If You Have Sensitive Skin, Dermatologists Say You Need these Bras!

best organic cotton bras

If You Have Sensitive Skin, Dermatologists Say You Need these Bras!

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll need bras made from natural materials like cotton. These bras are breathable and do not irritate the skin. But which are the best organic cotton bras on the market? Read on to find out.

Breasts are the most sensitive part of the body. Therefore, it is only prudent that you take care of and treat them right. This means keeping them clean and wearing fitting bras to support them when going out.

However, not just any bra would be right for your breasts. The best bra is one that is both fitting and comfortable to your skin,

If you have any form of allergy, you should avoid bras made from synthetic materials. Such materials can react with your skin and leave you with unsightly rashes. Instead, you want to go for bras made from organic materials such as silk and cotton.

Cotton bras are the best organic bras on the market. The material is breathable and will keep the sister cool during the day. While silk bras are also organic, they are not as breathable as cotton bras. Therefore, they are not the best bras for everyday wear.

The best organic cotton bras fit well and offer ultimate breast support, regardless of your body size and shape.

After scouring the internet, we came up with some of the best organic cotton bras in the market. All the bras in this article are perfect. However, it can be challenging to tell the ideal fit for your body based on the descriptions. Therefore, make sure you dig through the customer reviews to have a better idea of both the comfort and fit for your body frame.

Apart from this, measure your bust and band size to know your true size before ordering a bra.

With that said, here are the best organic bras on the market.

Best Organic Cotton Bras

#1.  Swegmark of Sweden Women’s Wellness Dots Organic Cotton Wireless Bra

Swegmark of Sweden Women’s Wellness Dots Organic Cotton Wireless Bra

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Swegmark Wellness Organic Cotton Bra is an ideal everyday bra. The bra is super-comfortable, functional and quite sexy. This bra features lightly lined cups that enhance the shape of the breasts. Moreover, its shoulder straps are padded for comfort.

The Swegmark cotton bra comes in sizes 34B up to 46DDD. From the customer reviews online, the bra is true to size and comfortable, even for well endowed women.

This bra offers full coverage and has no underwire. However, it doesn’t compromise on support.

#2.  Naturana Women’s Underwire Soft Cup Cotton Bra

Naturana Women’s Underwire Soft Cup Cotton Bra

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The Naturana Underwire Soft Cup Bra comes in a pack of two and in sizes 34B up to 42D. The bra’s is made from soft organic cotton and feels great against the skin. The hooks at the back and underwire offer great support to the breasts.

The bra is incredibly comfortable for both women with small and big breasts alike. Moreover it does remain virtually invisible under clothes.

#3.  Majamas Organic Padded Sporty Bra

Majamas Organic Padded Sporty Bra

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The Majamas Organic Padded bra is available in sizes 30A to 40G. This bra is ideal for women whose breast sizes tend to fluctuate.

The bra comes in different cup sizes and will also be perfect for nursing and pregnant women. Its fabric feels soft against the skin.

This is a perfect bra for everyday wear since it has pad inserts. Moreover, you can sleep in it.

However, the Majamas padded bra isn’t entirely supportive compared to regular sports bras. Still, you can wear it for light activities like walking and yoga.

#4.  Naturana Women’s Non-Wired Soft Cotton Bra

Naturana Women’s Non-Wired Soft Cotton Bra

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Naturana Women’s Soft Cotton Bra is super comfortable and wireless. Therefore, you won’t experience any poking or prodding of the bra. The soft and substantial bra is well-made and has a thick lining that covers the nipples and keep them invisible underneath the clothes. This bra can be worn insider and outside the house

The Naturana bra is available in sizes 34B to 40D. The bra has an additional row of hooks for a more customized fit. This wide-strapped bra is ideal for women with heavy breasts.

#5.  Soul Flower Organic Cotton Bralette

Soul Flower Organic Cotton Bralette

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The Soul Flower Cotton Bralette is comfortable and  makes small breasts look bigger. The light organic cotton bralettecomes in sizes 30A to 38D and is ideal for light workout sessions, like yoga, or just lounging around the house.

This bra is soft, stretchy and designed for small cup size women.

However, the bralette only has a thin fabric layer. Therefore, it doesn’t offer much coverage. If you have prominent nipples, you may want to wear it with breast pads to avoid unwanted stares.

