D Cup Size: How Big Are D Boobs?

d cup size

D Cup Size: How Big Are D Boobs?

How big is a D cup size? How much do D boobs weigh? What are the best bras for D cup breasts? Read on to find out the answers to your questions.

D cup boobs are massive. The biggest bra size for women with big breasts is DD cup, or so you thought. C cup size falls on the larger average side.

B is great, almost a handful.

A and AA are the smallest bra sizes.

The above description of the different cup sizes is relative. However, we are going all out on the calculations while keeping it simple and straightforward for the doubting Thomases.

D cup bras are large but not as huge. This is coming from someone who wears a 28GG.

28D Cup Breasts in Cleo Juna Balconette Bra 28GG Breasts in Curvy Kate Smoothing Moulded Bra

By now, you all know that the bra’s cup and band sizes are relative. This means that a woman can measure about 38” overbust and still fit in a D cup size and another with the same measurement can weas a GG.  The difference is in the bra’s band size.

In this case, the one wearing the GG cup size measures 38” overbust and 28” ribcage circumference and her counterpart 38” and 34” respectively.

The 28GG and 34D bra sizes have two different cup sizes but a similar overbust measurement. They almost look the same but when it comes to the cups, one is a D and the other a GG – well, food for thought!

In a different scenario, with a 43” overbust measurement you can comfortably wear an E cup size, just like a woman who measures 34 inches. The first person is a 28E while the second one is a 38E. The cup size is the same but different measurements on the fullest part of the breasts.

The band size will help you know the actual cup size of the bra. Check the pictures below of women wearing G and D cup sizes respectively.

30D Breasts in Freya Patsy Padded Half Cup Bra

30G Breasts in Freya Patsy Padded Half Cup Bra

32D Breasts in Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra

32G Breasts in Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra

34D Breasts in Cleo Marcie Balconette Bra

34G Breasts in Cleo Marcie Balconette Bra

Different breasts sizes can look the same but have different cup sizes. This is the sister sizing theory as you can maintain a similar cup volume by increasing the band size and vice versa.

32A to 38D bras are easily available in stores. However, they are not as common as we are made to believe.

Wearing between cup sizes A to D means the difference in inches between the overbust and the underbust falls between 1 to 4, from the smallest to the largest respectively. Therefore, you can conclude that the biggest difference in women’s breast sizes is only 4 inches.

Most women wear D cup sizes since they tend to go for the nearest cup volume with a perfect fit. For instance, a 28GG wears 34D and 32DD bra sizes for lack of options or assumption that there are no bigger cup sizes.

You should explore different brands to get a fitting bra. This is especially for women with large breasts.

Marketing strategies and the media has led many women to believe that only certain cup sizes exist. When they tell you Katie Price, has 32DD breasts you don’t question because she has a petite frame.

DD is a large cup size with 32 being a small band size. By the way, a DD cup is the same as an E cup. It’s only that a DD is based on UK bra sizes while and E cup is based on US bra sizes.

Back to our discussion, when they say Katie Price is a 32DD (E), that makes the difference between her ribcage circumference and overbust 5 inches.

It’s easy be of the opinion that she really is a 32DD after her breast enhancement surgery. You couldn’t be more wrong!

As a professional bra fitter, my estimation of her breast size would probably be a 26JJ or 24K. However, finding bras in these sizes is an uphill task. Literally!

A 28J would also fit just fine since it’s easily available but band sizes 30 and 32 will be too big.

Society uses ill-fitting bras to display what is deemed as incredible cleavage, with ASOS and Victoria’s Secret being the most notorious brands. However, they have bras in correct sizes that fit their models perfectly. That’s how most women end up wearing the wrong bra size. This happens due to unavailability of bras in bigger cup sizes, knowledge on sizing, and fitting opportunity.

The right bra size will make you feel more comfortable and well supported. Women who wear DD+ cup sizes can check out some of our best bra recommendations for plus size on our website.

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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