular bra. They offer little coverage and have no lining but can help keep the buds virtually invisible underneath clothes. Make your daughter feel empowered and comfortable as you shop for bras.

Best Training Bras for 11 Year Olds

Here are some of the best training bras for 11 year olds:

#1.  Abercrombie Kids Lace Racerback Bralette

Abercrombie Kids Lace Racerback Bralette

Abercrombie Kids Bralette is simple with lace and racerback design. The bralette would be an ideal introduction to regular bras, especially for girls the age of wearing training bras. It’s soft and does stretch so you can comfortably wear it over the head without the hassle that comes with clasping hooks. Besides, it comes in a wide range of fun colours for your daughter to choose from.

#2.  Fruit of The Loom Spaghetti Strap Sports Bra

Fruit of The Loom Spaghetti Strap Sports Bra

This bra comes in a pack of three. The bra’s fabric is stretchy is machine washable. The fabric offers support while giving the breast buds space to grow. It is available in solid colours, including nude and other colour combinations.

#3.  Yellowberry Ladybug Bra

Yellowberry Ladybug Bra

Yellowberry’s manufacturer got the design from the idea that the first bra should be a real deal. The bras from this brand are particularly made for teenage girls with not only quality in mind, but also comfort and confidence. Your daughter will fall in love with this bra since it has a heavy cotton lining for both coverage and support. It comes in different colours, and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit.

#4.  Justice Velour & Foil Sports Bra

Justice Velour & Foil Sports Bra

Justice Velour Sports bra guarantees comfort for your daughter whether she’s going to class, playing sporty activities, or lounging at home. It would be the best bet for your young fashionista with the foil and velour blocked pattern. The stretchy soft fabric guarantees your 11-year old comfort even while lounging in the house.

#5.  Calvin Klein Seamless Ribbed Racerback Bralette

Calvin Klein Seamless Ribbed Racerback Bralette

Getting your daughter’s first bra is sometimes a task, but this will save all the hassle since it’s a great alternative for newbies. The ribbed knitting provides comfort and stretch. While the adjustable straps guarantee a more customized fit. It’s easy to wear and take off the bra since it is worn over the head and looks great under different clothes.

#6.  Zella Marble Print Achieve Sports Bra

Zella Marble Print Achieve Sports Bra

Zella Marble is among the trendiest sports bras for 11-year olds. The bra’s marble print is both stylish and subtle. The moisture-wicking and breathable fabric will ensure your daughter is comfortable while out sporting. While the stretch fabric will make her forget she is even wearing a bra.

#7.  Jockey Girls Front Closure Cotton Bras

Jockey Girls Front Closure Cotton Bras

A training bra with a front-clasp is the perfect way of introducing your 11-year old to wearing underwear that requires clasping hooks. The two-pack bra comes in different colours and a polka-dot print which young girls love. The bra’s adjustable straps and light cup padding offer ultimate support and shaping for developing breasts.

#8.  Tucker + Tate Purple Cosmic Lace Girls Bralette

Tucker + Tate Purple Cosmic Lace Girls Bralette

Tucker Purple Cosmic Bralette is not only beautiful but comfortable as well with a blend of cotton and spandex. Plus, an 11-year old will fall in love with the purple colour and scalloped edging that adds a touch of femininity to the bra. Lace bralettes are usually perfect for wearing underneath sweaters, t-shirts, and more. The lacy straps are equally beautiful and won’t cause any embarrassment if the shoulders are visible in a wide-necked dress or top.

#9.  Avia Active Sports Bra for Girls

Avia Active Sports Bra for Girls

Avia Active is a compression sports bra for young girls. Getting this bra is the perfect way to keep your daughter more confident during her sporting activities. The moisture-wicking fabric and anti-chafe seams will keep her super comfortable in all circumstances. Also, the bra’s compression fit keeps in virtually invisible underneath t-shirts and tank tops. What’s more, young girls will fall in love with the bra’s trendy pattern and strappy detailing.

#10.    Old Navy Jersey Cami Bra 2-Pack Bras

Old Navy Jersey Cami Bra 2-Pack Bras

Most 11-year olds that want to wear training bras will love the kid-friendly and fun details on these Old Navy Cami bras. The bra is soft and lightweight, adding modesty to developing breasts without the support and shaping that older girls need. If your 11-year old wants extra layer for coverage, then this bra would be your best bet.

#11.   Maidenform Girls Pullover Comfort Lace Bra

Maidenform Girls Pullover Comfort Lace Bra

An underwire in training bras is unnecessary in most cases. However, if your daughter is growing out of standard bralettes and sports bras, this underwire bra will offer all the support she would require. The cups are lightly padded and softly shaped for modesty and coverage. Besides, it’s easy to wear and take off this bra since it has a pull-over design.


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