Best Sports Bra for D Cups

Best Sports Bra for D Cups

Which is the best sports bra for D cup? If you have large breasts, this article will help you find the best sports bra for high impact sports for you.

One of the most important goals that most people have is being healthy and getting fit. This is why at the beginning of the year, most women hit the gym.

If you’ve not been to the gym for a while, you tend to be enthusiastic when shopping for gym gear. The better version of ourselves knows that getting fit would be rewarding. However, we assume that a new sports bra and a new pair of sports shoes is all we need to achieve our goals.

Best Sports Bra for D Cups (Table)

Below is a list of some of the best brands of sports bras in the market for people with larger breasts.

Sports Bra Enell High Impact Sports Bra Panache Underwire Sports Bra Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra Freya Active Epic Molded Sports Bra Crop Top
Underwire No Yes Yes  No  No Yes
Bounce Reduction Excellent  Excellent  Very Good Very Good  Very Good  Very Good
Uniboob Yes No No A little A little No
Compression Level  Very High Medium-High  Medium Medium-High High Medium-High
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon

Why You Need a Good Sports Bra

Wearing a good sports bra is important for every woman. Among the top reasons why women avoid going to the gym are having large breasts and lack of proper support on the bust. Therefore, when looking for a sports bra for D cup, ensure that it offers proper support and is comfortable.

Most bras on the market don’t do a great job at keeping the melons in the right place. This often makes one feel self-conscious every time their melons move during exercises. Moreover, most women experience physical discomfort and pain during and even after exercise.

What Bra is Recommended for Workouts?

When looking for a sports bra for large breasts, the first thing to consider is support. Ideally, you should avoid sports bras that have to be worn over the head. Indeed, how can a fabric that stretches wide enough to go over your shoulders be snug enough to provide your breasts with the needed support?

no crop tops

If you engage in high-impact activities, look for molded sports bras and encapsulation bras. The latter will separate the sisters and, at the same time, support each breast independently. Basically, get a bra that is super supportive and well reinforced.

For more movement control, look for a bra that will encapsulate and compress your melons at the same time. This is because the breasts tend to move in a figure-eight fashion; up, down, in and out, as well as side to side.

As we age, the breasts tend to move a lot more while we’re exercising. Therefore, they need more support.

An encapsulating sports bra for large breasts will separate and support your breasts with a rigid material and a sturdy underwire (or even reinforced soft cups). When the breasts are compressed, the in and out movement is drastically reduced.

What Makes s Sports Bra Supportive?

Below is a quick summary of what to consider when looking for a sports bra. Keep in mind that these are simply general guidelines. Some bras in the market are exceptions:

  • For the best fit, go for cup-sized sports bras
  • Ensure the bra fits snugly. The sports bra should fit much snugly than your everyday bras, even if they are of the same cup/band size
  • Look for a bra that will contain your whole breast. Apply the ‘Swoop and scoop’ motto.
  • Look for a bra that has comfortable, wide straps
  • Go for a  bra made of a moisture-wicking, breathable material
  • Choose a bra made of a good, sturdy material
  • Where possible, find a bra with molded cups

For more information on the characteristics of a supportive sports bra, check out the article on Do you wear a bra under a sports bra?

Best Sports Bra for Large Breasts

Below is an overview of the best sports bras for D cups.

#1. Enell High Impact Sports Bra

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

The Enell sports bra will remain the king (or rather, queen) of high impact sports bras for larger cup sizes. This is the most recommended bra for female long-distance runners, and cannot be beaten in terms of support.

The bra isn’t the most good-looking on the market and will give you a uni-boob. However, it’ll still keep things in place. There is no sports bra that is 100% no-bounce. However, the Enell High comes pretty close.

This bra meets almost all the guidelines on the list above, with the exception that it is fastened from the front and isn’t sized by cups. The bra also lacks an underwire, which makes it be seen as a molded sports bra. Instead, it encapsulates the breasts thanks to a well-reinforced band and an inner fabric sling.

For sizing, Enell has an easy guide on their site for finding the perfect fit. Also available, are fit experts who are ready to assist you with fitting.

Why We Love this Bra

best sports bras for large breasts enell b

It does a great job of overcoming the common pitfalls of front-hooking bras by avoiding stretchy material. If you get the right size, the bra will hold your breasts in place without any need for adjustment while wearing. The bra is long-lasting if you take good care of it.

Wearing the bra feels like wearing armor. The bra has a fully-reinforced back and offers full coverage. At first, it might feel a bit weird to be completely covered up while exercising. However,  but after you’ve done some jumping jacks, you’ll warm up to the idea behind its fit.

Perfect For

The bra is meant for people who partake in a lot of high-impact sports and their main concern is to stop movement on their upper body.

Other Options

If you’re a fan of the Enell bra and don’t require a lot of support, check thi medium-impact bra with the same styling.

#2. Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

This Panache sports bra has been in the market for a while and hasn’t quite been unseated by most upcoming bras.

If we could choose two perfect bras from the list, we’ll go for the Panache and the Enell. If you’re looking for a high level of support, this bra would be a great option.

