Victoria Secret’s Sports Bra Review: Comfortable & Fitting Save for the Straps

victoria secret sports bra review

Victoria Secret’s Sports Bra Review: Comfortable & Fitting Save for the Straps

Looking for a Victoria Secret sports bra review written by someone that has actually bought and tried the bras? Well, here it is.

About a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have considered doing a review on Victoria Secret. However, due to some unforeseen alignment of the planets, I am now able to sister size within the different size ranges of this bra brand.

At the end of summer, I visited the U.S. but forgot to carry along my sports bra. At the time, Victoria Secret had their semi-annual sale. Therefore, I used the chance to cash in on free shipping.

I can barely remember when I last browsed VS. It was a pleasant surprise, I must admit, coming across exquisite sports bras in beautiful prints and designs. Maybe it could be that my aesthetic recently falls in line with most of their designs, unlike the last time I visited the store.

I went for the Lightweight by Victoria style instead of their elegant sports bras. My needs are quite pragmatic. Although some women fancy their cleavage and ultra-padded bras that tend to enhance foam contraptions, I always go for something breathable and comfortable to prevent my breasts from bouncing when working out.

Victoria's Secret Lightweight Sports Bra Wireless
Victoria’s Secret Lightweight Sports Bra Wireless


For high impact activities, I have a Panache sports bra in my collection, which I love. I would recommend both the wired and wireless version to anyone who loves to indulge in sporty activities.

However, after a few humid and hot summers, I realized that both the VS and Panache bras tend to get sweaty and heavy for tedious outdoor activities above 100 degrees.

Victoria Secrets could come up with something breathable, lightweight, and supportive for hiking, jogging, or even walking that could double up into lounge and day wear. They can achieve all these while making the undergarment virtually invisible under clothes. That, however, sounds like a tall order for women with large breasts.

When I chose the bras online, I didn’t know what to expect, especially in terms of quality and appearance. Before making my orders, I tried checking actual pictures of the products. However, most photos didn’t show the inner parts of the bra.

As a matter of preference, I love wireless bras since underwires tend to torture my bony ribs, especially during my workout sessions. But for other different brands, wireless is viewed more like a bralette but with a temporary string attached. The strings are in some way expected to defy gravity, which is a problem for women with saggy breasts.

Are Victoria Secret’s lightweight sports bras structured?

How thick is the padding?

Are the bra cups wide enough?

Do the cups create a uni-boob, or does it have a cup separation?

Are Victoria Secret bra prices worth?

Why hasn’t anyone else done a review of their bras?

If you have any of these questions in mind, you are in the right place. I will break the answers down for you in this article.

Read on

Victoria Secret Sports Bra Review


I fell in love with several lightweight sports bras prints by VS. However, I narrowed down the order to at least two that were available in sizes 32D and DD.  I also talked myself out of buying matching sportswear since I already had a pair of leggings still on order the same day.

My first choice was the orange and white Polynesian looking print. The print is quite rare on sports bras that come in size 32DD. Normally, I don’t wear anything in white or even a shade of it. However, I found the color combination perfect.

Victoria's Secret Knockout Front-Close Sport Bra


Secondly, I went for a different sports bra in green, blue, and neon lime colour design. I took two of them in the same print but different sizes, 32DD and 32D to get a proper fit.

On arrival, what was in the package looked just as lovely as in the pictures. Anyone would be excited to try them on almost immediately.

Victoria's Secret Knockout Front-Close Sport Bra



The bra’s outer part is made with perforated breathable fabric that looks sporty yet feels more of a jersey. The inner part features lightly padded sewn-in foam cups. The stock photos on Amazon made me think the cups were made of a stretchy fabric altogether.

There’s little separation between the bra cups where the stitches conjoin at the centre. However, there is no gore to write home about.

The straps meet at the back, forming a keyhole design and are made from a smooth and soft material.

Coming to construction, the bra feels well-made with super clean stitches. The fabric is not only soft but also comfortablel. However, the differences in the colorways are quite noticeable. For example, the white elastic with floral prints has a looser stretchier band.

The band on the black sports bra had a ribbed texture on the inner part. This made the elastic band more substantial and thicker.

The lightweight Victoria Secret’s sports bras don’t have any exposed parts that would come in contact or rub against the skin.

The straps are fully adjustable but have a pull-on design. You can adjust the straps to fit perfectly since these are compression sports bra. If you need to adjust the straps to keep them tight frequently, then you wouldn’t need a standard off-the-rack compression sports bra.


About the bra’s design, it’s similar to what I prefer. I like the appearance as well.

