Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Breasts

Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Breasts

When it comes to lingerie, no woman ever thinks that she has enough in her collection. But for women with smaller breasts, that is almost true.

Most people will agree that you don’t have enough lingerie. Choosing appropriate bras for smaller chests is quite challenging, let alone getting an ideal breast enhancement bra that would help make the boobs look more prominent.

Best Breast Enhancement Bras for Small Breasts?

Currently, the lingerie industry is at its best. Therefore, if you are trying to find a particular type of bra, you will not be disappointed. Here is a list of some of the bras that will help enhance your breasts:

#1.  Calvin Klein Women’s Perfectly Fit Memory Tough T-shirt Bra

Calvin Klein Women's Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra

Available on Amazon

Calvin Klein Women’s Perfectly Fit T-shirt Bra does offer full coverage. It features lightly lined cups with some Memory Touch. It’s this specific component which brings maximum comfort into play. Besides, the perfect fit is also a result of the Memory Touch.

The current styles rank is as an ideal t-shirt bra for women with small breasts. The bra is also perfect if you want to make your boobs appear more significant than their actual size. It also features double-layered bonded wings, which provides invisibility and soft support.

The band of the bra comfortably wraps around the body. The cups offer full coverage of the breasts. And the bra’s fabric is a blend of both spandex and nylon and feels soft against the body as well. It’s not only the memory foam that molds naturally to the breasts shape that makes this bra perfect, but also others features.

Calvin Klein Memory Touch T-shirt Bra additionally keeps the breasts closer together, and this prevents unwanted cleavage space. However, the straps of this bra don’t stay in place since they keep falling off. The primary cause of this drawback is because the straps are not fully adjustable.


  • It’s ideal for outfits with low-neck
  • The bra’s fabric is smooth hence doesn’t cause any irritations to the skin
  • It has a perfect customized fit


  • The straps of the bra are not fully adjustable

#2.  Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Embellished Push-Up Bra

Maidenform Women's Ultimate Embellished Push Up Bra

Available on Amazon

It’s an ideal bra for women with small breasts. You shouldn’t wear clothing that would make your bust appear bigger, but instead opt for a push-up bra. Push-up bras are known to help enhance the shape of the breasts, like this Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Push-Up Bra!

Maidenform Push-up Bra falls in the category which is famous for redefining comfort levels. The bra will meet your expectations since each element is specifically designed to offer unparalleled comfort.

The bra’s fabric is exceptionally soft on the inside and outside as well. It also features lightweight and plush padding on the cups. The bra has a plunging neckline which most women find ideal when it comes to bras.

The lingerie has some lace detailing yet still offers lift and enhances the breasts too. It’s padded just below the shelf cups, and that’s what gives the breasts a fuller and rounder shape. Ideal for pushing the breasts up just like the name suggests!

However, Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Push-Up Bra has its straps attached right below the band. The straps of any bra should always attach between the band material. The straps, therefore, tend to rub against the skin, and this can irritate.


  • The push-up bra is quite flexible and also very soft
  • The padding of the bra is super comfortable since it’s of the right amount
  • The band is ideal for any skin type even for those with sensitive skin


  • The straps are not fully adjustable
  • The straps are attached below the band in place of in-between

#3.  Natori Women’s Feathers Contour Plunge Bra

Natori Women Feathers Bra Contour Plunge 730023

Available on Amazon

Natori Women’s Feathers Contour Bra has a plunging neckline which makes it stand out. It also enhances the shape of the breasts and makes them appear more significant than their actual size. The bra also offers quite a dramatic and stunning coverage.

The bra features contour cups and an underwire. The bra straps are both adjustable, and they also stretch. It’s not only functional but also look attractive, thanks to the semi-sheer lace material sheer panels. The neckline has some lace detailing which makes the bra all the more stunning. The bra additionally has a molded mesh covering on the outer part which helps enhance the chest.

Natori Women’s Feathers Contour Plunge Bra takes a basic t-shirt design and leaves no gapping on the cups.

However, the bra cups tend to run small you, therefore, need to go up a size. But, it’s also a good thing for women with small breasts.


  • The bra does soften and stretch with wear
  • It features a helpful, flexible lace edging
  • It’s ideal for small widely-set breasts


  • The cup sizing of this bra is not always accurate

#4.  Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Wireless Bra

Hanes Women's Convertible Seamless Wire Free Bra

Available on Amazon

Hanes Women’s Convertible Seamless Wireless Bra is ideal for lounging. It works perfectly well when it comes to enhancing the shape and size of the breasts. It has a customized fit and a deep neck design. The style remains virtually invisible even under low-cut tops. The bra additionally features comfort flex – a four-directional stretch which provides flexibility in regards to the fit. In other words, this lingerie can mold comfortably to your natural shape.

