What is a Water Bra?

What is a Water Bra?

Currently, nearly all bra companies strive to cater to women of all breast sizes and shapes. Water bra is among the many bra designs in the market, whose design specially provides high-level support and maximum comfort while also adding some natural boost to the breasts. So, what exactly is a water bra and should it be put on consideration when it comes to choosing what to wear?

A water bra contains some water in it, specifically on the padding. At first, it may sound a little weird. The filling has a design with a combination of both oil and water. It helps in creating a cushion which enhances the chest.

Bras have a history since time immemorial, but the water bras became a hit in the early years of the 2000s. Many women were thrilled with these bras, or so to say.

It was because the water bras did promote the promise to keep enhancing the look of the breasts, particularly for women with small breasts. These bras did just that and continue to perform its task perfectly well.

wearing a bra


Some people would argue that the water bra only became a fashion craze due to the designer’s choice of fabric. They term it as a bit odd. You can’t find many clothing items that take pride in using water, and this made these bras to stand out from the rest in the market.

The water bras are still quite a perfect fit for the right people, although they are not as fashionable and trendy as they were some years back.

Why You Should Wear the Water Bra

If you want to enhance your features and easily accentuate the cleavage, the water bra will give you a run for your money.

Also, consider wearing these bras if you have a feeling that other bras aren’t giving you the enhancement you desire. Alternatively, if the bras in your collection don’t make the breasts look quite natural, you should think of getting a water bra!

Fashion Forms Water Bra is ideal as it uses a combination of water and body oil and also feels so natural on the chest. The bra additionally gives the breasts a serious lift.  Check out the prices on Amazon.

What Are Water Bras Made Of?

Water bras have water in them. However, there’s a process and some ingredients which help the bras to function seamlessly. Majority of us only focus on the water part of it, but both oil and water fill the bras, thereby serving as cushions.

However, the bras have fabric around the padding which has water in it. People will not necessarily notice you are putting on a water bra. The bras are sturdy and rigid, which aid in potential breaking. It’s quite annoying when the oil and water start to drip halfway through your day!

Therefore, the only significant difference between these water bras and push bras is in the padding. Push up bras filling is made of foam. On the other hand, water bras padding has a mixture of both oil and water.

Additional Materials in a Water Bra

Most fillers are usually oil and water. However, we have new bras in the market made of gel substances which are thicker as compared to the 2000s water bras. In overall, the gel bras work just like their counterparts with some water filling.

Other brands use baby oil in some of their products, as it tends to help with the texture of the bra on the area with padding.

In conclusion, inserts with water filling are currently quite trendy. You can take out the supplements from a bra, then add to virtually any type of bra with padding to aid in the overall appearance.  You won’t find a lot of difference in water bras.  However, we see improvement and some advancement in the undergarment market niche.

The Body Type That Benefits the Most

The water bras did replace or instead came out as the best version of the standard push up bras. In their 20 years in the market, they eventually did carve a place in the undergarment world. But who did the designer have in mind when creating this bra?

In overall, these bras are among the ideal breast enhancers which also tends to accentuate cleavage, most notably for people with smaller chests. Like push up bras made for small melons which focuses on lifting the breasts towards the middle of the chest, water bras also perform a similar task.

Sagging breasts isn’t new to women of any age out there. People don’t talk about it enough, and this can make it challenging to get a helpful solution which will satisfy everyone. However, a water bra is a perfect recommendation for any woman with saggy breasts since their primary focus is on lifting.

push up bra

Is This Bra Ideal for Women with Large Breasts?

If you still wondering if you can wear this bra since you have a bigger bust, here’s some advice. Maybe you shouldn’t. Water bras that cater to big breasts are often overly padded, which will not be of any help. If anything, it tends to weigh you down.

From our research, you can get better alternatives if you fall on the big breast’s category:

  1. If you need minimum bounce and shape, you can go for push up bras made for bigger breasts for DD, D or even more significant. The style is quite modern and might work better.
  2. If your breasts are saggy, you can get the best bras explicitly made for pendulous breasts. The bras employ thicker bands and the best underwires.
  3. If you have a feeling that the breasts are all over the place, avoid the water bra, and go for any supportive minimizer bra that will offer the breasts high-level support.

One of the main reasons you should get a water bra is when you are trying to find a way that will help with sagging. And, for a unique shape, they can be the correct fit. You should try it.

Types of Water Bras

Ever since water bras came to the market, you can get different styles for multiple situations and outfits. The water bra is available in three forms: plunge, push up, and demi.

