How to Grow Breasts in 2 Days

How to Grow Breasts in 2 Days

Looking to learn how to grow breasts in 2 days? Well, it’s actually possible. Read on to find out how you can make the twins be larger and rounder in record time.

I want to learn how to grow breasts in 2 days.

Wait, is that even possible?


You can actually grow your breasts in two days. By growing, we mean enhancing their size naturally if you not up to any surgical procedures. Breast increase typically happens by breast tissue growth that depends on your daily nutritional intake, menstrual cycle and hormonal changes. Therefore, the right course of action is to incorporate high nutritional value foods to your diet.

How to Grow Breasts in 2 Days

There’s no shame in wanting bigger breasts. However,  that does not necessarily mean that smaller ones make you unattractive.

Read on for natural ways to grow breasts in 2 days:

Gaining weight is one of the easiest ways to increase your breast size since they are made of fats. Eating healthy fats like granola, avocados, cheese, olive oil, yoghurt and nuts can help in breast development.

Estrogen is the main hormone that helps enhance your breast size. Therefore, you can easily grow your breasts in two days with high estrogen levels in the body.

Let’s first look at how to get the hormone level to skyrocket and the nutrients to include in your diet for breast development.

Exercises for Breast Growth

Exercising is one of the best ways to increase the size of your breasts in a short time. The exercises should target the pectoral, shoulder and back muscles for better results. They are quite simple since you won’t need any equipment.

  • 1. Push Up

lady doing push ups

This the most efficient and easiest way to enhance the size of your breasts. It helps tone the muscles and shape your body. Besides, you can always modify the push ups for effective results.

  • 2. Chest Press

Press your chest on the exercise balls or dumbbell to grow your breasts in two days. You only need to place your chest against any of the objects then press gently. If you can’t hold of either of the two a bench or hard bed will work just as fine.

  • 3. Lateral Raise

To increase the size of your breasts, you’ll also need to do the rare lateral raise using dumbbells. The exercise is quite easy and can be done at home.

  • 4. Yoga and Pilates

The exercise aims at strengthening the core and chest muscles. To enhance breast shape and size try out different poses in classical yoga like chaturanga.

  • Chest Contractions

chest contractions

Contracting your chest when engaging in exercises can also help to grow breasts in 2 days.

There are also other alternative methods of growing breasts in two days besides exercises and foods including:

Breast Enhancement Creams

Currently, there are a number of breast enhancement creams in the market that are quite effective. The creams help improve blood circulation around the breasts thereby aiding in shaping. It equally helps lower breast cancer risk.

One of the creams that most women have had success with is Total Curve.

Breast Enhancement Creams


You can read the complete Total Curve review here.

Breast Massage

Massage your breasts in a circular motion using essential oils to give them a rounder shape. Doing this with a blend of almond oil and enhancement creams will give you amazing results in two days.

Here is a breast massager available on Amazon that you can use:


If using breast enhancement creams is not your cup of tea, you can use these simple ingredients:

  • Nuts and Oil Seeds

Nuts and oil seeds contain high estrogen levels. You can munch on almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios and chestnuts anytime you are hungry and looking to increase the size of your breasts.

nuts and oil seed

However, you need to eat in moderation ideally about six nuts a day because over eating tends to increase your entire body weight. You can also include fenugreek, flax and fennel seeds in your diet.

Besides, you can put some flax seeds in your salad or grind and add to your juice.

  • Legumes

Legumes are known o have a high nutritional value and estrogen that helps in breast growth. The fibre content ensures you are full for longer as it keeps you more energized. Include mung beans, soya beans and green beans in your diet as much as you can.

You can either steam cook the legumes or in a curry, whichever way that works for you. Constantly supplying your body with legumes is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Soy Products

Soy products will also help you grow breasts in two days. Take in the right amount of yoghurt, soy milk, soy nuts, soy bean oil, soy protein powder and tofu.

Besides, you can use the soil bean oil in place of the regular one and yoghurt after meals for best results. Including all these soya products in your diet will help enhance the size of your breasts. What are you waiting for? Start today!

  • Meat Products

These products are rich in estrogen supplements that will definitely work on your breast size just as your body. Chicken and its products are what you need to grow your breasts in two days. You now have a reason to eat chicken as much as you can if you are planning on growing them sisters.

However, you’ll need to eat the right proportions and include legumes as a side dish and yoghurt to finish off. Careful not to over eat as it can result in weight gain.

  • Vegetables

Vegetarians were not left out either! Try out these vegetables that contain estrogen supplements – winter squash, liquorice roots, fenugreek leaves, potato, clover, cucumber, garlic and yams.

You can make a salad then sprinkle flax seed for that crunchy taste.

  • Fruits

Your nutrition and diet levels are not complete without fruits in it. In this case, you need to take watermelon, carrots, peaches, plums and pomegranates.

A bowl of fruits and a glass of milk will be ideal for breakfast.

  • Whole Grains

Bread slices and healthy cereals with whole grains play an important role in the production of estrogen hormones in the body. They also have high nutritional value. Instead of eating regular bread, go for whole grain bread. The next time you are hungry during the day, much on popcorns. You can also include wheat, barley and rice in your diet to grow your breasts fast.

Avoid foods with high testosterone.  Testosterone inhibits the growth rate of breasts which means its quite the opposite of estrogen. Avoid foods rich in carbs such as white rice, crackers, chips and baked products to reduce its production in the body.

Try Out Breast Enhancers, Padded and Push Up Bras

If you are only looking for something temporary, breast enhancers, padded and push up bras tend to create an illusion of bigger breasts without increasing their size. Maintaining a good posture will also have the same effect on your breasts.


I hope the above recommendations will help grow your breasts in two days. The best part about all these products is that they are natural and have no side effects hence safe to use. Besides, they target the whole body to improve your overall health. This therefore doubles the outcome – bigger breasts and a healthy immune system. There’s power in natural ingredients, try them out today for amazing results.


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