The bra is also convertible which makes it versatile. You can, therefore, wear it in a crisscross or regular. It’s also wholly tag-free, which means that the bra is super comfortable since tags are known to irritate.

Hanes Women’s Convertible Wireless Bra has a patterns ability which comes in handy in removing the space between the cups and the breasts. However, the fabric lining around the neckline wrinkles after several washes.


  • The bra has a four-directional stretch fabric
  • The straps allow for regular and crisscross design
  • The bra has reinforced stitching on the sides which helps push the chest forward


  • The bra has no removable pad pockets
  • The fabric lining which is around the edges tends to wrinkle after a few washes

#5.  Parfait Charlotte 6901 Padded Underwire Support Bra

Parfait Charlotte 6901 Padded Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

Not all bras that increase the cup size offers high-level support. When the primary focus is on enhancing the breasts, bras tend to compromise on comfort. However, this shouldn’t be the case since lack of support makes the breasts to lose firmness or sag. Bra with padding makes the breasts to appear more prominent.

The padding in the cups is evenly spread out, and it, however, has no additional bulk on the breasts. The padded cups add the right volume to the bust with no extra push. The bra has other notable features like the fold-over neckline, side boning, and power net wing. All these features aid in support and comfort. The straps feature a plush elastic adjustable fabric.

However, you will get a flaw by just looking at the bra. The black detailing embellished on the cups is visible underneath clothing with both sheer and thick layers.


  • The bra has a firm band that fits comfortably even on the tightest hook
  • The bra has round cups which makes have a flattering look
  • The straps are widely set ideal for women with narrow shoulders and smaller breasts as well


  • The cups black detailing is visible underneath clothing
  • The band is larger

#6.  Warner Women’s Easy Does It No Dig Seamless Wire-Free Bra

Warner's Women's Easy Does It No Dig Wire-Free Bra

Available on Amazon

Warner Women’s Seamless Wire-Free Bra will make small breasts appear more prominent and also doesn’t dig into the skin. The design has a stretch fabric which is a blend of nylon and spandex, which means it can comfortably accommodate your shape naturally. The bra seamless, it can, therefore, remain invisible underneath clothing.

The band is quite broad at the bottom, and it does rest on the skin smoothly. The bra’s sizing is versatile, and the fit is entirely secure. The bra has convertible straps, and you can, therefore, wear them regularly or in crisscross design using the snaps. You can comfortably adjust the straps of this bra from the front. The bra is perfect for enhancement, convenience, and comfort as well.

However, the band is thick enough yet doesn’t stay put.


  • The bra offers high-level support
  • The bra features a low-scoop neck which helps create a gorgeous cleavage
  • Ever after wearing severally, it does wash perfectly well


  • The band is very thick

#7.  Hanes Women’s Oh So Light Comfort Wire-Free Bra

Hanes Women's Oh So Light Comfort Wire Free

Available on Amazon

Hanes Women’s Comfort Wire-Free Bra offers maximum comfort, is lightweight and feels soft against the skin as compared to other bras in this list.

The bra is super light and features flexible foam cups and a comfortable band. The bra’s band offers support, and the cups will keep you comfortable. Besides, the cups also help shape your breasts. The invisible sleek design makes the bra more appealing. It’s seamless and super comfortable underneath clothing.

However, the place where straps usually connect to the bra at the back does feel itchy on the skin. But, if you love this bra, that’s something you can overlook.


  • The bra is equally soft and breathable even when working out
  • The bra has enough padding for comfort
  • It does wash and dry with no shrinks


  • The band does stretch out over time
  • The strap attachment feels uncomfortable at the back

#8.  Liangpin Women’s Wireless Push-Up Bra

Liangpin Women Push up Bra Bralette Padded Wireless No Side Effects Soft Comfy 34-44 AB

Available on Amazon

Liangpin Women’s is proof that wire-free push-up bras are as effective as those with wires. However, that’s not the only quality feature in this bra. It’s an ideal bra for breast enhancement and the best wire-free push-up bra as well.

The bra’s push-up is exquisite and supportive, too, with a super comfortable and soft fabric. The band is thick for extra support. The bra has a customized fit with adjustable straps. The bra features a pattern which helps create cleavage, along with the high-level backing. Besides, this bra has no side effects!

Additionally, the band of the bra also comes in handy in equalizing pressure on both sides. However, the cups of the bra can give you very pointy peaks.