Push Up Water Bras

Most of the bras with water that people purchase is in a classic push up design. Several people get water bras to aid in accentuating the breasts, so it’s not entirely surprising that it’s an original style.

Push Up Water Bras

It combines with a sturdy fabric around the padding area with oils and water filling. It helps with any potential leaks or bra pops. Additionally, the bra has a design similar to underwire push up bras, which helps in maintaining the bra’s overall structure and shape.

Water Demi Bras

Demi Bras tend to cover half of the breasts and can also have a low cut. The low-cut is perfect for outfits with low-cut necklines. The demi bras are ideal for everyday wear.

You can get Water Demi Bras. When you compare this bra to the regular demi bra, the one with a water filling inserts is perfect since it gives the chest an extra boost.

Water Plunge Bras

Plunge bras are an ideal choice if you have outfits with deeper cuts around the chest area. If you own a top that has a low-cut and you wouldn’t want the bra to be visible, you need to invest in the right plunge bra.

Overall accentuation and lack or no support are among the many issues’ women face when it comes to plunging necklines. With this bra, you can get to maximize your cleavage and also attain high-level support.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other bra in the market, this bra also has both the positive and negative side. There are lots of myths and rumors that come with wearing bras, and even some misconceptions. We will look at the actual advantages and disadvantages of bra wearing, and not tales of what it can do.

If you think you can try out a water bra, we highly suggest that you should know the right sizing and the shape of your breasts. It’s only through this way that you can get to achieve a beneficial experience. But it’s also good to put in mind the size and shape regardless of the type of bra.

Advantages of Water Bras

The advantages of these water bras outweigh the disadvantages as hard as you might it to believe. If you are not quite sure whether or not you need to buy the bra, then the advantages might surely change your mind.

1.    They help in pushing up the breasts

The water bra aids in enhancing the size of the breasts and also pushing them up. For women with small breasts and wish to make them appear more prominent, then this is a great alternative.

Some people even find it better than the standard, high-quality push-up bras. Water bras also come in handy when you want to accentuate the cleavage. It could be perfect when you want to appear very glorious while out on that date night.

Water bras aid in pushing the breasts up, and brings them closer compared to the regular bra since it has water in it. Therefore, the breasts enhancement could appear more natural than they are when you wear a proper bra with padding.

2. The bras are typically seamless

Good news for people who find visible bras under clothes super annoying. Most water bras are seamless, making them ideal bras that you can wear underneath any outfit. People will not see the seams of the bras or any lines under the outfit, which is an additional bonus. Getting a bralette or a seamless bra is quite tricky, making this a great achievement.

seamless bra

4.    These bras are super comfortable

Some people will find it hard to believe, but the water bra is more comfortable compared to other bras. It is shocking yet again since the oil and water, which is in the bra’s padding, can potentially form and adjust to the breasts size.

Bralettes are mostly known for the comfort they offer. However, different from the water bra, they provide minimum support and enhancement of the assets.

If you wear a bra with padding at any one time, regardless of the quality or brand, then you know they are not the most comfortable of bras. Every woman would want a bra which is both convenient and practical while pushing the breasts up.

5.    The bras are soft compared to push up bras with padding

It goes with the overall level of comfort.

Bras with padding are quite hard and sometimes painful for women after wearing them for a long time. The bras are too tight.

It might not be worth it as much as it helps in accentuating the chest.

Water bras are not that hard like the bras with padding, which is an additional advantage. However, if you find hard push-up bras more comfortable when it comes to support, then you won’t find the water bras enticing.

Disadvantages of Water Bras

The water bras only have one significant drawback. While the upside of this bra is excellent, the only downside it has tends to drive most people away even before giving it a try.

 The bra tends to pop

The disadvantage does not hold any water. Just like everyone else thinks, water bras pop easily, even when you slightly touch it. Not true.

The only time a water bra can pop and maybe leak is when you pop them with a sharp object. Keep in mind the bra has a fabric and a rigid material which shields the oil and water, although it won’t stop tearing when it suffers a puncture from any sharp objects.

Improper or wear and tear of the bra can also make the fabric to tear or even make the area with padding to pop. However, it rarely happens.


Water bras did manage to stick around in the market since the 2000s. A particular group of undergarments users finds this bra ideal. We have seen a tremendous change in several bras, but the water bras are still the same since time immemorial.

In case you find your padded bra annoying and want something natural to enhance the breasts, you might want to try out the water bra. They sound fun, after all.

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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