Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Vinegar Under My Breasts?

Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Vinegar Under My Breasts?

Have you every found out that sometimes, sweat smells like vinegar under breasts? If so, we’ll tell you why this happens in the article below.

Women with larger breasts can relate too well with the struggle that comes with managing boob sweat. Sweating is normal as it is healthy. Your body temperature tends to rise due to hormonal shifts, heat, exercise or stress. When any of these happen, sweating helps keep the internal body temperature stable.

Sweating helps maintain an optimum body temperature by releasing heat. However, it can be unsettling to find that your sweat smells like vinegar under the breasts. This is even more unwelcoming especially when they are totally saturated.

Fortunately, it’s normal for sweat under the breasts to smell like vinegar. And this happens to a lot of women. You are not the only one with this problem.

Read on to find out the most common reasons why sweat smells like vinegar under breasts.

Causes of Sweat Smelling Like Vinegar Under the Breasts

  • 1. Excess sugar in your diet

Excessive amounts of sugar in your diet can cause your sweat to smell like vinegar under breasts. Breakdown of sugar occurs in the bloodstream, taking another form like an unattractive shapeshifter that turns to acidic compounds with a vinegar odor when you sweat. Besides, sweat smelling like vinegar can also be a symptom of diabetes.

Seek medical attention before resorting to make any diet changes. If your diet contains a lot of sugar and your sweat smells like vinegar under the breasts, the problem could be in the sugar breakdown.

  • 2. You sweat a lot

Sweat makes the breasts smell like vinegar and not necessarily the skin around it. When sweating, the body usually produces a stinking waste. To get rid of the smell, you need to bath regularly or use deodorant to prevent the build up that can lead to the vinegar-like odor.

sweating under the arms

During summer, the body tends to produce a lot of sweat especially under the breasts. This could be the cause of the vinegar-like smell.

  • 3. Infection or bacterial growth

When you sweat, the body produces a smelly fluid through the glands. First off, the entire body is typically covered with eccrine glands that are responsible for regulating body temperature. Sweat on this area evaporates almost immediately leaving very little or no smell at all.

The apocrine glands, on the other hand, are in a different color. The glands are found in the ears, breasts, genitals and armpits. The work of these glands in the body include forming wax forming in the ears and production breast milk. This means that they produce protein as well.

Identifying the vinegar smell when the apocrine glands protein combines with salt from the eccrine glands is quite easy. This is unless you eat chips and fish regularly. In case of excessive sweating, keep the area under your breasts dry to prevent build up of bacteria that can result in rashes. Moreover, an anti-fungal will come in handy in such scenarios.

Body odor can also make your sweat to smell like vinegar under the breasts. Handling this type of smell can be tricky but there’s a remedy.

How to Prevent Vinegar Smelling Sweat Under Breasts

Here is how to prevent sweat smelling like vinegar under breasts:

  • Keep your bras clean

Wearing a bra several times without washing can cause this type of odor. Wash your bras regularly and change them daily when the temperatures are high. This will help with circulation of air and keeping the area under the breasts dry.

Here is a guide on how to clean a bra properly.

  • Use regular deodorants

An aluminium-free deodorant doesn’t block sweat but instead, blocks odor. The deodorants have some antibacterial components typically designed to get rid of the smell-causing bacteria thriving on sweat protein. One of the deodorants we recommend is Native Deo.


Some deodorants that contain aluminium block pores instead of sweat. As a result, this makes the breasts to smell like vinegar. Be careful when using aluminum-infused deodorants, especially under the breasts, since aluminium is also associated with different diseases.

  • Healthy eating

Seek medical attention if you are concern and feel your diet could be a contributing factor. The doctor should help you balance the sugar levels in your body to improve your overall health and hygiene. Changing your diet will also affect your weight.

  • Wear cotton bras

Wearing cotton bras helps the skin breathe effortlessly and keep you fresh throughout the day, especially when the temperatures are high. The rope-like cotton construction makes it an ideal workout fabric since it wicks moisture away from the body and prevents you from being all sticky from sweat.

Here are the best cotton bras to buy.

  • Use baby wipes, powder or corn starch

Using corn starch, baby powder and wipes on the breasts helps prevent rashes such as intertrigo and chafing. Intertrigo is a common underboob infection that can result in the formation of fungi and bacteria triggering the vinegar-like smell.

The Honest Company baby wipes


Clean your skin using baby wipes and apply corn starch or powder to block the sweat.

  • Maintain hygiene

Good hygiene will help you get rid of any body odor, including the vinegar-like smell under your breasts. Use warm water and soap to remove the dirt trapped in the pores. You can also exfoliate the entire chest area.

Taking regular baths and maintaining good hygiene will remove that smell.

  • Consider Botox, if everything else fails

Botox typically shuts down the sweat glands, which in turn lowers odor intensity. It can foster odorous substances to rebalance gland secretions and prevent unpleasant smells.

Now you know why sweat smells like vinegar under breasts and what you can do to prevent the smell.


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