  • The bra’s fabric is durable, silky, and breathable
  • The bra features four hooks to provide an excellent fit


  • The cups of the bra make the breasts to appear slightly pointy

#9.  Eomenie Sticky Bra Self-Adhesive Push-Up Cups Stick-On Boobs

Eomenie Sticky Bra Self-Adhesive Backless Push Up Cups Stick on Boobs for Women

Available on Amazon

Eomenie Sticky Bra Self-Adhesive Stick-On Boobs is perfect for open-back tops and dresses and additionally makes the breasts look more prominent.

The push-up bra has stick-on with a closure right at the center, which helps create a gorgeous cleavage. It’s also ideal for wearing underneath tops with plunging necklines. The bra also features a biological gel in the cups, which is skin-friendly. Additionally, it helps the bra stay in place throughout the day once you adhere it to the skin.

The push-up stick-on cups are quite flexible; hence doesn’t restrict any movement. However, the bra has some drawbacks when you sweat. Even a little boob-sweat affects the adhesive, which is quite natural.


  • The bra creates a gorgeous cleavage while keeping the nipples and seams invisible
  • The clasp is high enough and doesn’t rub against the skin


  • The bra is not ideal for workouts and high temperature
  • Washing the bra requires some special treatment

#10.  The Little Bra Company Women’s Lucia Bra

The Little Bra Company Women's Lucia Bra

Available on Amazon

Every woman should have this bra in her lingerie collection. The Little Bra Company Women’s Lucia Bra works perfectly well when it comes to enhancing the shape of the breasts.

The bra features smooth cups, a deep plunge, and a beautiful lace overlay. When all these features combine, they tend to create a cleavage-enhancing look. And this makes it an ideal bra for women with small breasts who want them to appear more significant than their actual size.

You can wear this bra under outfits with low-cut necklines. Besides, Lucia Bra has convertible straps, and you can, therefore, convert to halter or racerback design. However, the bra is not of high quality. But you can get it for that pushed-up look thanks to the integrated pads, and the deep plunge at the front.


  • The bra has enough padding at the bottom for lift
  • It features an exquisite sheer lace fabric
  • The cup lining is quite soft and is made with cotton for additional comfort


  • The bra’s fabric is of low quality
  • The bra is not perfect for women with wider-set breasts

Why Women with Small Breasts Should Wear Bras

Women with small breasts often wonder if they need support. And this is mainly because there’s usually nothing much to support. But you are wrong if you share this school of thought. Breast tissues regardless of their size, can lose firmness and also sag. It’s not only women with more massive breasts who tend to suffer sagging. Therefore, the sole purpose is to get the appropriate fit and style as well. In short, the bra should fit comfortably.

The bra should lift and push the breasts together, to enhance the chest. However, comfort and support are equally essential. Bra support depends on how the breast tissues sit. More massive breasts have a larger bottom. They, therefore, benefit from longline bras or thicker bands. Fuller sides would demand a broad back, along with some hooks for optimal fit. You should consequently not cancel them out since you think your breast tissues are smaller, hence not prone to losing firmness and sagging. Bras designed with padding and thick bands tend to save the breasts from the pull of gravity.

Types of Bras That Make Small Breasts to Appear Bigger

T-shirt Bra

t-shirt bra

T-shirt Bras offer fullness and shape to the breasts, which will make them more significant. They are also super comfortable and supportive, making it perfect for everyday wear. T-shirt bras also help in keeping the breasts together, which means no gapping. However, this bra is not ideal when it comes to creating cleavage. T-shirt bras are great for both large and small breasts alike.

Strapless Bra

strapless bra

A padded strapless bra will make your breasts look more prominent with a push-up bra.

Wireless Bra


wireless bra

Wireless Bras can make small breasts appear more significant than their actual size. These bras also offer high-level support and comfort.

Every woman knows how relieving it is to take off your bra at the end of the day. And this is not the case with wire-free bras. Even though these bras push the breasts together and also lift, it doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Push-up Bra


push up bra

Women with small breasts find it easy getting push-up bras. In fact, in most cases, these are the best bras for smaller breasts to look more prominent. Push-up bras provide the perfect breast boost and cleavage as well. The bra features silicone trimmings which makes the breasts to appear fuller. If you find push-up bras uncomfortable, you can go for bra inserts which are the next best option.

Instant Cup Lift Bra

instant cup lift bra

Instant Cup Bras will help increase your cup size. These bras are super comfortable and flexible, thereby adding more appeal.


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