Why Are Sports Bras So Hard to Put On?

Why Are Sports Bras So Hard to Put On?

Why are sports bras so hard to put on? Are they really supposed to be that constricting? Read on to find out.

Depending on the intensity of your workout, it’s always advisable to wear a sports bra for ultimate breast support. This is why most sports bra brands have taken their game a notch higher, especially in terms of support.

However, in an attempt to create the most sort after bras, some create straightjacket-esque and quite intensive undergarments that are hard to put on.

Generally, a sports bra should have a tighter fit than its regular counterpart. It should be snug, neither too tight nor too loose. They shouldn’t be too hard to wear or take off as well.

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Why Are Sports Bras So Hard to Put On?

However, most notorious sports bra struggles are universal. One of the main reasons why you find trouble putting on a sports bra is because you are wearing the wrong size or style.

It’s not your breasts, it’s the type and size of the sports bra you are wearing.

Getting the right size will ensure you are comfortable enough and well supported. Also, putting it on and taking off will be quite easy.

By now, we all know that most of the support should come from the band. Therefore, you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the band if the bra has a perfect fit. The cups on the other hand should encompass the breasts completely.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra

When shopping for sports bras, go for those in typical sizes. Your sports bra should be the same size as your regular bra but with a proper fit. It should have a band and cup size that fits and supports the sisters well.

Avoid bras that only come in large, medium and small sizes. A more relaxed fit will equally make it an easy on and off bra even after a sweaty workout.

Invest in high-quality adjustable sports bras with clasps. Pullover style are the most difficult to wear and remove since they can’t be adjusted when the need arises. Moreover, they tend to stretch out a lot.

However, how hard or easy taking off and wearing a sports bra is typically depends on the size and fit. For pullover style sports bras, those made with stretch fabric would be ideal as they are a bit easier to wear.

Front closure sports bras will eliminate this entire conversation. They are easy to wear and will equally save you the struggle that comes with having to take off a sweaty bra after exercising. These bras are especially a great pick for women with limited mobility. What’s more, they work well for all breast sizes and shapes without sacrificing comfort, fit and support. Fortunately, you’ll be spoilt for choice since they come in different designs.

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Putting on a sports bra shouldn’t be a struggle. Always ensure you get the right fit and size for ease of wearing.


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