However, the cross-back design made me hesitate a little. On Victoria Secret’s website, the models wearing the bra made it look like the cross-back design laid at the front like a regular strap configuration. In layman terms, it did seem like it was lying flat with a more expansive space on the shoulders as opposed to acting like a halter top.

I don’t wear halter tops or anything with a snug fit that tends to put pressure around the neck. Generally, it’s for this reason that I avoid cross-back and racerback bra designs.

The smooth, soft fabric of the bra and straps made me hopeful and optimistic that the bra would be super comfortable.

Fit and Size

I ordered three bras, one in size 32D and two in 32DD.

Generally, I wear 30E and 28F on the U.K. sizing chart. I was, therefore, sister sizing to get a proper fit within the Victoria Secret’s size range.

On reading a number of customer reviews, I saw that the band tends to run tight on these bras. Since I can comfortably wear both sizes 28 and 30 in Panache, I went down a cup size for a perfect fit. This turned out to be a good decision.

The bras in both sizes 32D and 32DD with black bands did run tight. With a moderate tug, the bra stretches close to 31 inches. On the other hand, the floral print sports bra stretched to about 34 inches.

Neither of the bras is excellent for a 26” underbust. However, the difference in the fabric is worth remembering if you are keen on trying out Victoria Secret’s bras.

The bra’s band is made of a different type of elastic that determines the tension. When buying more than one color bra, this can be both a pro and a con. However, the cup volume remains constant, even with the different band variations. Therefore, I would advise you to shop for multiple colourways.

Coming to the cup size, the cups were super comfortable in both 32DD bras. In terms of compression, the 32D bra offers ultimate support, considering that the band is quite big. Ideally, I would go for 32DD with a similar cup volume but a snugly fitting band.

However, the 32DD bras were a bit taller and need more fuller breasts. The 32D bra formed a quad-boob in the cups over the foam lining, especially on the side that is slightly visible from a profile view. Therefore, you will need to regularly tighten the bra straps to keep the bra lying flat at the top.

However, women who are taller around the shoulder area and those with fuller breasts at the top will not have any problem.

For women with large breasts, despite the bra having no gore and underwire, it still offers good support.

The straps, like in all bras with racerback and cross-back designs, were a downfall for me. Maybe it’s because I have narrow and petite shoulders. Anytime I tried tightening the straps, I felt like I was tightening its grip on the neck as well. As a result, I felt a lot of pressure and strain. I am usually quite sensitive, but it was just as irritating as any type of bra would be upon wearing.

However, nothing should stop you from trying out these bras if you have no problem with cross backs and racerbacks.

The cups of the Victoria Secret sports were a bit small in 32D. This made the bra slightly uncomfortable. However, it still offered the much-needed compression. The 32DD has some room but not entirely supportive.


I didn’t find the straps of the Victoria’s Secret bra comfortable. However, this is not a design error but a matter of personal preference. Some women just hate them. For me, I would love to see the same bra in a non-racerback design.

I am subscribed to the school of thought that we have a design problem for most petite wearers for lack of enough shoulders. As a result, the straps keep slipping off throughout the day.

The Victoria Secret sports bra is super comfortable once you adjust the straps well. Moreover, its fabric feels soft against the skin.

However, putting on the bra is a different story altogether. Even with the band stretching close to 34 inches, it’s still challenging to wear it without a hassle. Women tend to complain about some bralettes from Freya Fancies, but those have have nothing on this bra!

Through trial and error, I learned a few tricks:

  • Ask someone for help
  • If you wear glasses, get them off to avoid breaking them
  • Ensure the straps are loose before wearing the bra over the head
  • You need out? Have an escape plan
  • Exercise thoroughly before putting on the bra. Some stretches will help a great deal


I must confess that at heart, I was trying to find some fault with the quality of the bras. I wanted to bask in the glory of deriving pleasure of the resentment I felt for women who could comfortably rock any sports bra design to contain their breasts while looking stylish and athletic. I was dying to tell the world how it’s not worth the price.

Suffice to say, the quality of the bras is excellent in every perspective. Even after struggling to get it on, you wouldn’t realize I tried it on after removing it.

The bra’s stitching is solid and even while the elastic sturdy and firm. The bras are well put in every aspect and are equally durable.


As I end this Victoria Secret sports bra review, I have to say that I loved the bras I bought. As much as the straps are slightly uncomfortable, the bras look beautiful and are durable.

While I have always gone for Victoria’s Secret alternatives when it comes to sports bras, I am now convinced otherwise after trying these bras.

Editor’s Note: This guest post was submitted by Shelly Parisien, a registered nurse and mom based on Colorado. If you are looking to get into the nursing career, check out her website here.

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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