What is a Balconette or Balcony Bra?

What is a Balconette or Balcony Bra?

It is always a stressful to go shopping for a new bra. The moments you are trying to find out the best bra you should buy is still the difficult one. The article breaks down for you what a balconette bra is and the best time that you should wear it.

A balconette bra is a must-have in your wardrobe. It is a version of full coverage bra which is very sexy, especially for those who like showing off the cleavage. The balconette bra has half to three quarter bra cups that provide a lift to your melons, giving you a more pronounced melons cleavage.

The Balcony Bra (Balconette Bra)

The bra provides support to the lower parts of your breasts and its sides leaving the upper part open thus the name balcony bra. The bra works best for dresses and low-cut tops. The bra gives you all-day support plus extra comfort and doesn’t leave parts of your breasts exposed. The bra will make you sexy and yet still enable you to be professional at work.

woman wearing a balconette bra

Cups Height

The cups aren’t huge you compare them to the full coverage bra. The fact doesn’t lower the coverage level as the other market low cut bras. The regular balconette covers in the range of 1/2 to 2/3 of your melons. The coverage is enough, and you will be comfortable all through.

More lingerie that is not for daily use is present in the market. The underwear has little to not a single cup.

Strap Width

The strap width for the balconette bra is more extensive in comparison to other bras. The design ensures that the straps are closer to your shoulder. The feature makes your cleavage to be well visible. When wearing your square cut blouses with no worries of the straps showing.

The straps can come with additional padding or width that will be the best for the women who have broader shoulders. However, not all balconette bra will have the option of a widespread strap.

A more significant number of the balconette bras come with additional padding that makes the bra to be very comfortable to wear. The balconette will give you enough support while keeping you in the trend.

Cup Support

The cups in the bra are not entirely in the cover of the breasts. How does it achieve the purpose of providing support and comfort? The balconette bra has higher sides that enable them to give enough support to the breasts. The bottom part of the melons gets help from the lift created by the bra.

The balconette includes padding essential for lifting and the provision of the shape inside the cups. Going for the naturally unlined design is a choice as well.

When to Wear a Balconette Bra

When we compare a regular Full coverage bra or T-shirt bra to the balconette, the latter is at a higher standard. The main characteristic is that they provide the best comfort and have cute and sexy designs that will entice you.

Daily Work Wear

For your daily workwear, consider going for a very smooth and on that is unlined. You are sure of a full day of comfort and support. The padded shoulder straps and higher sidebands are responsible for support and comfort.

woman wearing a balconette bra while at work

The design provides the cleavage on your melons and will look sexy and professional in that work outfit. Although for a better showing off the beautiful cleavage, the balconette is best for after work.

Running Errands

The central role of the balconette bra is for is the provision of support. While you are doing your tasks, the bra will give enough support and keep you comfortable. Consider this as your first choice, and you will not have to worry about the amount of support and comfort that you will get while running your daily errands.

Special Events

You want to shine and be the center of focus at that great event? The balconette bra will do this for you. The space that they leave exposing the cleavage the breasts make the balconette an excellent match for that black party dress.

The strapless bras that are available may also entice you. You may decide to leave the straps of as your outfit may be more in exposing the shoulder.

In the Lingerie Drawer

The balconette bra covers all breast size, including those who are bustier. All the design fits, including those that have no cups. The support is still the same, no matter what brand you choose.

Not for The Gym

From the characteristics of the bra, you must be understanding that it won’t work for the gym. For working out, find a quality sports bra instead. The best bra for work out should hold the breasts together to give support.

Balconette for Busty Women

For any occasion that you will go wearing the bra, you will notice it is the best. Depending on your body shape the balconette will remain to be the best bra in the provision of comfort and necessary support to the breasts.

busty woman wearing a balconette bra

Features of a Balconette Bra

The balconette bra has several features that make achieve its purpose of support and comfort provision.

  • High side straps
  • Open cleavage top
  • Partial cup coverage
  • Wide-set straps

The bra is a great choice courtesy of the cleavage, and the support features that it has. The brand works well for the women who have large busts or those who are curvy. The bra holds the breasts evenly while giving enough support all day long.

For the individuals who have narrow shoulders, the broad set of straps may make you very uncomfortable if you are having the bra as it may not fit correctly. For such cases ensure you select the size that you will be comfortable in throughout the day.


The balconette bra is a must-have in your wardrobe. Depending on how you desire to use it, whether for daily use or as for special events, it works well for you.  The higher levels of comfort and support the bra offers will make you fill your wardrobe with the balconette bra.

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