#6.  Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Bra

Kindred Bravely Extra Soft Organic Cotton Bra

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The Kindred Bravely Organic Cotton Bra caters for women with less conventional bra cup sizes. The bra fits different cup sizes, ranging from B up to G and band sizes 28 to 40. Every size accommodates about three different bra cup sizes.

The bra has a cross-over design at the front, which makes it ideal for breastfeeding mothers. The comfortable bra is wireless, stretchy, and supports the breasts well.

The bra is easy to wear and take off over the head. Moreover, it holds the breasts securely in place even as you bend forward.

#7.  Cottonique Hyperallergic Racerback Crop Top Bra

Cottonique Hyperallergic Racerback Crop Top Bra

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The Cottonique Racerback Crop Top Bra comes in sizes 32B to 44D. The hypoallergic bra is free of spandex and latex. The bra is made of organic cotton but has a stretchy band, has no padding but comes with removable straps.

The bra offers ultimate support and its breathable fabric will keep you fresh throughout the day. This bra keeps the breasts in place. However, its sizing runs small. Therefore, go up a size.

#8.  Lakhays Organic Cotton Aztec Sunrise Yoga Bra

Lakhays Organic Cotton Aztec Sunrise Yoga Bra

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Small chested women need support, just like their counterparts with large breasts. When it comes to sports bras, Lakhays Organic Cotton Sunrise Bra is the best bet for smaller breasts for light to medium impact activities.

The bra feels soft against the skin, offers full coverage, and is long-lasting. The bra is quite thick, can be worn without a top, and comes in sizes 30A up to 34D.

#9.  Majamas Organic Buxom Bra

Majamas Organic Buxom Bra

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The Majamas Organic Bra comes in sizes 30A to 48G. This bra is lightweight and offers little support, which makes it great for lounging around the house. The bra is quite soft with a thin yet durable layer that lasts even after several washes.

However, you will need to go up a size since it tends to run small.

#10.  Cottonique Hypoallergic Racerback Front Closure Support Bra

Cottonique Hypoallergic Racerback Front Closure Support Bra

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The Cottonique Hypoallergic Front Closure Bra is one of the best organic cotton bras on the market. This front closure bra is made with 100% organic cotton and is both latex- and spandex-free.

Front closure bras are ideal for women with limited ability as they have a convenient clasp making them quite easy to put on and also take off.

The bra looks great under loosely fitting clothes and works perfectly for women with back problems. The bra comes in sizes 34B to 44D.

However, it is not very supportive for large breasts.

What to Consider When Buying Organic Cotton Bras

To find the best organic cotton bra for you, consider your lifestyle and preferences. Also, check the following:

i) Comfort

There are different types of bras on the market. Choose a bra that is comfortable, matches your body frame and will work with your outfits.

Also, check the support offered by the bra. If you have large breasts, go for bras with thick straps, side panels, hook and eye closures, and full coverage. These bras offer adequate support. Thick bands and underwires also offer additional breast support.

However, some underwires can dig into the skin. If you usually experience digging, go for bras with an arched panel at the center.

If you have small shoulders, choose convertible and racerback bras. These bras prevent the straps from slipping off.

Also, consider different bra cups for different bra shapes and sizes. For instance, if your breasts can’t fill a molded cup bra, you can instead try a demi bra. Alternatively, go for bra sister sizes.

There are different bras in the market. Therefore, don’t settle for one that doesn’t fit well. The best organic cotton bras should feel soft against the skin and also offer support.

Depending on what you want from a bra, look at the different styles available. If you want comfort, choose a wireless organic cotton bra. If you want something breathable and lightweight, go for unpadded and unlined bras.

Organic Cotton Bra Sizing

Most organic cotton bras are breathable, lightweight, and designed for women with smaller breasts. Therefore, if you are well-endowed, pay attention to the sizing chart.

Moreover, bras without underwires and hook-and-eye closures might use large/medium/small sizing. These sizes may be different from one brand to the other. Always check the bra sizing chart and customer reviews on fit and comfort before buying an organic cotton bra.

Bras made from 100% cotton are breathable. However, they are not very stretchable. If you want a bra that stretches well, look for one infused with some spandex. This is especially if you don’t have sensitive skin.

However, if you have sensitive skin, stick to 100% organic cotton bras.


Organic cotton bras are not only comfortable but also goo for breast health. You can find fitting bras if you pay attention to your body frame.


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