The Panache is more stylish compared to the Enell. Moreover, you won’t experience a uniboob!

The bra offers some lift as well as great separation. If you don’t like the coverage of the Enell, the perfect alternative sports bra for larger breasts would be the Panache.

Why We Love This Bra


best sports bras for large breasts panache back The bra meets all the criteria for a sports bra mentioned previously. Moreover, it’s convertible, providing the option of a racerback appearance, which is a great option if you need a bit of extra support.

If you’re not a fan of underwires, you’ll love this bra as its underwire is encased in thick layers of fabric and wrapped in silicone. The wrapping helps to minimize friction.

Panache states that the bra is ‘non-compression’. However, we feel that the bra is a combination of encapsulation/compression.

The bra offers great protection and cup definition everywhere, thanks to the high coverage and underwire. Its slightly molded, sturdy fabric that encases your breasts snugly will keep them firmly pressed on the chest wall, making your breasts appear smaller. This definitely counts as compression, and it’s not really a bad thing.

This bra is a winner since it perfectly combines the two kinds of movement control, in a very comfortable and stylish package.

Perfect For

This is the perfect bra for women who are involved in high impact sports and are looking for both style and support. We are confident that this is one of the best sports bra for D cups.

Other Options

If you’re not a fan of underwire, the Panache brand also has a non-wired version of this bra.

#3. Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

The Wacoal bra is number three on our list. The bra does a great job at encapsulating but offers less compression compared to the Panache.

Coming to coverage and fit, this bra is a lot similar to the Freya Women’s Active Underwire Sports Bra. The bra separates the breasts well. If you’re full at the bottom, you will love how wide the underwire goes.

The larger cup sizes (G and H) of the bra are designed with an inner sling, which creates more support around the cup region.

Why We Love this Bra

wacoal sports bras for large breasts

This Wacoal bra has wide and comfortable straps, each either a six-hook adjustment in terms of length. The straps feel more comfortable than those of the Panache.

Unlike the Panache rand, this bra doesn’t have a J-hook racer option. However, if you require a lot of lift, it is the perfect bra for you even though the straps are narrowly set.

The Wacoal bra has underwire ‘floats’. The underwire is secured between the inner and outer layers of the bra instead of being sewn on the inside layer. This reduces contact between your breasts and the underwire, which in turn minimizes chafing. The bra is also a great choice for someone who doesn’t like underwires because of its floating underwire.

There are two minor downsides of the Wacoal:

  • The bra is not designed with enough lining. Therefore, the nipples can show through clothing (this is if you have prominent ones)
  • The underwire comes up high under the arms. This isn’t a great feature for petite women or those with shorter torsos.

Perfect For

This Wacoal bra is a great choice for women looking for a more defined shapely breast than what the Panache offers. It is also one of the best bras for widely set breasts. Ths Wacoal makes it on our list of the best sports bra for D cups.

Honorable Mentions

We’ve reviewed quite a number of other sports bras, and this list would be incomplete without them.

Glamorize No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra (Full Review)

Glamorize No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra

Available on Amazon

The Glamorize Sports Bra is an affordable all-time favorite. The bra offers great value for your money and it is on the upper end of the spectrum.

The bra offers full coverage but lacks an underwire. Similar to the other bras on the list, it has a rigid inner layer that supports the breasts and keeps them in place.

When it comes to encapsulation, the bra doesn’t do a great job like the Wacoal or the Panache. This is because it only relies on fabric slings to create shape. However, the level of uniboob is not the same as that of the Enell.

While this bra can be categorized as a combination of compression/encapsulation, it mainly relies on compression.

Glamorize Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra (Full Review)

Available on Amazon

The Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra also doesn’t have an underwire. Most women like this bra more than the no-bounce version because of its adjustable strap, which makes it possible to change the level of support.

Sports bras for large busts are generally expensive. When looking for the perfect all-around bra sports bra, go for the most supportive one. The best thing about this Glamourise bra is that the outer layer can be adjusted for a loser fit when you’re doing lower impact activities. Moreover, you can easily tighten things up when more support is needed.

Freya Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra (Full Review)

Freya Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

The Freya Epic Crop Top sports bra is the last bra for D cups on our list. This bra is the answer to Panache’s Underwire Sports bra.

The Freya is similar to the Panache and also has a J-hook for its convertible racerback. The bra is also designed with an inner cup that provides excellent encapsulation and coverage.

The biggest difference between the two bras is with the molded cups. The Freya’s cups feel thicker than those of the Panache. Moreover, the Freya offers better support and is a great combination of a compression/encapsulation bra. However, the Panache wins since it is more breathable.

If you’re a fan of Freya, this bra will be perfect, especially if you’re keen to find a nice molded sports bra.

Editor’s Recommendation: Best Bra for D Cup

From this list, most of the bras are old brands. A lot of new brands of bras have been introduced in the market since the release of most of the bras we’ve reviewed. However, there really haven’t a lot of game-changers that can compete with their no-bounce capability.


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